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And I have Gulliver again today (both where the original version)

I really wanna complain about basically getting the same person twice in a row but I also really want the golden shovel.

BTW - I was irritated about not getting a KK record on Sat until I remembered I had already gotten one from him earlier that week

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22 hours ago, odessasteps said:

If you can free up space, you can try to come and recruit her tomorrow.

Okay - the Universe clearly wants me to try.

Piper - who has been on my island less than a month - just asked to leave.

So if you open your island open at some point - I will come over and see if I can sweet talk Bluebear (though the timing might not work out exactly)

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I should have known that my island would still be considered full.

I am gonna gamble and see if I just leave the space open Bluebear grabs it (its how Curt ended up on my island)

I am sure I will regret this.

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5 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

I wonder if you could time travel to when you have an opening 2 days from now and then come try to grab her. 

I am not gonna time travel but it wouldn't work because it would still be 2 days from now on your island

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36 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Did you notice there are new items for sale in the nooks shopping app in the other tab? 

Yeah those I bought already (you get mail on the first of the month telling you to be on the look out)

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I almost to visit Sable and get my clothing coupons. Still waiting for Red this week. 

Added Boomer to my island. I await Phil telling me how unpopular he is in the AC verse. 

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