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I've only used the dream function a couple of times since it was implemented, but an ad for Cracker Barrel came across my Instagram feed and it featured their dream island so I had to check it out. 

It was, of course, charming. 

I did not find any biscuits, but I did meet Biskit. 

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Couple of things I have been forgetting to mention

- CSC sent me the Common painting but it turns out I have it already so if anyone needs it I can pass it on

- I am assuming everyone has gotten one so far but rare mushrooms appear like fossils marks on the ground so don't ignore them (I am assuming so folks might have given up digging up fossils)

- Finally caught a Tuna so I am down to just needing two fish that show up for the first time next month

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On 10/3/2020 at 1:05 PM, RIPPA said:

So Naomi left

Pietro is replacing her

Pietro is fucking terrifying 

Pietro is leaving

Pietro remains fucking terrifying

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On Thursday Spike mentioned getting something from Friga. And I'm like "who?" Then on Friday my new resident is..Friga.

I've been playing AC:Pocket Camp (the smart phone game) a lot recently after stopping a while back. They've started to introduce more elements from ACNH. Right now C.J. is doing a fishing event and Flick is supposed to come by after that. My current goal is to get my ACNH villagers and my ACPC campers to line up.

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Winnie is cool as shit.  You give her whatever shitty clothes you don't want and she is always super happy, so she gives good presents in return.


I taught Katt to say "bunghole"

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