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Yes - either you open your gates or once you are online - one of us can open our gates

(It's better if we come to you since we can just drop shit on the ground for you to take)

You be surprised how many of us are on throughout the night

And if we can con @Gonzointo playing again - you can also get stuff via the Southern Hemisphere

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5 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

I have real Mona Lisa from Redd if anyone wants it.

will leave gates open until I leave house in hour or so. 

I don't need it but I am gonna come over so I can buy a candy from your store

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I got 20 star fragments, 5 large star fragments, and 5 libra fragments.

Still have yet to make anything with star fragments, though.

Last week Midge told me she was thinking of moving on and I told her to follow her heart.

Midge was probably my 4th or fifth neighbor and I actually liked her.

I took to long to find a replacement and today I spotted that Tom Nook is moving Becky in to take Midge's spot.

Guess I'll meet her tomorrow.

Just ran into Wisp and got a zig-zag dress for my trouble.

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7 minutes ago, Tromatagon said:

Shit sorry, had to go to work!  

No worries - I will try and catch you tonight (or be on the look out for the night owls) Worst case - we can use a third party mule

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My island will be open in about five minutes.

I haven't played in roughly six weeks (or more. . .hell, I don't know), so you may need a machete to hack your way through things, but I'll open up so that people can get stuff.

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I am trying to come over but my work WIFI and my Switch hate each other so I might not be able too

EDIT - At least I am assuming that is what it is since it keeps saying "One of the two consoles is not responding"


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Finally managed to get to @Gonzoisland when I got home

First thing I see is Boyd with his ass hanging out. I am trying to remember which one of you unleashed him on Gonzo (I feel like it was @CSC)

Stumbled into Hippeaux's birthday celebration. In a panic, gave her a iron nugget which she was pleased with.

Reminds me that Antonio's birthday is some time next week on my island

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16 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Went to mystery island to chop trees for the achievement.  While there, finally caught Golden Trout. That leaves me 10 fish to go.

I fortunately got my Trout a couple of days into Sept. But it remains the only one I caught despite trying every night.

Per the list I made - I am only missing 4 fish. 2 show up in Nov and the other 2 arrive in Dec

Missing the Golden Stag is going to haunt me since the only other bugs I need are the Dung (which shows up in Dec) and the Tarantula

This is why I am gonna have to pay Gonzo to open his island one night in like January

I didn't realize until just now how many Sea creatures come in November

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