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  1. Havent been around for awhile and a bit behind on my viewings but just caught Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Kim from 199... Damn what a fun fight..
  2. Different countries have different TV deals. Australia still gets pretty much everything on TV. Even when it's a Fight Pass event.
  3. Rampage vs Kimbo surely.... What else is the point of even keeping him at this point.
  4. Bermudez and Kawajiri to me is the most interesting fight on the main card. Bermudez really needs the win. Cerrone shouldn't lose though so that probably means he will.
  5. Happy Wren has another fight seems like a good person. The main card though.... This could be some terribly quick show.
  6. Well he was on a winning streak before this, and this was a big match-up for him. Feel bad for Ryan. Talked with him before this fight, he was pretty excited and pumped for this one. I understand that but he's never going to be a top level star which is why I sorta hope he's able to do something else.
  7. Wish I put money on Freire.... Have no idea why Ryan keeps fighting.
  8. HW (265lbs): Miocic LHW (205lbs): Jones MW (185lbs): Rockhold WW (170lbs): Condit LW (155lbs): Dos Anjos FW (145lbs): McGregor BW (135lbs): Cruz FlyW (125lbs): Johnson Womens BW (135lbs): Tate Womens StrawW (115lbs): Gadelha 1. GSP will fight Anderson Silva in 2016 2. Rafa Dos Anjos gets injured and doesn't fight McGregor at first attempt 3. Wanderlei Silva fights in 2016 4. Sage Northcutt loses a fight in 2016 5. CM Punk fights Ken Shamrock in the UFC in 2016 Gone for the ridiculous
  9. Kenny Florian got suspended by Fox Sports by plagiarism.. You'd hope he knew the internet existed now but apparently not.
  10. Romero on Steroids. No fucking way... First Tibau now Romero gets popped. These tests must be broken or something.
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