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  1. Regarding M:tG, for those interested, spoilers have started for the upcoming Theros set and the artwork thus far is gorgeous. Oh, and there's an instant costing RG that destroys target artifact or enchantment and does 2 damage to that permanent's controller. That is stupid good.
  2. Walter is by no means an angel, but he didn't start his drug making venture for personal gain, he did it to make sure his family would be set once he was gone. I mean, the guy had $500k in a duffle bag and he wouldn't even spring for a new windshield, or hell, a new car, until he was pulled over. As for Jesse's girlfriend, yeah, it's fucked up, but if she lives, Jesse never gets his head straight and probably winds up OD'ing and dying. The impression I've had since the start of the show is that Walter cares more about Jesse than their constant bickering would let on. Unfortunately, Jesse's life would cost the lives of so many others. However, Jesse is as much to blame for that happening. My issue with Skyler goes beyond hating a flawed female character. First, to say she's flawed indicates she can be the cause for good things happening. Thus far, she's proven herself to be a resentful hypocrite whose contempt for Walter, and eye for Ted, go back much farther than her third trimester. She shows this when its revealed how far back she did her Marilyn Monroe take on Happy Birthday, and then she does it again in a really awkward moment. None of this even touches on how Skyler can look past illegally padding himself with millions, putting everyone in that company at risk, but Walter tries to make a quick buck making meth and raking in over $500k, and he's the fucking devil. Keep in mind that, at least where I'm at, Skyler is unaware of the reason behind the plane crash or letting that girl die, so all of that is periphery to the dynamic of their relationship. And if it were Walter's best friend fucking up and being a dick, instead of Skyler, I would hate him just as much. Not sure why you're seemingly white knighting for that character.
  3. LOL I did a search starting with "Skyler White is a" and the top results were: "awful" "ugly" "so annoying" "a hypocrite" "an idiot" Adding to the fun are the top 3 Facebook pages when searching for Skyler White: "I Hate Skyler White" "Fuck Skyler White" "Kill Off Skyler Argo" I'm now a happier person tonight.
  4. That will give him plenty of napping opportunities.
  5. YES. 3 hours is too fucking long. As I fast forwarded thru on my DVR, I thought I skipped enough shit I'm not interested to be near the end of the show, only to find that I was only through 1 hour 40 minutes.At some point I fell asleep and skipped to near the end when I awoke because I didn't want to deal with it any more. It's plainly obvious that the writing staff is incapable of filling out 3 hours of Raw and the extra time gives them more of an opportunity to fuck up and makes other segments too long to just stretch time. How could USA's president still think 3 hours is a good idea?
  6. Sutter said he's had the idea for the last few years based on something that happened at that time. When the "shocking" and "controversial" buzz words were thrown out there though, a bunch of people jumped on the school shooting from earlier this year. Everyone ignores that first part about this being conceived 2 or 3 years ago. It could be a school shooting, but it's just as likely it's something else. My guess is it's something related to Fast and Furious (the FBI program, not the movie) and some federal or border agents get waxed by dudes in the cartel. There was also the kamikaze style attack in Austin, the mass bombing and shooting in Norway, the gunman attack that involved Gabby Giffords, and all of the attacks by the Mexican drug cartels. Maybe someone in the Galindo cartel kidnaps an important figure in the show and beheads them. Whatever it is though, it's supposed to be the lighting of the fuse that takes us all the way through to next season's series finale.
  7. Her father is the district attorney~! (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  8. Bryan beats Triple H's Corpvolution. Cena completes heel turn by cheating to beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Claims he's the #1 contender on RAW and that he did something lil' Daniel Bryan will never do and that's beat Undertaker. Bryan comes out says he has no honor. Flips Cena off and gives him a Stunner FANTASY BOOKING NERD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Addendum: The next day there is much grousing on the board over just how fast Bryan responded, that Cena acted too cute and looked like he didn't suffer any ill effects from beating Undertaker, somehow this is a way either guy is getting buried by HHH, and just weeks after complaining about faces not being protected enough, there are complaints that heels aren't protected enough.
  9. As a follow up to this story, DDJ was subsequently placed on waivers by the Nationals. Theo or Jed had to have been calling in an old favor owed to them.
  10. There is already a great Mass Effect movie called Mass Effect and you can play it out on the PS3 or 360 and get a million times more entertainment out of that than anyone ever could watching some hackneyed attempt at portraying Shep's adventures on screen.
  11. I would hate Skylar White less if she would just be honest and say that she's ashamed to be married to someone who looks old and weathered, is too smart for her and she can't identify with his love of science, he isn't adventurous enough, she can't stand living like lower-mid middle class, she doesn't love Walter and hasn't for awhile, him having cancer frustrated her even more because she couldn't up and leave him while he was possibly dying and while she was pregnant, and she just wants a new dick. Instead, she can't be honest with herself, or anyone else, and she just wants to shack up with Ted, and looks for any out she could possible find to move on from Walter. Walter is drugged up to high heaven before his surgery and makes the "which cell phone" comment. If she wasn't looking for an out, she wouldn't have dug all the way to China to uncover something, anything, based on a tiny remark while Walter was in pre-op. Jesus, the shit I said before I had my gallbladder removed made no sense. I asked my nurse if she was my friend's wife when I normally know full well that my friend's wife isn't a nurse. Shit, she doesn't even work in the medical industry. I also asked them to not put me on an airplane while I was knocked out and wanted to know if they were going to need to shave my face. Why? WHO KNOWS! I was high as a motherfucker to knock me out so they could make 4 little incisions and remove my gallbladder. Did my girlfriend at the time think anything of anything I said? No, because none of it made sense. I bet Skylar is also the type to take offense over shit Walter says in his sleep. And she pushes for this divorce leaving her family and son totally confused because she can't even be bothered to lie and make up a story even though she's been lying to herself for years. Oh, and when she gets home, she has her baby with her. So let me get this straight...she either A) Was way, way, way, way, way late to the babysitter to picking her daughter up so she could get railed by Ted freaking Beneke OR She brought her baby with her to Ted's house. EITHER WAY, it's fucked up. She's the worst and nothing about this storyline says to me that it's going to get any better and the role she has in the show makes me think she isn't going anywhere any time soon. My God, I hate that character so much. The closest comparison I can think of is Corinne in The Shield, except Corinne is completely entitled to everything she does and she should have gotten out much sooner. I never thought Corinne was wrong because her motivations were at least honest. Skylar's take on honesty is as bent and handicapped as her son's physical state. I'm sure Walter probably had the joy of enduring 3 or 4 years of passive aggressive blame for Walter Jr's physical condition after Jr. was born. Ugh...Where I hated Lori in The Walking Dead because of how dumb she was, I hate Skylar so much more because she's a bigger villain, at this point anyway, than anyone who was out for Walter's head. By the way, still on the Breaking Bad tip, what was everyone's opinion when:
  12. Except, the problem isn't that Bryan got beat down. I think that's been made perfectly clear. The problem is that he looked like a fucking moron. I think it's perfectly fine to have the corporate goons sneak attack Bryan when he's not looking. Or for them to concoct some evil plan to get him in a prone position and then strike. But for him to voluntarily walk into a 7-on-1 beating is just stupid. How dumb did it look to have him just standing back in gorilla, waiting for HHH to call him out so he could walk into a beating? Do we want people to support him out of pity and sympathy, or because he's the "ass kicker" (sorry HHH) who is going to come wreck shit when you fuck with him? What Bryan did is like if Sting's first appearance as The Crow was not coming down from the rafters with a baseball bat, but instead sauntering out from backstage, down the ramp, with no weapon in hand, while the entire nWo stood in the ring and said "Hey guys, let's fight!". That would have made a ton of sense. By the way, you guys can really miss me with this "sit back and see what happens!" shit. As if the WWE has given us any reason to afford them the benefit of the doubt? I don't even want to talk about the hot angles they've run into the ground over the last few years. When you look at how many less people are watching WWE since the last time they ran this angle, they're lucky cynical bastards like us are even still watching. Cry some more you fucking baby.
  13. That is...That is freaking amazing. I want it. Now.
  14. Ah ok. As for the battery, I don't have time to mess with that. I think I've nailed it down the battery drain issue to a few apps though, one being Mailbox. I like Mailbox about as much as I like the regular Gmail app, so out went Mailbox, but not before I got my free 1gb of Dropbox space. Next was Facebook. Apparently leaving the Facebook app open in the background can really drain your battery. And lastly, if you exit Candy Crush, but don't remove it from the app history, it stays alive and eats away at your battery, so I started making sure I remove that as well. So far, so good.
  15. Maybe I should have looked at my September calendar.
  16. This is exactly what I thought should have happened. However, I'm not as disappointed about the main storyline as some of you are. For starters, Daniel Bryan isn't Steve Austin, and even Austin had his share of defeats when ganged up on only to come back stronger. What they do in week one with this storyline is not as important as what they do with week two. So lets look at where the next Raw and PPV shows take place: AZ, IA, ON, MI, OH, and...Sept. 19th, Chicago motherfuckin Illinois. Now, I don't see The Shield or Orton losing their titles at Night of Champions in D-town, but they could set something up the following night to put DB over strong on the Chicago Raw. That's 5 weeks away. You can't pummel DB every week, but if they're smart, they at least let Bryan tread water until Chicago. And then, you blow the roof off the Allstate Arena. Maybe have him get his hands on Steph, or have him have an Austin like moment where he clears out everyone in the new Corporation. He'll, you could even do something that allows Bryan and Punk to team up to make FSW's head explode.
  17. I thought you worked at a nuclear power plant.
  18. GOD DAMN YOU, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Yeah, I thought the same thing. Kid brings the blood stained dog, Quinn has his suspicions and is lead to Dexter. However, any blood testing would be done by Dexter or Masuka, and Dexter could easily head that off. Plus, with the way Dexter washed that dog and with how it was in the trash, is there really going to be any DNA evidence to pull from a stain that is that old and has been washed that much? If they can't pull any DNA, all that has to be said is Dexter or Harrison cut themselves on accident.
  19. I know there is a Breaking Bad thread, but I'm not up to that point yet. I did start watching again and am super addicted. I'm in season 3 where Gus asks the cartel not to go after Walter just yet and Skylar goes up to Walter at the end and says So, a couple of questions. The end of season 2 and the start of this season have been crazy. Does it get even crazier, in a plausible way anyway? I don't see how they could. And did Skylar's f-bomb go uncensored on the show? If so, other than late night on Comedy Central, that has to be the first time "fuck" or a variation of it has been busted out on a cable channel that isn't HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc. I was pretty stunned at that moment. In a series with plenty of shocking moments, that takes the cake.
  20. Dude, I could totally copy and paste everything you said because it echoes my thoughts EXACTLY. I'm not sure how they did it, but they managed to pull off an actually funny episode of Dexter that had my wife and I guessing who killed Dexter's neighbor until the final reveal. I thought thought they would go with a nutty twist and have Quinn frame Zach and he was the killer of Dex's neighbor. That would at least be out of left field and not as obvious as Vogel, who they've been setting up all season long. My wife also had a funny remark about Vogel, Dexter, Hannah, and Zach being a murdering superhero team. I'm sure that would be infinitely better than anything else that plays out this season. Such a bummer about Zach too, and it's typical Dexter. They actually give his character depth, make him likable enough, remove the veneer of him being a demented creep and instead make him look like a demented goofball, and then they kill him off. Good episode and easily the best of this season, hell, best of the last couple seasons. And finally, we're off and running towards the finish line. Up until this episode, it felt like they were just blindly, stumbling around, but now we have our big bad, a weak one at that, questions about what happens with Deb when push comes to shove, if Elway will be able to bring in Hannah, if Dex can have his one last kill and be with Hannah forever completely forgetting about his son who is all alone at Angel's house and elbow deep into a Costco sized box of Fla-Vor-Ice, and if Vince's daughter is really FBI in a twist that is such a stretch that it's perfect for this show.
  21. CCH Pounder and, I'm not sure if this should be spoiled or not, but also . Given his involvement, I'm sure he's playing a villain.
  22. I think I noticed it on Youtube. I'll definitely check it out later. Kingston definitely has presence, but the matches I've seen thus far, I've been kind of indifferent to.I think it's because I've never seen a match of his and thought of him as more than a solid mechanic. If he were a baseball player, he'd be "a professional hitter". There's nothing wrong with being any of those things.This is an insult to Matt Stairs.I remember Matt Stairs striking out a lot.I remember the story of him nude in the Cubs clubhouse covered in shaving cream. You can't unhear that. Somehow, this is the first I've seen a report of this. I cannot unsee this. As for Evolution 2.0, I'm all for Titus breaking away from the PTP and joining HHH, and Orton. I've said it a few times now, but Titus needs to be pushed. He may not be the best, but he certainly has more potential than other hosses on the roster. It's too bad that Cesaro is aligned with Zeb because he'd be a good fit in a group like that. I like the idea of Titus as the muscle though, and if not him, then Big E.
  23. Some of you think Punk/Brock won't continue? I see this going on for a bit longer with Punk trying to earn Brock Lesnar's respect, with Punk challenging Brock again and getting beat again, but he shows even more heart in that re-match. Then they can do a third match and build to it with there being serious concern for Punk's health, but he winds up pulling out the victory, he gets to thrash Heyman, and he gets Brock's respect.
  24. He does when he's on the road. He's mentioned a few times now that he was flying solo without Mo and he was doing his best to figure everything out. I still think Austin is the best interviewer out there now, on any subject, not just wrestling. Part of that is taking the time to figure out how all of the recording equipment works, reading copy better than damn near anyone else, studying up on his guests, and if you notice, he rarely, if ever, makes it about himself. Even when there's a story he's aware of, he stops immediately before divulging any information and he lets his guest do all the talking. Tons of open ended questions, and really engaging ones at that. He isn't afraid to ask tough questions or cover anything considered taboo. He is essentially every broadcast communications professor's wet dream and I bet you wouldn't have more than a couple professors reference or use Austin's podcast as a learning tool. He has only a couple rough edges too. The first of which being that he does what I will do, which is my eyes and brain start reading the material faster than my mouth can spit it out and wind up stumbling over my words. It's usually tough to recover, so if I'm on a conference call, I will wind up re-reading the material, but if it's a recorded presentation, I can just edit the fumbled part out. His other hitch is another thing I do when talking to my mom. He has a little bit of a habit of talking over his guest, trying to steer his guest back onto topic so they don't ramble on. It almost sounds rude, especially on part 2 of the Scott Hall podcast, but none of his guests ever take offense to it.
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