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  1. They want to kick the shit out of Omega and, I assume, their plan is to kill Nakazawa and then take apart Omega. Plus, Kingston isn't in the rankings so maybe he's thinking that beating Omega in this tag match will get him there? I'm not saying it makes sense but it makes wrestling sense and that's enough. Wrestling sense also drove Cody Rhodes to lock in a submission on the top of a bus instead of throwing QT off to the concrete below but both things looked cool so it doesn't matter.
  2. I love the idea that Cena only agreed to come back for Mania if he got to do more Southpaw.
  3. Talking about Balor being stuck with bad guys is a bad excuse considering he was in there with Drew McIntyre on Sunday and he looked terrible in that match, too.
  4. I'm with you. AJ beats Lesnar, McIntyre comes away from the Rumble with the belt, somehow and we make the march toward Strowman's coronation. And we can do Bryan/Styles at Mania with 24 minutes freed up for the pair of them because HHH is too injured to take the longest match for himself.
  5. If I was AJ, I'd negotiate for extra money throughout November since that is now the month in which he must work miracles on a yearly basis.
  6. Bordeaux's "Mrs World Winners Acceptance Speech" promo was astonishingly good. The whole conceit of super hot woman who wants to make things better for women because it's currently trendy is a fucking laser focused gimmick and it's incredible.
  7. Yeah, thanks for reminding me of the millions I could have made by spending 4 years on a game design course, attempting to make it a reality instead of watching terrible pro wrestling.
  8. Stephanie = Terrible Vince McMahon HHH = Oddly excellent 1998 Sgt Slaughter
  9. I once made eye contact with Sasha Banks and she even spoke to me. To my dying day, I'll never forget her saying "Get out of my garden!"
  10. Balor got the DX rub on Monday. In a HHH-influenced company, that's basically a promise. It's him vs Styles jerking the card for the WWE Title.
  11. Like, the opening few minutes of this is only worth seeing because it gets bogged down with Chyna but BASK in the incredible bumping styling of X-Pac as Henry just rag-dolls the dude into the ropes at 100mph before Waltman flies about 15 feet into the air off a press slam. And then Henry gets up huge for a double suplex and straight up plants Chyna with a powerslam. Do we move the "Mark Henry Became Good in 2003" goal posts even further back because he was awesome here.
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