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How do I block somebody?


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There are a few people whose posts I'd rather not read. I can't figure out how to block someone. How do I go about doing this? I can't figure it out.

Aw, but how will you know whem I admit you're right abouy WWE Creative 5 years from now when this finally pays off?

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I'm putting this here even though it doesn't entirely belong here. 


What makes this place great and what has always made this place great is the fact that people here earnestly enjoy so much of what they follow. Yes, there's snarkiness, and bs, and gimmick posters, and whatever else, but this place was built upon the Tilde~~ and the joy of the DVDVRs and Road Reports and crazy surveys and Angle/Wrestler of the Days and it was built upon not being afraid to look like a doofus and not cool because you happen to really dig the Barbarian's fuzzy boots or the Warlord's goofy half mask, not in an ironic way, but in an earnest one. Earnestness is what makes this place shine in the face of the rest of the cold, turgid internet, and it's the people who refuse to enjoy anything except for on an ironic level that really bring this place down sometimes. 

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