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  1. Stay through the credits, as there are 3 mid-credit scenes and 1 end credit scene that pays off a running joke from the film.
  2. So the belt is supposed to be evocative of a clock or watch, right? The round face, the letters in CHAMPION arranged like numbers on a clock, the slash in 24/7 looking like clock hands.
  3. Thought that was Curtis Axel next to Seth there for a second.
  4. I did not watch Rebels, and just now did some research w/r/t Maul & the show, so, uh, ignore everything I just said, ha!
  5. Darth Maul showing up introduced some serious timeline issues, both retroactively in this movie and going forward in the Star Wars universe: 1) The Empire isn't The Empire until the end of Revenge of the Sith, yet Maul showing up in Solo places this movie prior to the events of Phantom Menace seeing as how he is killed at the end of TPM. So how can Han join The Empire that hasn't even been formed yet? 2) Now that Solo is established as happening prior to TPM, and TPM is set 32 years before ANH, exactly how old is Han supposed to be in ANH? Let's say he is between 16 - 18 in Solo, that would make him *48 - 50* once we first see him in ANH! Yeah, no way.
  6. Andy Dick's character is sooooooooooo the opposite of real life Andy Dick. I am still crushing on Maura Tierney these many, many years later. Keep in mind, though, the pilot episode is pretty tonally different than the rest of the series. Matthew is definitely not the Matthew of the rest of the series, & Jimmy James isn't quite Jimmy James. Not to mention they switch out the actress playing Katherine as well as the handyman character, which becomes the much better Joe Garelli ("your last name is Garelli?") played by Rogan. There are very few things I have laughed harder at than Bill giving an artistic critique of Beth's naked-pics-but-with-a-bag-over-her-head, then sidling up next to Matthew to let him know what's going on (skip to about 14:30 for the scene).
  7. Fox had the distribution rights to Star Wars: ANH in perpetuity, as well as ESB and ROTJ to (I belileve) 2027, so now they belong to Disney.
  8. Adriana innocent? She grew up around the family & despite knowing what's what then got involved with Christopher, having no problem availing herself of everything his blood money could provide.
  9. How on earth does HHH allow himself to look like that on the poster? He looks like he's about to amble out of the woods to try to take a bite out of Rick Grimes.
  10. Nikki: "You can hit me with your finisher." Cena: "I do that every night." Cena: (slow head turn to look directly into the camera)
  11. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." (That's not to discredit your argument, just pointing out an egregious breach of Star Wars nerd-dom)
  12. Man In Black holsters his gun on his left hip, while both Logan & William holster their guns on their right.
  13. They need to bring Ellsworth back 1 more time and have him do a segment with Sgt. Slaughter where Ellsworth just spends the entire segment looking longingly at Slaughter's chin.
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