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  1. That '60s book looks like something I'll be getting ahold of. Eyes Without A Face should be on everyone's list this year if you haven't seen it. It got a Criterion release so hopefully shouldn't be too hard to find. So wanted to be Eddie Furlong's character in Brainscan when I was a kid, with tons of metal and horror shit and that girl next door haha. I looked it up and John Flynn also directed The Outfit, Lock Up, and Rolling Thunder (!).
  2. The UWF series with Fujiwara smokes anything else I've seen from Sayama. For what it's worth I actually like recent fat Sayama.
  3. Going under the supposition "you never know when you're gonna want to watch something" I bought the Heroes of Mid-South set today. So I've got that, the lucha set, a Schneider comp, and the unfinished War Games collection sitting in the house. I need therapy. Decided I'd at least watch the interview sections and they were typically fine. Terry Taylor's story about Flair showing up too hungover to work and then bringing it to the point he blew Terry up was really funny, and the second time on the set Flair was referred to as a "man from Mars" or something similar (the other was Cornette). They have Dr. Death and Buddy Roberts on here talking through their voiceboxes. Video quality on here is stellar. I did end up watching three things, the DiBiase face turn again, Dr. Death/Terry Gordy and OMG/Bossman. Doc and Gordy I'd never seen oppose each other and of course gelled perfectly. OMG/Bossman had the crowd thinking it was the war of the gargantuans, and it was. The rest of the matches here I'll save for a rainy day but none of them look disappointing.
  4. I came in on the Belfast season so maybe that why I'm so immune to the ridiculousness.
  5. Is this board gonna go into Burning worship mode next month again? If so you might as well give it to me for Halloween Havoc so I can rewatch.
  6. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to go rent that one after all.
  7. There's no way I'm watching that because A. it's Dailymotion and B. it's Koji Kitao but I really want to know... is it any good? Please tell me Vader beats the fuck out of him.
  8. EricR influenced me to watch this in his Segunda review and it brings a great deal of nostalgia. I don't remember seeing that finish anywhere. Anyone ever stole it?
  9. I missed a good deal of this but the gauntlet and what I saw of the main was great, and that shot of Heyman bugged-eyed holding his hand over his mouth and Axel laughing would be a great photo meme for various situations
  10. I'd really like to support Scream Factory on principle alone but if the Universal one has Terror in the Aisles your decision is already made. Goddamn I love that 'movie' (compilation of movies? clip film? what do you call it?). It came on DirecTV last winter and I just about lost it because I figured there's no way that would ever be released again and I'd never find the VHS of it. If any of you don't know what Terror is, it's Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen sitting in a theater talking about "terror" films with their voiceovers and clips of pretty much every major horror film up to that point, plus throwing in nasty bits from stuff like Vice Squad and Nighthawks. It's a masterpiece of editing and a great love letter to the genre. Saw World War Z last night at my friend's insistence. He's kind of got a shite taste in horror, he likes way too much new crap and doesn't appreciate//prefer the classics like he should, so because of his worship of the film and the bad reviews (plus my film elitism) I didn't expect anything out of it. I never read the book and thought I wouldn't like it so had no expectations... and you know what? It was pretty damn good. What I realized by the end was that it was a summer popcorn Hollywood blockbuster trying to disguise itself as a credible zombie epic and I see why that's what pisses off a lot of people (despite the book being totally different and coming first). But if you see it for what it is, it's not that bad. Very good soundtrack which really surprised me, good acting, absolutely absurd situations that you somehow buy. I don't care if I ever see it again but it wasn't the complete trainwreck I expected.
  11. I love Andre, I loved the spots in the match with him, I loved the intro, but that match seemed way too long for its own good. Still glad it was on there though.
  12. Axl's a junkie but at least that only hurts himself and close loved ones. Ian seems to have gone out of his way to fuck over everybody. No one has. It's a dumb and dumber deal. And Ian must be smart enough to be an effective con man for as long as he was/ is. Axl's a junkie but that only hurts himself and close loved ones; Ian has gone out of his way to fuck everybody over. But yeah, dumb and dumber, or more appropriately dumb and absolutely horrible.
  13. That really is true. A bad Raw will get 25 pages in a day and the last one is sitting pretty at a mere 13 pages three days later.
  14. Eli's already in production on its sequel Beyond the Green Inferno (I think that's the title) so Thanksgiving will sadly have to wait.
  15. Some of us are drowning in '80s project stuff so that's gonna sap conversation/focus. I actually missed Main Event so I could watch the Raw replay since I only saw the end on Monday due to work.
  16. It might be a browser thing because NO Youtube links from anyone show up here for me. Only Dailymotion, ironically, since I hate Dailymotion. I'll dick around with the settings...
  17. Can anybody see those Youtube videos I posted on the last page? I thought I did everything right but there's just blank space. This has been happening to videos on here for me the last couple days.
  18. I watched this twice so far, on different days. That mat has to have the greatest possibility of Hep C infection ever. This is really just a perfectly told match where 90% of it is selling, punches and blood and really has the KISS factor in full effect (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Helpful grannies send it over the top. If you don't like this one give the set to someone who might.
  19. Forget indies. Japan and Mexico is different. Plus WWE has relationships with both CMLL and NJPW.
  20. New Jack did get this out of Bootsy. Incidentally Jack did an intro on a rap album that my friend Duckman did. I have no idea which song it is but here's his song "The Mass Transit Incident". Go to Youtube and listen to more if you dig his stuff, he's got several albums that are top notch if you like good hip hop.
  21. Now that was a Raw. And that was a hell of a main event that even got the people that were chanting over the workrate tag match to shut up. Reigns stood up, he's a really solid power wrestler. The end was shades of Bret getting raised on everyone's shoulders but with a huger response. And shame on anyone who shit on Dusty!
  22. Ted DiBiase's coming to proselytise at a church 15 minutes from where I live. Too bad its not Tully telling sleazy tales from the '80s instead.
  23. If you don't watch the first two Street Fighters you are fucked.
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