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  1. Also pick any song by Game and your bound to find at least 5 disses.
  2. Some all you can eat places will charge you more if you waste their food. Atleast in the ghettos of South L.A. it seems.
  3. Ugh, the farther away Heyman stays to MMA the better.
  4. If anyone is interested, Punk does some BJJ at the beginning of this video.
  5. Man, that has to be the pettiest thing Vince has done in awhile.
  6. I sincerely hope Punk wins the UFC Light Heavyweight championship just to see this boards reaction.
  7. Dallas at Chicago Sunday, December 7 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati NY Giants at Tennessee St. Louis at Washington Indianapolis at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Detroit Houston at Jacksonville Baltimore at Miami NY Jets at Minnesota Carolina at New Orleans Kansas City at Arizona Buffalo at Denver San Francisco at Oakland Seattle at Philadelphia New England at San Diego Monday, December 8 Atlanta at Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: Touchdown passes in Sea/Phi - 5 Tiebreaker #2: total points in KC/Arizona - 27 Tiebreaker #3: Number of beers I purchase during NYJ/Min game - You're going to need a 6'er minimum to get through that game.
  8. Maaaan, JJ Watt should have been in year 2 of his WWE title reign right now. But NFL MVP doesn't hurt either. SNO-CAPS PERHAPS!
  9. Just when you think you have all the answers, the OAKLAND RAIDERS CHANGE THE QUESTIONS!
  10. That's probably the most insane thing I've heard recently. Seriously.
  11. I've said it before, but I think that gimmick has been done to death. Plus, I don't think it would get Cesaro over. If they would have ran with the "Pound for pound strongest man in the WWE" and not decided to bury him, I think he would have been at better place than he is now.
  12. And for some reason Wade "Mr. Glass" Barrett has been doing the elbow drop for whatever reason.
  13. Is this the closest thing professional wrestling will get to Frost/Nixon?
  14. Vince doesn't seem like a beer drinker to me. He seems like a 4-Loko guy.
  15. I'm hedging my bets on Father Gabriel, I'm actually surprised he's made it this far.
  16. Sandow's push really got killed by the title unification. He would have made a great World Champion but there was no way in hell he was going to work a program with Orton or Cena.
  17. Which makes him seem like an even bigger asshole. EDIT: referring to Cody
  18. Apparently aside from Ryback and Hunter's boy's posting disparaging tweets, most of the roster loved it.
  19. Thanks for providing some of the most hilarious, infuriating, and entertaining content I've ever seen on the web. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
  20. I was also a bit shocked at the claim that WWE lets guys work off their strikes or whatever Punk claimed. You'd think that'd be a major PR blow for them if that got out into the mainstream.
  21. Punk did have some legit grievances, but I feel like giving him the main event spot really went to his head. Dude was hot, did get mainstream popularity, but probably sees himself on the same level as Hogan or Austin.
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