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  1. Wild show. - Darby vs Miro was ridiculously good. They have REALLY good chemistry. Best Miro match in years and I dunno, maybe Darby's best performance? - Didn't have any issue with the Cody promo. He basically just did one of his dad's old promos, complete with dropping a Willie Nelson quote. It's such a throwback angle with the flag burying and the cocky Englishman running down America and Cody for ONE NIGHT ONLY representing the hopes and dreams of America. It's fabulous in all the way that so much of wrestling isn't these days. I dunno, I don't get worked up on it being problema
  2. I've always been cold on Strickland/Scott but that is a MONEY gimmick and act there.
  3. Incredibly discouraging and worrying for the puro scene. This setback I think makes it VERY hard to come back regularly until Japan as a whole has a handle on Covid, which may not be anytime this year, especially with how restrictive the government has been anyway. Time to open the Orlando DOJO and just ship everyone over for the rest of 2021.
  4. Yep, as I said - WWE has twenty years of people doing those bumps. Shit - Shane McMahon was thrown OFF a cage a month ago. Nothing you do is gonna look better than what WWE does so figure out different stunts or just put a moratorium on guys falling high places for a while.
  5. They should have just done the Sid/Pillman War Games finish. Have Wardlow knock out Jericho and the IC surrenders. Anyway, all this fantasy booking just shows that they overthought the finish. On a night where El Jefe returned as the rightful purveyor of violence, we saw Jericho take a trust fall on his My Pillow to end what was otherwise an awesome match.
  6. Bryan reminds a lot of Mick Foley. He has this very idealistic, optimistic look at the positive change he can make in WWE and how he can make stars by putting them over and how he can advocate for people to get pushed and whatever. And what was clear with Mick and what is increasingly clear with Bryan is they both wasted/are wasting whatever value they have and nothing they do will ever matter in the long-term to the company. Look at how Mick came back over and over and each time he became more devalued and more of an afterthought to the point that the company doesn't even treat hi
  7. First half of War Games was incredible; second half fell into tropey modern wrestling weapons and stunt bumps of the NXT War Games stuff. Still an incredible match overall and for free TV obviously one of the more incredible matches you'll ever see. Here's my thinking. The WWE has done those stunt bumps for 20 years so anytime you do stuff like that it feels derivative and WWE is able to shoot those a lot better and they also don't care if they kill their performers. If I was AEW, just stay away from the tropey shit where the heel escapes the cage or there's some stunt bump onto a crash
  8. To me, the biggest issue is just the clap crowds are just dreadful and the main event matches are all going 40 to make up for the reduced cards. The high end stuff is still good but the cards have zero depth and any main event short of a MOTY candidate just feels like a chore. Like, I don't WANT to watch Jay White wrestle for 40 minutes and I like Jay White. Watching wrestling shouldn't be something that has to be endured.
  9. NJPW matches are wayy too long these days but Ospreay and Shingo got a good shot of winning Match of the Year. Incredible stuff from two world class performers.
  10. Sorry, not to belabor this argument but I do want to respond to @Eoae points very briefly. Wait so is the argument that the WWE doesnt' put pressure on male and female performers to maintain a certain aesthetic? Dave talks about guys physiques and looks all the time. The only issue he runs into is you can't rationally talk about women's wrestling anymore without people being incredibly sensitive. Like the Layla El example - when the company has a history of ageism for decades (and when Mickie James herself brought it up weeks ago) is it sexist for people to mention that the WWE ha
  11. Why I took the reference to she's getting dental work as part of a recent complete makeover, which in the Observer he had mentioned how she had come back with an "all new look."
  12. Yeah but I'll also place better than even odds that she is. I mean, she does look a lot different after coming back from her hiatus. These are wrestlers. They're all liars.
  13. The Dave/Charlotte thing kind of dovetails into what Mickie said about how in WWE once a woman hits a certain age they're put out to pasture. Charlotte is hitting her mid-30s and, well, historically this is the time they start to tend to phase out woman performers unless they maintain a certain look. Just look at the example of Nattie who is virtually unrecognizable from how she began and even then had to undergo work to even get hired in the first place. It's a touchy issue but it's not like Dave should avoid stating obvious acts unless you assume that it's convenient that just ab
  14. I enjoyed Tay vs Shida more than a lot of matches lately. I really felt invested, was rooting for Tay to win, was biting on the near falls. Very few matches do that anymore and the build and how endearing both performers are helped that. Shida's reign obviously has had a lot of start/stops because of the pandemic and the decimation and rebuilding of the AEW women's division but I'm really glad that it now seems on track.
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