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4 hours ago, odessasteps said:

I also have Redd today. Have not visited yet. 

edit: three fakes and a statue i alreahy have. ;(

Do you remember which statue?

Also - do you need the Amazing painting? Because if not, you could come buy it and then send it to me

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8 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

Ooh, I need the Amazing Painting, can I come over to buy it?  Redd was on my island earlier this week with the fake version!

Give me a couple of minutes to open my gates

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I keep forgetting to mention that since I am an idiot, I already had the Warrior Statue so if anyone needs it - I know how two.

I can't remember if I can send it via mail - it might have to be via an island visit.

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I played the bug out for a bit, but got bored pretty quick.

Since I had a villager move out a couple days ago I figured today would be good to go "shopping" using Nook Miles tix.

Went to about a dozen islands and met a few rares, but none that were what I was looking to get as a neighbor.

Finally found an island with a eagle villager to substitute for Apollo until I can get him.

It was Keaton.

Guess he'll move in tomorrow.

Still slacking on the flowers...

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10 hours ago, odessasteps said:

I did one Bug event, got a spider web and then forgot it ended at 1800 and not 2000. 

Almost exactly what happened with me - played twice. Planned on playing a little bit more in the early evening. Forgot what time it ended.

Not that big of a deal since I had made sure I got everything the last time

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