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  1. Horizon 5 is making me jones for a Series X. I hate money.
  2. I think the world of Neal Brown as a football coach. I've been frustrated that it hasn't quite clicked up there. I low key root for WVU because I want him to do well as someone with some investment into Troy University football.
  3. They have 2 of their next 3 at home, so hopefully they can move up the table. Being behind Canada on tiebreaker right now is a bit drab.
  4. Most intriguing games this weekend look like the following: Oregon at Ohio State Iowa at Iowa State Mizzou at Kentucky (Could easily determine who finishes second in the East this year or maybe even first if the JT Daniels injury is serious). Texas at Arkansas Liberty at Troy Utah at BYU Stanford at USC
  5. I think they're fascinating watches with the commentary tracks that exist too both the philosopher and the critic tracks.
  6. I'm trying to remember which of the two console games I played, and which one is supposed to be decent. Hard to believe it's been over 16 years since a game was released. *Looks at Ebay*
  7. The best way to experience the last two Matrix movies is to just skip all of the scenes that take place outside of the Matrix outside of the final scene to part 2. I'm seriously staring at buying the UHD Trilogy set right now even though I own that gigantic box set on DVD.
  8. Chaos

    NFL 2021 - WEEK 1

    Since I didn't see (maybe missed) this posted in group for the week. Here's your week 1 tv coverage. I wonder if the double header for both networks is going to be consistent all year. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2021&wk=1
  9. I keep forgetting to do this in time every year and haven't joined in probably 3-4 years.
  10. It's not worth paying the insane prices for a modded 360, and I'm not going through the hassle of trying to mod mine.
  11. I used to have to do some fun finagling on Operation Sports in the PS2 era and beyond to get named rosters for everyone. One reason I wish I had a decent PC is to play that modded update of 14 with the new conferences, playoff, slightly updated graphics.
  12. That game confirmed Auburn making the right call with moving on from Gus. Gus also looks like he's aged 20 years in the last 9 months.
  13. Apparently one of the people replacing Kellerman on First Take is.... Tim Tebow.
  14. I was listening to a podcast today, and they were highlighting how the SEC knows its strength enough to not require a grant of rights, and some of these conferences are locked in for years (I think ACC is like 2035 right now).
  15. If the Danielson debuting at All Out stuff is true, I could see an Andrade match being possible to start things off.
  16. There's a lot picking Kentucky to finish second in the East, but they lost some guys due to off the field stuff. Stoops has apparently raved about his new OC. It's no longer going to be run, run, run, run Kentucky.
  17. It's not like I watch much main WWE Product outside of PPVS anyways, but I would still on occasion watch NXT. I'm guessing I will at least take a hiatus from all WWE programming for a bit because the Vince/Bruce project is currently not working on RAW or Smackdown for things not involving The Head of the Table.
  18. I'm excited for this season just to see what year one of the Brian Harsin experiment is going to be; however, I find myself way more intrigued by the NFL this year. The SEC West will be really interesting as I think LSU will be much better this year, everyone seems to think it's now or bust for A&M (which makes extending Jimbo that much weirder). Kiffin could play spoiler at times which could be fun, but Corral has to show he can avoid being INT happy. Meanwhile, Bama's only chance at not just being Bama is that Bryce Young is not very good. Even then, I expect it to be a run dominant/defensively strong Bama, so basically old school Saban. I'm in agreement with Eva on the rest.
  19. I almost bought Overcooked a couple of times the last couple of weeks. I'm excited about it being in this lineup.
  20. He was solid at Florida, but he had that weird PED suspension that basically ruined him. I was shocked when he transferred out, but that was such an ugly period for Florida football that not terribly shocking.
  21. Xavien Howard is frothing at the mouth for the INTs he might get week 1.
  22. Sounds like we can put a hard pause on Ronaldo > Man City.
  23. As a casual Manchester United supporter, this was my immediate thought. Betrayal! https://twitter.com/SkySportsNews/status/1430911785444331521
  24. and AJ McCarron had a nasty injury on Saturday.
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