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  1. Holy cow you guys, that fight scene on Stargirl was top fucking notch. This show is easily in the top tier of live action comic shows, and doesn't have to ride on the back of a multibillion dollar franchise to achieve it.
  2. I don't know why I got a kick out of this, but I loved
  3. You know, if we go back a decade to when Arrow started, there is no way in hell I'd have ever thought we'd get someone like Shade or Eclipso as villains on a live action broadcast TV show.
  4. Goddamn Ted Lasso was heavy this week. Especially the stuff at the end with Jaimie's dad, and Ted's phone call with the doctor. Got a very weird feeling about Coach Beard at the end.
  5. Not being a trash human would be a good start.
  6. This was my literal first time watching AEW, and came away pretty impressed. My MOTN was Punk/Darby with Kingston/Miro as a runner up. I even came out liking *both* a Young Bucks match AND a Kenny Omega match, which I never thought I'd say. It helps that the main event felt more like a big time Christian match than a big time Kenny match, other than the ridiculous stupid table spot in the first 3 minutes. Also, as a first time viewer, I never felt lost thanks to the very good commentary(Which honestly reminded me of myself and Brad Stutts in the old CWF days). Going to c&p my overall thoughts from my thread on Twitter.
  7. No, it was 100% genuine. Dreamer fell asleep at work, and was told "go home you are taking a mental health day".
  8. The most unrealistic thing I have ever seen on Supergirl was on the last episode when the boss of a major media company told an employee to "take a mental health day".
  9. Nathan Shelley becoming a full blown toxic personality has been an interesting development. Ted's hemming and hawing at the start of the therapy session was honestly really well done. Good episode this week.
  10. It makes me think about how *everyone* looked dramatically older in El Camino. I understand that with some of this stuff, it is what it is, but it can be jarring. Glad you stuck with the show, though.
  11. I forgot Supergirl was back. Nice enough return episode I thought.
  12. Was wondering when the Bill Lawrence gut punch was coming on Ted Lasso, and they hauled off with it this week. Idk why, but that moment with Ted at the end hit a bit harder than the similar moment in season 1. His desperation throughout the season has been obvious and I just feel for the guy. I'm worried that a Nate heel turn is coming, with his confidence issues boiling over into him having that successful moment in the big game. I was NOT expecting the Sam reveal at the end. The "no conflict" people should be happy now.
  13. That's wild because I actually enjoy BCS a good bit more than I did Breaking Bad. To answer your question without spoiling, yes, there is an endgame to Chuck's condition, and it is more or less what drives the rest of the series. Also, if you stick with it, you're probably going to really like Kim, as she becomes the best character on the show imo.
  14. Pal, I am sold. The aesthetic is exactly what I wanted from this(without knowing that I wanted it beforehand). Still curious to see how they handle Ed in the future, or if we ever even get her.
  15. So the Iki Island expansion has been fun for me so far. Fair bit of stuff to do. Island is decent sized. However, I'm kinda(very) over having to do hallucination or nightmare sequences in videogames.
  16. Ted Lasso is awesome and this week's episode may have been the best of the series. Lots of life lessons to be learned from that 30 minutes. I love the running theme of the season that everyone is putting on a front and pretending to be happy with where their life is currently, when they really aren't. That really came through with Roy and Nate this week. There IS conflict this season, they are just taking a little too long in presenting it, because the conflict is Ted with himself and his obvious coping mechanisms. Also they are obviously going to reveal that Ted and Rebecca have been texting each other in the dating app, which will of course make things really weird. They'll eventually dash in some soccer related conflict I'm sure. I come away from every episode actually feeling something, and that's really all I want.
  17. I got lucky and got a rare weekend off, so I may not be seen or heard from after work today once Iki Island is downloaded.
  18. BIG update dropped for Ghost of Tsushima ahead of the Directors Cut release. They already added the ability to replay missions and duels free of charge. Was perfect for me in getting my edge back with the combat.
  19. I actually prefer the weekly releases, just so it stays in the conversation longer. I'd hate think about something like Wandavision or Loki all dropping at once, and we're done talking about it after a week.
  20. I didn't know I needed a Christmas episode in the middle of July, but that episode of Ted Lasso was what I needed after a bad couple of mental health weeks. I loved the tease of Ted having another meltdown, only to swerve it into something really heartwarming.
  21. I'm so happy that Stargirl is back, and it looks like it's not losing any of the things that made the first season so good. The relationship with Pat and Court feels a lot more natural and father/daughter than it did before. Most importantly, it seems like the show will keep the patience that it had in the first season, which I loved. I don't need to see a huge battle every week, just keep making me like the characters, so the battles mean more.
  22. "I hope he dies of the incurable disease of being a little bitch" is an all time great personal slam that I plan to use forever. Roy was always lowkey the heart of the show, and is becoming more so now. Liking the redemption arc for Jamie too.
  23. Surprised at the lack of Ted Lasso talk, but the second season has been really good. I like how all of the main characters have changed and evolved in natural ways, and the sports psychologist is a nice tough. Today's episode was one of the better in the series.
  24. Thad Young might be the most Spurs player of all time to have never played for the Spurs.
  25. This is the first time in forever that I am happy with the moves Dallas made. We needed some wings that can shoot and defend, and Bullock and Brown address that. I think there is still a Dragic move coming soon. Also the Hardaway deal is very team friendly. As long as Kidd doesn't shit the bed as a coach, this should be fun.
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