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October in Football

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In a thread on MF entitled "A Middle Finger Salute to All Those Who Deserve It", Corey Vezina, the former longtime head of the ESC (he was the guy with the red ESC hoodie and glasses who (IIRC) brought the shield onto the field and was part of the celebration) posted this:




Every other team in the league

Every ref that ever fucked us

All the douches in Columbus who cock blocked us for trades over the years, like Danny Szetela

Mark de Grandpre, for firing Bruce Arena

Alexi Lalas, for firing Bob Bradley

Phil Anschutz, for letting us rot under AEG

Don Garber, for letting Austrians name us after a soda company

All the soccer loving EPL douchebags that only watch games before noon on the weekends

All the bus drivers that got lost finding Giants Stadium

All the Security Guards at Giants Stadium, like 2-1-4-6, you can suck a fucking dick

George Zoffinger for fucking us at GS all those years, you 5 star fucking cuntbag

All of the Metro front office dudes who were there for a pay check and not the team (the ones that were cool w/us I except from this)

The dickheads like NickSack that traded away any team hero, for every villain we ever had, like Razov, Serna, Diallo, Pope, etc.

Eric Wynalda

John Harkes and your shitty ass commentary

Big FUCK YOU to Kevin Payne, you human shitbag

The DC wanna be skinheads that fought us in 2006

The Foxboro security that maced us in 2009

Stephen Goff, you smug piece of shit

Hans Backe for quitting on the Open Cup in 2011, and on the playoff game in 2012

Dietrich Mateschitz for never coming to a game of the club you owned

Everyone at Bigsoccer, save a handful

All the players that quit on the team over the years



We're taking all comers tonight, you fucks. Come & Get Some.


Seeing guys who I've known since 2001 and have been going to games with (and especially those who were there before me) getting to celebrate was the most special part of the whole evening. The fact that every Sons Of Ben tifo is now residing in a Chester garbage can makes me even happier. I even got to touch the shield last night, the Curse of Caricola is dead!!!

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