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UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir (2/22/2015) - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (Ginásio Gigantinho)


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UFC Fight Night 61: Bigfoot vs. Mir

February 22, 2015

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (Ginásio Gigantinho)


Antônio Silva (264) vs. Frank Mir (261) - Mir, KO (punches and elbows), R1 (1:40)

Edson Barboza (156) vs. Michael Johnson (155) - Johnson, DEC (unanimous)

Cezar Ferreira (185) vs. Sam Alvey (186) - Alvey, KO (punches), R1 (3:34)

Rustam Khabilov (156) vs. Adriano Martins (156) - Martins, DEC (split)

Iuri Alcântara (136) vs. Frankie Saenz (136) - Saenz, DEC (unanimous)

Santiago Ponzinibbio (171) vs. Sean Strickland (171) - Ponzinibbio, DEC (unanimous)


Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Card:

Jéssica Andrade (135) vs. Marion Reneau (134) - Reneau, SUB (triangle choke), R1 (1:54)

William Macário (168) vs. Matt Dwyer (170) - Dwyer, KO (Superman punch and strikes), R1 (3:14)

Tiago dos Santos (146) vs. Mike De La Torre (146) - De La Torre, TKO (punches), R1 (2:59)

Douglas Silva de Andrade (135) vs. Cody Gibson (135) - Andrade, DEC (unanimous)


Fight Pass Preliminary Card:

Ivan Jorge (155) vs. Josh Shockley (155) - Jorge, DEC (unanimous)


Event Bonuses ($50,000):

Performance of the Night: Matt Dwyer

Performance of the Night: Marion Reneau

Performance of the Night: Sam Alvey

Performance of the Night: Frank Mir


Attendance: 5,080

Rating: 1.2 million viewers


Cancelled Bouts:

Rashad Evans vs. Glover Teixeira - Injury to Teixeira (Knee)

Wendell Oliveira vs. TJ Waldburger - Waldburger Lost Consciousness Prior to Weigh-Ins

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Brazilian cards tend to usually be weak when they're not PPV's.

I would love it if Bigfoot smashed Mir though.

Barboza/Johnson should be fun though and it's awesome watching guys like Smiling Sam, Khabilov, Iuri and Patolino who's fighting on the prelims.

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Well, she can do that obviously. However, it would rough sledding either way. Andrade has benefited from the matchmaking in that she has been kept from the main pack at 135 since the Carmouche fight. I don't even think that's intentional.

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Too humid in the arena for a riot.


But yeah, Doug Marshall may be a better trainer/cornerman than he is a fighter. Gibson probably should got the nod over Silva de Andrade and Reneau pistol whipped Bate-Estaca.

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A lot of guys looked flat and incredibly off tonight, I wonder if it was the humidity getting to him.


Silva really needs to retire at this point, but whatever.  


Rustam Khabilov just looked awful tonight.  Just god awful.  Really disappointing.


Hey good for smiling Sam Alvey.  Seemed to be really enjoying himself tonight.  

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I think the heat did throw Khabilov off a bit, but Martins is kinda underrated and big LW. You're not going to be able to just throw him around. In addition, that is what would await Rustam at the top of the division. We already saw that when he faced off with Benson. He can talk about how he won't fight Khabib, but I doubt he can ever get to that point to face him right now.

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Well he already lost to Overeem. Arlovski is already booked. Since Vegas is his hometown, he will probably fight there next (more likely International Fight Week than MDW). A complete tossup on who he faces though. If Gonzaga beats Mirko again, that could be a potential opponent. Probably should have happened eight years ago, but what can you do?

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I fucking hate Frank Mir. He keeps beating heavyweights I like, yet I'm never convinced that he's very good.


Bigfoot is one weird dude. How can you go five rounds with Mark Hunt and then get knocked out by Arlovski and Mir?

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Because Mir hit's like a fucking tank.


Also, how could you not be convinced he's very good? He's not as good as he once was, but this is a guy who was on top of the division, nearly had his career ended in a motorcycle accident, returned and was terrible, put all the pieces back together and won the heavyweight title again, and is still fighting.


Is he the best ever? No, but he's pretty fucking good.

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