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  1. Madison Rayne being back means i actually have something to look forward too.
  2. Yes. Hannah and her twin sister Holly have been in OVW under a TNA developmental deal since the British Boot Camp show. They wrestled on Impact once earlier this year on one of the UK Impacts and Hannah also worked a couple of the taped TNA PPVs. As opposed to Hannah and her four sisters ... But better than Rosey and her five sisters..
  3. that serg on TNA would be the best thing they could do short of ben's booking.
  4. My theory is that she's insulating herself by surrounding herself with weak, unthreatening males and creating a bland but secure environment made up of primary colors and lithe, high-end furnishings...perhaps to escape from some past trauma. The problem is I'm not sure yet if I want to break her free of that and open her up to the brutal thrill of animalistic reality...or if I actually want to enter into her world and live there forever. There is also the possibility that once I get there I will realize that it's something like a TWILIGHT ZONE ("It's a Good Life") thing where she is either actually holding all these people hostage in this world...or a semi-Matrixy thing where she is a sort of demon that traps you in a blissful langourous world of mental stasis while she feeds off your life force. But, I'm kind of up for any of that, so... I think you just blew my mind...
  5. The Rhodes Family and the mini Bull were the best parts of the show. can we just put the belt on the bull?
  6. Must...resist..."over mah dick" joke..... I don't.. OVER MAH DICK!! damn she is really getting to be one of the only reasons to watch.
  7. wait. Kevin Nash DOESNT like poltics? I don't know what to say to that.
  8. The Briscoes as "Tim and Tickle" from the reality show Moonshiners=Licence to print money.
  9. So I took your advice and watched about an hour of this so far. I was pretty surprised to see part of the actual scene used like you had said. I would recommend this just on everyone saying nice things about one another and then cutting to Lenny Camp answering every question with "He/she/they were an a**hole!". That was good. but I like the one done on Debbie does Dallas i think is better.
  10. APA Bradshaw. just him and farooq kicking the hell out of people and the skits they had with their 'office' backstage
  11. Anything that gets Brooke Adams on TV more is an absolute good thing. THIS.
  12. you have a chinese buffet as part of your hy-vee? damn. we only have a salad bar in ours.
  13. Open House. I rented this once and I have never been so pissed off at a movie than i was at this one.
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