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  1. Thad Young might be the most Spurs player of all time to have never played for the Spurs.
  2. This is the first time in forever that I am happy with the moves Dallas made. We needed some wings that can shoot and defend, and Bullock and Brown address that. I think there is still a Dragic move coming soon. Also the Hardaway deal is very team friendly. As long as Kidd doesn't shit the bed as a coach, this should be fun.
  3. If Vandal Savage returns, I think there is a greater than zero chance that we see Rip Hunter return too. I'd be ok with that, as I kinda miss Rip.
  4. I think they were able to work him in more on that show because he has more of an established relationship with the characters. It made sense for him to want to do more work with them, and even don the Spartan gear.
  5. Still waiting for a reason for Bad Batch to exist, even though I've liked the appearances of Hera, Cad Bane and Kanan. It's so weird, because it is honestly a decent show, but I always forget about it until like Saturday. Also, side note, I have been using Squatch soap for a hot minute now, and I just bought this bundle lol https://drsquatch.com/pages/star-wars
  6. I was thinking about Kara too, and I guess I'm just resigned to the fact that she has been in the Phantom Zone, and that is why she hasn't been mentioned. Though I feel like Clark should have been a bit more concerned about that. I'm not sure the Diggle cameos have really landed too great. It has been great to have that connective tissue, and I liked having him officially connect Superman to the Arrowverse, but he hasn't added a ton. I'm hoping his Supergirl appearance finally gives some answers regarding the Lantern ring.
  7. It's wild to me that they have taken three swings at doing something with Godspeed, and nothing has really landed. He's a great villain that they seem to have no idea what to do with.
  8. Oh yeah, Stargirl is fantastic. Tons of charm and likeable characters. Takes itself *just* serious enough for the important stuff to land.
  9. I wouldn't go so far as to say it has saved the season or anything, but the last 3-4 episodes of Flash have been noticeably better than the earlier stuff. I hate to say it, but the lack of Iris has helped.
  10. I didn't realize that we already had the David Ramsey directed episode of S&L a few weeks ago(the John Henry Irons reveal episode), and it was pretty dang good. Just read that Tom Cavanagh is directing the finale, which is super cool. This show is still the only Arrowverse show that I active look forward to every week, even though I'm not nuts about the reveal of who Morgan Edge really is. I'm also a little frustrated at how much they are doing to ignore that Supergirl exists(though I'm sure she'll get a mention in the John Diggle episode). Legends has still been fun, but I'm with y'all on Behrad, mostly because I just never find stoner characters funny. I am so glad that Sara and Mick are back on the trip so we can get some proper adventures now.
  11. Oh that was heavily implied too. One thing I have learned from following all the Dallas sports media accounts over the years, and reading Carlisle interviews, is that there is almost always something he's trying to say underneath what he actually says.
  12. Oh I felt like Rick was throwing a pipebomb with that quote from the start. At first I thought he just wanted to take Mose to Indiana with him, but now it just looks like he wanted to cause chaos.
  13. You know what will get me to finally give up on my team? Driving away a your once in a lifetime, generational 22 year old superstar talent by hiring Jason fucking Kidd, instead of the one dude that said superstar would like to actually play for. Like, I can't help but think that Cuban expects Luka to be like Dirk and just gut everything out, when that is so far from the reality of it all. Kid wants to be a star and a champion, that's it.
  14. I've been kinda "meh" on Bad Batch honestly. It's not bad, but it's not landing with me. With that said, I popped so hard for the Cad Bane return, as he might be in my Fav 5 of Star Wars characters.
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