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VIII was the first Mania I experienced the build up for as a fan and it will always hold a place for me because of it. Hart/Piper and Savage/Flair are two matches I watched a lot as a child and Jake put Taker over big time. But X7 is on the list for best big card ever and I felt that it was after watching it the first time I don't necessarily still believe that but it's definitely in the running. X7 it is, I'm glad 8 has been getting love though it doesn't seem to get talked about a lot for best Mania's but I'd take it over a lot of them but not this one, sorry childhood. 

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Mania VIII is always going to have a soft spot in my heart because it was the day I fell in love with wrestling. 

My Mom and I were trying to order a movie on PPV Monday night of spring break and she accidentally dialed the wrong number and ordered the WrestleMania VIII replay instead.  She figured oh well and let me stay up to watch it.  Went to Blockbuster the next day and before going back to school the next Monday had rented and watched all 7 WrestleManias and was hooked.

To this day, Savage/Flair is still my favorite match of all time and X7 is good but all those Attitude Era WrestleManias just blur into one large mass that I have no interest in seeing again so 8 gets the win for me. 

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