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  1. This main event on Elevation is gooood. And Crockett is really loving it.
  2. Which is crazy, since they're the ones who decided to push him as one. "We don't see you as a singles guy. So we're going to break up the tag team you're in and give you the Money in the Bank briefcase."
  3. It's never. I know they haven't been shy about referencing wrestling history or bringing out names from the past, but Bray would be dragged down by bringing in Sullivan. It's not like having Jake with Lance Archer while the crowd familiarizes itself with him, or having Tully accompany Shawn Spears. Bray is a former world champ, a man who beat John Cena, and a man who was one of the WWE's biggest merch sellers for a while. He doesn't need to be some other guy's crony. The amount of rehash-our-youth fantasy booking we get up to here is truly astonishing.
  4. You know, if they're going to pull more than one labour from memory lane for Jericho (and I'm not convinced they are, it's only 1/3 so far), they've already got a former tag partner of his doing commentary on Elevation...
  5. As far as benefiting from the pandemic shows, Drew MacIntyre managed to parlay a "Thank God someone got rid of Brock Lesnar" pop into several months in the main event.
  6. Mick Foley accidentally called him Wade Bryant once. Not the worst name - better than the FTR ones - but maybe a bit to "Scott Nash" / "Randy Hogan". Too bad he doesn't have an established indy name to fall back on like Mox, Black and Brodie Lee did.
  7. "Attacked by pizza cutter?" That should be "Attacked with pizza cutter." What has the standard of copy editing come to? Unless Gage has a side gig, well, cutting pizzas.
  8. What about the Punk match? I guess technically he was distracted by Laurinitis et al, but I'd argue the effect was the same.
  9. What sort of condition is Lance Storm in? The Thrillseekers explode!
  10. I'm gonna guess it's not the latter in this case.
  11. It's as simple as having him duck Page until the Anxious Millenial Cowboy costs him the Impact Title. Then his ego gets the better of him and he accepts the challenge. Heck, they've had NWA and IWGP titles defended on Dynamite - they could even have it happen there. More eyes on the product for Impact, and AEW doesn't have their champ losing on somebody else's show.
  12. They'd need to run Charlotte vs. Shayna, since the latter is billed as the Queen of Spades for some reason.
  13. I just saw it reported that she had announced she was leaving earlier that day. I didn't see a mention of where she was going. Maybe Sunglasses Hut?
  14. Shouldn't they be recruiting from chess clubs, then? You know, AEW now has two Pages, two Cages, and two.... Wheelers.
  15. Jay White really looks like somebody... An actor, I think? Maybe Adrian Brody? And sorry, Dean, but Hogan's leaving Impact.
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