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  1. Free ship? 100% Make USA? Why can't they just put that on a shirt?
  2. It's weird, I remember them using the term "medical facility" not "Medical centre", but maybe I'm thinking of something else... As for the phrase "blown up", it may just be to keep the wrestlers from getting on Vince's bad side. Remember when Truth wound up in the dog house when he asked for a bottle of water during his gauntlet run? It looked like he was getting set for a push, and then suddenly he was on the way to becoming, well, the Truth we have now.
  3. I hope they have back-up stunt people for when she injures the first batch.
  4. You know, between their size, surnames, and almost-but-not-quite getting a rub from working with Daniel Bryan, I had forgotten Gulak and Gable weren't the same person.
  5. He looks like British comedian Johnny Vegas.
  6. Random question inspired by a dream last night - other than David Otunga, are/were there any other lawyer/wrestlers out there?
  7. Everyone talked about Crow Sting/Undertaker as a dream match, but if you ask me it was Surfer Sting, not Crow Sting, that would have been the perfect foil for Taker. He had the upbeat energy and visual aesthetic that would have been a perfect contrast with the darker, more methodical Dead Man.
  8. I think the issue is that "African-American who is proud of his heritage" is not, in and of itself, problematic; the problem is that the gimmick is intertwined with his heel turn. From Pez Whatley turning on Valiant, to the Nation of Domination, this combination is nothing new in wrestling, but the two aren't as inherently linked outside of wrestling as they once were. Reginald, on the other hand, is another in a long line of servant characters, both inside and outside of wrestling. One could write an entire thesis (and doubtless someone has) on the throughline from Gone With the Wind and
  9. The WWE just needs to cut more frequently. If we don't see anything for more than .5 a second, we won't know if it's a thigh slap or a booty smack.
  10. Piggybacking on the tag team trope - I hate it when the face is beat down, staggers to his corner, gets the hot tag... and then two moves later is tagged back in. Come on, man. This happens in modern wrestling, old wrestling, big time PPVs, Dark matches... if the FIP comes back in and gets his ass beat again, it makes him and his teammate look dumb; if he comes back in and is fine and dandy, it makes the match look dumb.
  11. That's too bad. He had some fun moments during the 10 pounds of gold era, and I enjoyed him and Aron Stevens together. Mongrovia will fly its flags at half-mast today.
  12. Solution for name and theme song:
  13. I'd say Punk had two pretty memorable cash-ins, since the second one helped catalyze his heel turn. One problem is that between MitB, the Rumble, and the Elimination Chambers, there are too many established "win this to get a title shot" gimmick matches. But that's part and parcel of the WWE running every good thing into the ground.
  14. Probably just the opposite. And you'd think "Bo Dallas is dating an attractive woman" would give internet creeps hope. Who is Paul Lee? At first I thought it was Brian Lee, except I conflated him with Brian Adams and Bryan Clark, because there were too many Brians in that time period.
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