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  1. Heartbreaking Deaths in Movies/TV (SPOILERS)

    Adriana innocent? She grew up around the family & despite knowing what's what then got involved with Christopher, having no problem availing herself of everything his blood money could provide.
  2. Wrestlemania XXXIII

    How on earth does HHH allow himself to look like that on the poster? He looks like he's about to amble out of the woods to try to take a bite out of Rick Grimes.
  3. The WWE Total Divas Thread

    Nikki: "You can hit me with your finisher." Cena: "I do that every night." Cena: (slow head turn to look directly into the camera)
  4. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." (That's not to discredit your argument, just pointing out an egregious breach of Star Wars nerd-dom)

    Man In Black holsters his gun on his left hip, while both Logan & William holster their guns on their right.

    They need to bring Ellsworth back 1 more time and have him do a segment with Sgt. Slaughter where Ellsworth just spends the entire segment looking longingly at Slaughter's chin.

    I hope AJ stayed there for the duration of the dark match, while everyone else made it a point to bounce off those ropes and/or throw others into those ropes as much as possible.
  8. Raw is Spinning Its Wheels Until the Draft - 7/11/16

    How long before The Rollins Report gets mixed with Homer SImpson's appearance on Rock Bottom?
  9. The WWE Total Divas Thread

  10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reactions - SPOILERS HERE ONLY

    I read the Han/Ren scene as Ren being conflicted. He just got out-Forced by Rey during her interrogation, then clowned by Hux in front of Snoke for being out-Forced by Rey (and opting to ignore BB-8 in favor of capturing Rey, which backfired spectacularly), so I think he was a little shook & doubting himself. The Han/Ren scene was basically Ren asking Han's permission to kill him to help soothe those doubts & cement him in the dark side.
  11. All things STAR WARS~!

    I dunno, this sequence was pretty awesome, especially the seismic bombs & when the Slave 1 opens fire.
  12. All things STAR WARS~!

    Vader was his trusted right hand man & attack dog, not a stepping stone on his rise to power. The TF *were* useless bitches, bureaucrats manipulated way beyond their skills & talents. They were businessmen, not warriors. We're not supposed to care about them in any way beyond seeing Palpatine pulling their strings behind the scenes.
  13. All things STAR WARS~!

    Well, the TF aren't supposed to be "big bad" villains, they are just pawns in Palpatine's rise to power, and as such their motivations, strategy, plan, etc. don't matter.
  14. Raw 10/5/15 is pretty bori...HOLY CRPA ITS NEW DAY

    Bigger question is why he didn't try to pull down Kane's right glove to see if the handcuff was still on there as proof Director of Operations Kane = Demon Kane. EDIT: wait, which wrist had the cuff on it? I'm guessing right because that hand had the big glove on it.