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9 hours ago, odessasteps said:

Added Boomer to my island. I await Phil telling me how unpopular he is in the AC verse. 

At least he is Tier 5 - most of your freakshow residents are Tier 6

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Okay now I am pissed

I had a couple of Nook Miles Tickets to burn so I decided to see if I would get someone better than seeing if my Bluebear gambit pays off.

I go to an island and I am like "Hmm... that thing looks familiar." Turns out it is fucking Bubbles


A) I really wanna know the odds of randomly getting a villager who has recently left your Island on a mystery island

but more angrily


Bubbles is legit one of two villagers who gave me her picture and the game fucking memory wiped her.

Or she hated me that much.


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5 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

I ran into Cube just now on Spiffs Island and he didn't recognize me. 😞

To be fair - that is the Alternate Universe version of Cube

Since you and Spiff weren't friends until right now - I don't think your Cube is his Cube.

However - I shouldn't be running into any multi-verse Bubbles

Next time you are on my island, chat with Curt and see if he remembers you

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If a villager gets "adopted" by a friend, they will remember you. If not, they get memory wiped. I've had a few times when the very first character I meet on a tour is the villager who had just moved out and they didn't remember me.

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