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  1. Swing and a miss on my takes. I do hope Tommy Dreamer learns something and bounces back from this. What he said was fucked obviously. The fallout with Flair is, well, who knows. He’ll either come out on the offensive, which he kind of did on Renee’s pod or have a PR issued apology and wait it out. BTW - if you’ve known a flight attendant you know that sexual harassment is baked into that job, sadly. That’s an industry wide problem.
  2. The fact that there's been no update and photo of Hunter since the incident is an worrying sign. Generally celebrities get out the "I'm okay, gang" photos or tweets out pretty quick.
  3. I doubt there's gonna be any major repercussions to anyone over this doc, to be honest. All of this was public knowledge and long lampooned in both books and WWE sponsored media for years. WWE definitely won't care. Would Impact fire Dreamer? I doubt it. AEW seems to be a little more sensitive to Twitter outrage but they also used Mike Tyson ya know so who can say. Not defending any of the comments but I do wonder if these guys were aware how traumatized the flight attendants were? If they were just being asked about some crazy plane trip and decided to shoot the shit about the boys being the boys and didn't realize how fucked it sounds to people on the outside of the industry then it gives some context to their attitude. Of course, it shows how toxic and poisonous the wrestling industry is but the hundreds of dead people also showed us that a long time ago.
  4. I've never almost teared up at a match graphic before but holy shit next Wednesday. I, like Tony Schiavone, love professional wrestling. Great show, even without any standout matches. As noted above, a sign of a really hot promotion with people who are over is when people start popping for match announcements in other cities. Addendum: Shawn Spears has had back to back very good matches with both Sammy and Darby so he seems to have finally gotten into some sort of groove and Adam Cole came across like the world's biggest star too.
  5. Super fun show. I’m all for big jacked up guys throwing dudes around. I mean, it’s a jarring reboot and is probably doomed as a USA property but whatever. We gotta talk about the stereotypical Italian mafioso character who left amateur wrestling because ‘the money is in NXT,’ though.
  6. Horrifying. The whole thing. Just awful.
  7. Who are some wrestlers or tag teams that you haven't seen enough of that you need a deep dive on? Note this can be anyone from anytime even if footage doesn't exist. After this last week, I realized I have not watched nearly enough Midnight Express and British Bulldogs. On the singles side, maybe someone like Ray Stevens and, honestly, I haven't watched enough Liger.
  8. I’d assume Omega and Christian is a TV main event. Maybe the first Rampage? I wouldn’t be shocked if Darby and Punk wrestle on that Chicqgo Rampage too. TK says it’s not a B show and they have to come out of the gates hot with it. Would Punk just *appearing* sell the United Center out? I think the next four weeks of booking is going to be wild.
  9. I’m not sure what MLW wants to be. There’s a lot of talent in the company but not a lot of people are being used well. Fatu is a good champion and Contra, despite being a little past its expiration date, is a fine heel stable but we gotta build to a playoff and I don’t think Hammerstone is the guy.
  10. Pretty sure Nikki is getting the Rey Mysterio championship treatment from now until she loses the belt. Would expect Charlotte and Ripley to repeatedly beat her on TV in non-title matches from now until SummerSlam. The only saving grace for Lee is they MIGHT be turning him heel and usually they don't believe losses matter if someone is gonna turn. Otherwise he's headed nowhere fast.
  11. Smart Mark Sterling did a really good heel promo in Night 2 and the MDK vs Ohio guys is gonna be one of the hotter indie matches of the year. Gage has a big next bit ahead of him between ther Jericho match tomorrow, this War Games, the inevitable rematch with Cardonna and presumably the Moxley match in GCW is still on the table. I've watched more GCW in the last few months than I ever have by coming in and parachuting in for the main events and angles. I like it when it tries to be ECW. I don't like when it feels like I'm watching XPW, if that makes sense. There's a thin line there. And, as noted, the commentary has got to change. I can't deal with a commentator screaming fuck and bitches at me while I'm trying to watch a wrestling match. That shit is so oft-putting and alienating. Like let the wrestlers curse up a storm but Gill just screaming about how Cardonna is a little fucking pussy for twenty minutes takes the attention off the match and towards the commentary. It's horrendous.
  12. Reading is your friend. Meltzer widely condemned both the Onita and Hogan incidents of garbage and shit being thrown. Always consistently seen it as an embarrassment. That said, absolute wild match and scene last night. Good on Cardonna for going outside the box and immediately he feels hotter then has has been in years.
  13. Yeah - the best bet is to not do anything rash, let his contract expire and don't resign him. Allow him to do a goodbye on air and that's that. WWE obviously takes him back under a Legend's deal and I dunno - has him do pre-show panels with King or some shit or has him come out during Legends Night and everyone is happy.
  14. Pretty awesome show. The Elite all randomly getting wacky facial hair, Miro's epic new music and praising God (and his flexible, hot wife presumably) after every win, and the main were all highlights. - To get it out of the way, Jim Ross has been a bad commentator for years and at this point I just assume the reason he has a job is more out of pity/respect. He lost his wife, WWE signed him just to ice him and treat him like shit, and he's battled addiction issues. I'm all for cutting him loose but Tony Khan seems to be like he's gonna let JR write his own ending. Ya now - this stuff isn't unprecedented because other sports frequently deal with legendary announcers hanging on far past their ability to do a competent job. Pat Summerall in football, Marv Albert right now calling his last playoffs in the NBA, dozens and dozens of old ass drunk baseball announcers. It is what it is. I think he takes away from the show but this may be something everyone has to live with until his contract expires (maybe in October of this year or next year?) - I loved the main event. Total PWG-style match and a showcase match for both guys. I think it's good for MJF to show that he can actually wrestle because this is a promotion with high main event worker standards. Didn't care for the finish though. Awful. - Pillman Jr looked really good and has improved leaps and bounds the last few months. That's a solid act. - Nice tease of the Hangman stuff and hopefully they drag it out until fans are begging for Page to have the confidence to confront Kenny. Great little tribute at the end to what, in an odd way, is going to end up as an important venue historically. Hopefully next week starts the road back to a better wrestling world for not only AEW but everywhere as we get the indies going and fans back and start building to the big shows in the fall and next spring.
  15. Sadly none of those people currently work in WWE creative.
  16. even beyond whomever ends in AEW or NJPW, this is GREAT for the indies and your lower-tier majors like ROH and MLW and even Impact who can restock their decks with talented names. All of those talents have some decent to good value to add. TNA never turned a profit. AEW was in the black the second they signed the TNT extension and are presumably even moreso after the pay raise/added show. If anything AEW is in a good spot to pick and choose the people that fit best for what they're trying to do.
  17. I would hate the G1 for the belt. This is a tournament where guys take multiple losses and it's basically parity booking until the final night. I think it kind of devalues the title even more. And having no champion until the fall is pretty horrendous. I've always been a believer that when your company is in danger just go back to your biggest and/or best star. Just run Okada/Shingo for the belt at the next big show and go from there. Anything else is them overthinking.
  18. This sort of hyper-focus on maximizing every penny makes me wonder if this company is closer to being sold than anyone thinks. I think at this point, it's inevitable.
  19. My big issue with Jim Ross is the same as I had when he called NJPW. He clearly doesn't like what he's seeing the majority of the time. I don't see the value in having an announcer who hates what they're calling. He can't enjoy it either. It's a huge issue plaguing baseball where the commentators spend more time burying the sport than calling the game. Like, Jim Ross, who is one of the biggest carnies ever, still can't be bothered to put over the world champion of the company he works for. Who needs that? Jim Cornette is equally a terrible person but at least when he was getting paid he treated every company he was in like it was '86 Crockett. At the end of the day, Ross's thinking of what wrestling should be is far closer to Vince McMahon/Kevin Dunn/Bruce Pritchard than anyone in AEW. Just seems like a bad fit at this point.
  20. Buff Bagwell got arrested for a DUI in Cobb County, Georgia. Ya know - you think a wrestler would follow the most important rule there is if you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia.
  21. The fact there's still no word on what they're going to do with the IWGP title is pretty concerning.
  22. Will posted a photo today of what looks like a pretty fucked up x-ray. Also, regarding the NXT-UK stuff, VOW reported that that may be some confusion of Japanese sources not differentiating between NXT and NXT-UK.
  23. Listening to the kerfluffle with Ross and Omega and, man, really time to put Ross out to pasture. It's not that he doesn't have the right to his opinion but you really gotta think that deep down he still believes you don't "make it" til you make the WWE and the rest of these guys are just slumming around the minor leagues.
  24. I assume the anticipation is by July a lot more places will be closer to 100 percent. Certainly seems to be trending that way in most states.
  25. "when you get older time slows down" has me rolling.
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