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  1. Signed up for that Wrestle Universe deal. Anything from Tokyo Joshi Pro that is essential watching. Plan on subscribing to Stardom after G1 and catching up on the major matches.
  2. Charlie Dempsey looked awesome and I was thinking how quickly his style would fit in in New Japan. NXT UK is a really sneaky good show. I assume it's not long for this world so better enjoy it while we can. That said, something very sad seeing Bate and Seven basically live in purgatory on this show considering how hot their act was during the Brit Wres comeback.
  3. I get the logic but ANYTHING with Brock Lesnar is immediately at least the 2nd biggest thing on any show. WWE makes it very clear who are stars and who are not. And Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw historically than Kofi and Bryan. WWE being the only company on Earth that is weird with their match order I think throws people off.
  4. Apologies for the double-post, but what was the last AEW ladder match before this? Was it the one Scorpio Sky won? WWE did like 50 in the last two years but despite the eight other thousand gimmick matches AEW does I can only think of three ladder matches (Bucks vs Lucha, the Scorpion Sky win and last night).
  5. I think it's a huge part of it. Or how he never challenged for the TNT title again. Cody was a victim of the early AEW trend of never really blowing off anything when his feuds needed it.
  6. Cody discourse is what it is but my main issue with him is that nothing he does in AEW has felt important in a while. If anything, he's under-pushed as he's spent the last year working mid card matches, doing the Shaq thing that we all see was more about launching Jade and being a gate-keeper for new talent. His last truly important 'main event' singles match was putting over Darby last November. This Black feud seems to be going...somewhere but it's clearly more designed to make Black a bigger star, which is fine but Cody needs something interesting and well-developed to kind of rehab his own star-power.
  7. Yeah - Kofi was a nice moment at Mania but it was a midcard match. Shit, let's be honest - Miz vs Shane and Hunter vs Batista were promoted and pushed much more heavily so Kofi and Bryan was 5th from the top.
  8. Jesus Christ, yeah…I think I’m done with this show. This is 1999 WCW with 1995 WWF gimmicks. Did Indi say that Dexter had a 9 1/2 dong or some shit? Toxic Attraction is a good act tho and you may as well move them up. GG is vastly improved in-ring and Mandy has a shit ton more charisma in this role. Charlotte needs new people to beat, too. One thing about this show, tho. This is about getting people main roster ready but there’s a ton of mid-card comedy gimmicks on here. Aside from Steiner the rest of the guys just look like total idiots.
  9. Also, does Indi not believe in the pill? I mean, God bless the Dex man for wrapping it up but he's a married man now. Some kinda concerning implications there. Sus.
  10. One thing with Max is it’s inevitable that he’ll fall into the same issue that Max Castor did and say the wrong thing that’s gonna piss off the people on Twitter who make the most noise about stuff.
  11. A buddy pointed out that Double A pulled a great boomer promo by calling the millennial a loser and invoking the Second Amendment.
  12. Does live viewership even matter for Peacock? The only issue with Saturdays is you run up against UFC shows and sometimes a huge boxing fight but I don’t think the night matters much anymore for WWE shows generally.
  13. This show was way too horny. I mean, is the idea that Vince can live out his old man lech fantasies on a show no one is watching because if they did a show like that on Raw and SD the Twitter ‘give [insert underpushed woman] a chance’ crowd would be losing their fucking mind?
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