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  1. 1: People in the past being racist/misogynistic is all the more reason to give consequences now that we are able to. We are less tolerant of this behaviour, this is how you show it. 2: I find it hilarious to say that expecting someone who was outted as a person who was racist both in a personal level and a business level, to face repercussions for that is 'naive'. No one said it would 'cure racism' and of course we live in a culture that is built on white supremacy, but we don't start deconstructing that culture without real efforts to hold the people who deserve it to account. Also she's
  2. I don't think they should hire Tessa Blanchard because I believe racism, especially allegations from the victims of said racism, and examples of the racist person using their power within a company to make their victim's work environment much worse, should come with repercussions, and the only way to exact those repercussions is not to hire the people that do it. Especially when they are unrepentant. Seems pretty simple
  3. I really enjoyed the show, as I usually do, But special note has to be given to Don Callis' line of '6 Grown men in the backseat of a Limo , it doesn't get any better than this!' because that might be the most legitimately funny line on a pro wrestling show in ages.
  4. Weird that MJF and Jericho did a face turn by beating up an absolute asshole.
  5. Bruins vs Canadiens is like the Rangers vs the Isles except without 30 year gaps of good hockey
  6. Uh what is wrong with Dan Bylsma and Tim Murray besides Murray having no neck?
  7. There's a difference between being notorious for beating the shit out of your wife, and dwi
  8. I would rather have Marchand as a son, has won a cup and is uglier than I am so I won't be insecure. Perfect
  9. I don't know why but I get a small bit of Joy every time this off season Buffalo specifically Tim Murray gets his heart broken and gets sour
  10. What do you think the reason the Oilers went right to McLellan and skipped out on even trying for Babcock? Maybe Babcock let it be known he actually wasn't interested? And I like the McLellan hire, he got along well with Eberle and Hall at the Worlds, so that is a good start
  11. I have a soft spot for MacT but once again congrats on the Summer of the Oil DFA
  12. Plus, and as was stated, the Oilers DID suck but unlike Arizona and ESPECIALLY unlike that No Neck Crybaby Tim Murray, they were TRYING, they played better in the second half. I hope McDavid scores his first goal by banking it off Lowe's head
  13. DFA I am legit thrilled for you, and legit thrilled at this comment.
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