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  1. You had almost two years to prepare and that was the opening move your team came up with?
  2. "Let's look at the finish here. He is literally foaming at the mouth."
  3. I liked that part where Jake Ellenberger feinted in front of Koscheck and then did nothing...
  4. Derrick Lewis might be one of the few dudes excited for the Reebok sponsorship...unless Mark's Seafood is paying him the big bucks.
  5. Oh man, that is pretty awesome. Here's the angle from the pro cameras: https://gfycat.com/ImpartialCanineDarklingbeetle
  6. Someone needs to hold an intervention with Coker on his obsession with putting King Mo on TV.
  7. Not as awful as that Star Spangled Banner electric guitar opening though.
  8. Josh Thomson is out of his fight with Gilbert Burns.
  9. All will finally be righted in the MMA universe. Hope they have Frank on standby.
  10. Cormier has grown on me once he got past doing his bad "Chael as a host" impersonation.
  11. I'm sure someone out there does, but I've yet to meet a person who actually likes Ronda. It doesn't help she keeps saying dumb stuff.
  12. Eight underdogs in a row. If they hit nine, they tie UFC: Henderson vs. Shogun 2 for the record.
  13. Cards like this are why I no longer bet on MMA - five underdogs won in the first six matches. EDIT: And now a -950 favorite - the heaviest on the show - goes down.
  14. So what in the hell is going to headline June's UFC 188 when Cain gets injured again?
  15. Yeah, but this MMAJunkie piece (which is good reading) says they reached out to VADA approved companies last year and then never bothered to get back to them when they submitted their proposals. http://mmajunkie.com/2015/02/comprehensive-drug-testing-the-ufc-cant-afford-not-to-do-it-experts-say
  16. Seems like more hot air from the UFC for me. Just last year didn't they implement out of competition testing, only to give up on it a few months in?
  17. It was just a cut on her shin. It was bad (down to the bone), but got stitched up pretty good and should be well healed by then.
  18. I don't think anyone was picking Thatch for his muscles. I know who you are epwar. I know how you think. And my feeling there was based off Thatch having a significant reach advantage, dangerous-as-hell muay thai, Benson having just fought, and Benson having been KO'd by dos Anjos just one fight previous to it. No "OMG! Look at his muscles!" I STILL think it was a dangerous fight for him to take, but he did all things through Christ and prevailed. His God is an awesome God.
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