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  1. I haven't popped in here too much because this season is stressing me out lol. With that said, I feel good about Dallas going into the playoffs. I also think we are better without Porzingis right now tbh.
  2. Stargirl and Superman are far and away the brightest spots in the DCTV lineup. I feel like all of these shows will always be at least loosely connected in a way, but the big event crossovers aren't coming back.
  3. Supergirl has at least still had some charm, and shined up their B characters in fun ways. I've not seen an episode yet in the series, that focused on the Danvers sisters as kids, that wasn't at least enjoyable. The obvious problem that show is running into, is not being able to use their star in the early going. Flash, outside of a couple of fun moments, has been a real drag. I'm tired of all the sad boi shit, and with Cisco leaving, it won't get any better. Legends was Legends. A hoot as expected. Crisis really feels like it was the end of the Arrowverse, even if not by desig
  4. So am I expected to believe that A) Gordon Bombay had next to zero contact with the OG Ducks for possibly 20 or more years?? and 2) Banks never went pro?
  5. Maybe it's just me, but Supergirl seemed to be trying really hard to remind you that yes, Superman is still connected to this universe. Also, I thought the time travel episode was really cute, and Dreamer singing "9 to 5" was a pleasant surprise.
  6. The last two episodes of Mighty Ducks have been a big improvement. Next week is the big reunion episode.
  7. I mentioned this on Twitter, and I know this isn't the case, but I feel like you could wrap up Bucky's MCU story with that finale. It brought him full circle into redemption,and I'm not sure how much more you get out of the character. I thought Sebastian Stan brought it the entire series and had a really satisfactory arc.
  8. Didn't it come out months ago that Purcell was leaving the show though. I swear there was a story about that, and it went nowhere. Of course I also heard this was the final season for LoT and there was an about face on that too. So idk what is happening.
  9. Mighty Ducks has been what it is. It's inoffensive, but it's not lighting my world on fire. The reveal of why Bombay became such a grump didn't really land, but I like that it at least had some roots in reality, and it's the sort of thing that I can absolutely see him doing. Excited that the next episode is called "Hockey Moms", because if there is one thing that will get Gordon Bombay's attention.....
  10. I mean, we had cartoons of WAY more kid unfriendly properties lol. Like, yes, we all watched the Police Academy, Rambo and Robocop films as kids, but how they got greenlit for Saturday mornings blows my mind.
  11. So at the end of Supergirl, J'onn puts up the emblem for Sentinal among what I assume are supposed to be the other Paragons from Crisis? Or is it just supposed to represent their makeshift Justice League? I didn't recognize a couple of the symols honestly. Like, I can't tell if Alex replaced Supergirl and the emblem on the left belongs to Superman, or what the deal is.
  12. I didn't even identify Piesse as Beru tbh
  13. Should I jump to conclusions about a blonde white woman being in the cast? That said, I feel like this is going to deal VERY heavily in flashbacks if she's playing who I think, and the inclusion of Hayden.
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