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  1. I'm gonna venture a guess and say he's been living undercover amongst the Tusken Raiders - in the shot of him at the end of the episode he's carrying a gaffi stick with the other weapons on his back.
  2. I had Gulliver a few days ago and got the Candy Skull Mask, just in time for Day of the Dead!
  3. I think the different color variations are also cycling through Nook's.
  4. Or by buying duplicates of the ones @ Nook's when they show up. You're customizing with the other colored pumpkins, not crafting from scratch. I've already had the Spooky Table how up a 2nd time. I've gotten 5 or 6 of the DIYs already. Most came from my villagers, who tend to be crafting the Spooky DIYs in the evening / at night, so probably want to hit them up then.
  5. I got a blue rose from Rippa, but have still been trying to grow my "own" blue roses from red hybrids, to no avail. Lo and behold, I fire up the game this evening and find a blue rose that spawned from orange roses. Those orange roses may themselves have spawned from those red hybrids, so maybe that's why?
  6. Great, thanks! I am assuming you'll mail it to me?
  7. OK, I need to fire up the Switch and the game myself. Need any watering or anything?
  8. Ooh, I need the Amazing Painting, can I come over to buy it? Redd was on my island earlier this week with the fake version!
  9. Yeah, I've had Cube for a while now, so no chance he's "your" Cube.
  10. Ah, OK, I am in an AC Discord group that has an Alex, thought it was him.
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