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  1. I can't speak for anyone else, but my boredom came from not really caring about any of the characters, and not really having a reason to. If I don't care about the characters, and I don't think the plot is engaging, then I will check out pretty quickly.
  2. I got exactly halfway through this tonight on D+ before I tapped out due to boredom. I applaud Marvel for trying to do a more serious movie, but I wasn't invested in any of the characters, and I felt no sense of stakes. Forty minutes into the movie, I felt like it had been 90. By 90 minutes I had to give up.
  3. Superman & Lois is still really good. Really surprised that they are already setting up Doomsday this soon.
  4. If Karate's Bad Boy comes back in season 5, they need to bring back the lads too.
  5. Hello I have been crying.
  6. John Grease is the name of my all night diner.
  7. I feel confident in saying that this was easily the best season of the show. Better focus on the kids. Some nice redemption stuff, with the "heels" not really being so bad in the end. The misunderstandings were kept at a minimum and felt way more natural. The scene with Robby and Johnny at the end was great too. Also the tournament fight choreography was excellent.
  8. Something like that would have been great. I'd have even loved a gag with Matt Murdock being like "even I can tell this is bad" or something.
  9. Oh yeah, Tony Dalton was so delightful, and I really hope he gets more burn in the future.
  10. I feel like this will end up being the most poorly received post-credit scene ever. I can't be the only one that skipped to the end of it hoping for the "real" post credit moment(that never came).
  11. I REALLY hope *that* Kingpin scene is just leading to a cliffhanger and isn't permanent. Otherwise I'll be pissed.
  12. Right. That apartment he got wasn't the nicest thing ever, but it also wasn't the dump that Tobey Parker lived in, so I doubt he found someone operating under the table like that. He also has to pay for it somehow, and I'm not sure what kind of freelance work he'd be able to get. Maybe Tony left a trust fund for when he turned 18? I get the feeling that we aren't supposed to look this deep into it lol.
  13. I just interpreted the spell as Peter Parker being a nobody, not being erased from existence. Like, he still has birth records and all that, but anyone who knew him before, doesn't. Like, I'm sure the Avengers(or what is left of them) still works with Spider-Man, but as was mentioned earlier, anyone who knew his identity is out of the equation. Brother still has to work and have a credit score.
  14. May go see this flick again this week, because as much as I enjoyed all the pops in the theater, I want to take it in with a more subdued reaction. Keep thinking about the Tobey/Doc Ock interaction and how wholesome it was. "How are you Peter?" ".....just tryin' to do better."
  15. Idk, I'd absolutely watch a Tobey "old man Spidey" flick.
  16. I can see that honestly. Narratively, it finally allows them to move him away from Stark too. I think there will be some MCU connective tissue, like having him face Kingpin at some point. If the next couple of films don't start setting up Miles though, they are screwing up.
  17. I looked at that as more of a tease that we'll get Miles soon. The endgame for Tom Holland's Spidey has to be a passing of the torch to Miles, tbh. Curious how people feel about it. Andrew Garfield got such a great reaction at my showing, but the Amazing Spider-Man films were that well received. I never paid much attention, but did people really like him as Spidey? It seems so. His role in this reminded me of Brandon Routh getting a second shot to play Superman to kinda redeem a film that wasn't received well.
  18. Flash's little gold boots are so cute.
  19. That ended up being one of the more fun theater experiences I've ever had. Every character reveal got a pop(some more than others). To be safe I'll spoiler tag some thoughts. Long story short, I thought this was in the upper tier of MCU flicks, even if I thought Sandman and Lizard really didn't need to be there. I understood WHY they were included, but they added nothing. Willem Defoe was the absolute superstar of this flick though. My favorite thing though, was the kid that was there with their grandma. The kid had the most pure, markout reactions to everything, and was so happy to nerd out for everything. Grandmas obviously has no idea what any of this is, but played along and asked questions, and generally just did the cool grandma thing and entertained their grandkid while they geeked out.
  20. Hell yeah let's fucking gooooooooo. Fired up this morning.
  21. When can we start rolling out the Big McLargehuge names?
  22. Being that they already changed how Echo's dad was killed in this, it feels like the producers' way of being able to pivot away from Kingpin in this story if they have to. The scene in the dojo(and everything else in this show) really points to Fisk,but I refer to my earlier post about these shows never really going with the most sensible theory. With that said, I think we get Swordsman revealed as the boss here(even if he feels like a red herring himself), and then find out at the end that he wasn't really the boss.
  23. Not sure why I chuckled so much at the silly little "I Love Lucy" gag on Legends this past week.
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