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  1. Yeah, isn't Mella the placeholder challenger for the SuperShow?
  2. If you'd prefer MST3K with your wrestling movies, they riffed on a 50s women's wrestling movie called Racket Girls.
  3. Yes, Calamari Wrestler. I can't believe I blanked on that. It's wonderful!
  4. Why do so many wrestlers have busted caps lock keys? Are they tweeting to the back rows?
  5. I didn't see the PPV, but I thought this was pretty good aside from the loosest chinlock I've seen in the opening minutes, and a pair of questionable strike exchanges. Their individual strikes were good, but when it was time for the "Yay-boo-yay" exchange they might have taken lessons from Shane-o-Mac or the Dark Order. Oh, and I could watch Eddie and Pope cut promos on each other all day. I'm glad they're getting regular work.
  6. I love the Fiend, I love Bray, I want to see him built up to the point that he's a legitimate main eventer that can help carry the company. And there is no way that they would put him over Goldberg, especially on a Saudi show. Hell, I don't believe Goldberg would agree to it if they suggested it. I also don't think it would be a good pairing even if the Fiend no-sold Goldberg and got the win, because even at Goldberg's peak their styles and gimmicks would clash horribly.
  7. I think part of it is that WWE's main event scene has developed in a manner similar to WCW"s final year or so. WCW had built their title picture around aging veterans like Hogan, Savage, Flair, Nash, Sting, at the expense of anyone who had the momentum to jump to that level (except for Goldberg.) Then suddenly you had Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Jeff Jarrett in the mix with little passing-of-the-torch from one group to another. The WWE main event scene now is similar, in that there was little passing-of-the-torch. Sure, Cena lost to Wyatt, Triple H lost to Roman Reigns - but when the cha
  8. Watching that Naomi/Flair clip again, I feel like they'd make a great team. Not going to happen, since they're both already at the top of their division, but the pairing has a great 70s action heroine look.
  9. From a storytelling perspective, it's too bad they made that clear ahead of time as it restricts what they can do down the line. But from a kayfabe perspective, kudos to them for making it clear ahead of time because that is something a real sport authority would do.
  10. I wonder whether or not the "seven successful defenses" would include time-limit draws. And interesting plot point down the road, perhaps...
  11. How often has WWF/E ever had the locker room save a face from a beatdown? I mean, even the Hogan/Macho save was the result of Elizabeth going to get him. Maybe if Beth had been there...
  12. So, is this a one-and-done for Edge, or does he get the Mr. Perfect comeback spot post-Rumble?
  13. I feel like this would have worked better without Brock Lesnar as the champion. But then I could say that about most things these days.
  14. Aron Stevens bears an uncanny facial resemblance to Sean O'Haire.
  15. I don't think the Animal Crossing villager is a villain. I haven't been playing him as one.
  16. And the Corre. And the League of Nations. So, basically, anything Wade Barrett was in.
  17. They could shuffle Harper to Raw and have him and Bray reunite to help Braun counteract the Shield. Not saying it's a good idea, but at least they have history.
  18. They clearly had the same tailor. Look at their entrance.
  19. Ref has no left foot in the Perfect/Hitman painting. Kind of distracting.
  20. So Matt Hardy announced that his pelvis and lower back are "fusing together". Oh god.
  21. He didn't throw him off the roof, brother. The Giant jumped. It was a set-up!
  22. You know, if Becky does wind up turning, maybe they can have Sami give her some pointers from time to time while he's rehabbing his rotator cuffs. You know, remind her not to eat any locally baked cakes, etc.
  23. HR Giger presents the WWE Women's Tag Team belts?
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