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WWE TV - 11/20 - 11/26/2023


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Dug the opening segment with Drew laying out his reasons for joining Judgement Day's team along setting up the advantage match and whose the fifth man story for the faces.

Raquel/Nia was pretty fun and solid. The power fail moments for Raquel were a bit scary at times, but also well done working around the idea of Nia having done too much damage to Raquel's back. The finish in particular was kind of crazy and awesome. Part of me wishes Raquel won, but I get the need to keep Nia strong or the eventual Rhea match.

Becky/Xia was good and easily Xia's best match in WWE & NXT. Was nice to see Li finally get to step up and showcase. Still a part of me wishes they waited another week to do this given the big matches for both this week. I was surprised we got a clean finish. The post match with the Smackdown women invading for the War Games feud was fun to see.

Gargano/Kaiser built into a pretty solid match.

The setup to the Women's tag titles contenders match was fun. The actually fatal 4-way was even more fun with the KCs and Maxxine getting to shine, and every team looking pretty decent. I do think its a pity the least interesting team in Nattie/Tegan won. Still a nice showcase not enough of the women involved are getting regularly. Chelsea and Niven were fun on commentary.

The Miz/Gunther segment was good and another great reminder of just how talented the Miz is.

Gable/nakamura was another solid match. Wasn't expecting the flash pin finish.

Drew/Jey built into a good match, and the post match brawl and reveal of Orton as the fifth man was good. Dug the looks on Jey's face when Orton was revealed given how Jey was one of the men responsible story wise for Orton being out so long. 

Good go home show that did well building to the major Survivor Series Matches alongside setting up some matches for next week.

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I watched most of RAW tonight and it was good. Xia Li and Becky had a hell of a match. I've been a fan of Xia's for a while now so it was nice for her to finally get a chance to shine. Nice post match brawl between the war games teams.

Chelsea Green was the mvp of the 4 way tag and she wasn't even in the match. Her commentary had me cracking up the whole time. Best line was after Katana Chance did something acrobatic and Chelsea quipped "I take adult gymnastics". 

The Miz/Gunther segment was good. It's amazing how they make The Miz a joke most times only for him to stop on a dime and show why he's so damn good.

Gable vs. Nakamura was a good match.

Jey vs. Drew was good. I mean you knew Drew was going to win. I think in the entire history of war games, the good guys have never had the advantage. Maybe one time? I'm not sure. I liked the ending which set up Cody naming the fifth guy. Hopefully the RANDY chants drown out a certain other chant bound to happen.

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Gable/Dar was good. Was nice to see the draw finally happen in one of these even if it was a bit predictable.

Los Lotharios vs. Blade/Enofe was good with both teams getting a nice showcase in.

Briggs/Hayes was another good match with Briggs stepping up and probably giving his best showcase so far in NXT. The Lexis King interference was slightly unexpected but no unwelcome. 

Blair/Thea was nice while it lasted though I was kind of so-so on Thea being thrown by the lack of Chase U support like Andre was last week. 

Thorpe/Dempsey was fine.

Lyra/Xia was solid though a step down from what Xia did with Becky on the Raw the night before. The result was expected but still a bit disappointing since Xia is far more interesting as a character at the moment. Hopefully she sees more regular use on Raw after these performances. 

No great matches, but decent amount of solid-good ones alongside decent segments. Particularly dug Arianna grace's promo vid late in the show. I'm good with Wes needing to earn his shot at the NA title, but I admittedly dislike seeing Gargano, Reed, and Grimes all coming back as potential contenders. Feels too random, especially with 2 of 3 having other things going on on Raw. This should have been about giving oher NXT talent a shot to impress. I kind of like how things are going with the Iron Survivor Challenge so far with no repeat performers. I'm still hopeful for some of the more obvious to make it in by the end, but the fresh faces should provide some interesting faceoffs at Deadline. 

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Street Profits vs. Judgement Day was pretty solid. Profits lost kind of clean in the end. Was not happy with this result. The Street Profits either needed the win or needed to not be in this match.

The Waller Effect leading into Grayson/Theory vs. Owens/Knight was all pretty fun.

Carlito's segment and the subsequent brawl with Santos was nice and probably the perfect length. Dug the further attack after the commercial with Dragon lee making the save. Not big on them cutting out a match match just a day before a PLE/PPV, but Dragon Lee is a welcome upgrade over Carlito. The match with Santos should be good, jus tnot sure who gets the win.

Pretty Deadly vs. Brawling Brutes was nice while it lasted, but it served mostly as a moment for Ridge to break away from Dunne. Still don't think either have great prospects on their own on the main roster, but I am curious to see what they at least try to do with the two.

Dug the story of the night being Becky and Charlotte's rocky relationship. Bianca playing peacekeeper with Becky was nice, but I kind of dug Shotzi going for the more emotional touch in trying to get Charlotte to understand Becky's feelings. Becky/Charlotte vs. Bayley/Asuka was solid and played well into the potential issues of Bianca's team with the accidental screw up from Charlotte at the end.

The wrestling was solid and fun. The segment s were pretty nice and did well building up Survivor Series for tomorrow and continuing general Smackdown stories.

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