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  1. Hope Vic and Wade get the full-time gig for NXT. Always enjoyed Wade on commentary and Vic's one of the best PBP guys they have.
  2. No New Day pod today or After The Bell on Thursday - has WWE ceased their podcast group?
  3. Randy Orton on After the Bell today is a delight. Worth a listen.
  4. Glad to see Austin/Bret at WM13 mentioned multiple times, so I won't repeat that one. Same with the Canadian Stampede main event tag. 3 off the top of my head for atmosphere that are off the beaten path... 2008 Royal Rumble - *THAT* return. One of the last truly great WWE surprises in their home building. Cruiserweight Battle Royal and Title Match, Slamboree 1998 - The biggest pop I've ever seen for a non main event program. Another return no one really saw coming. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, Wrestlemania X - My all time favorite match colored deeply by how big of an Owen Hart mark I was
  5. On the cat thread, Gurv Sihra (now one of the Singhs in WWE) started as The Golden Lion in ECCW.
  6. It's time for us to do for Big E this year what we did for Kofi last year. It's his dream match. #BigEMania #TwoBigMeatyMenSlappingMeat
  7. You can watch Alex Wright's career end in one moment. He was the face in that match. Look at that crowd reaction.
  8. Sounds like brother YASSHI's getting the callup then!
  9. The guy who cares waaaaay too much vs. the guy that doesn't give a shit but gets all the adulation anyways? That feud is probably fire.
  10. I love the OC shtick, but I don't see how it ever draws as a top-line act. At some point, to be that kind of act, he's going to have to go in the ring for extended lengths of time, and I just don't see how you can structure a long match around OC's gimmick as is. And once he breaks that gimmick to show he *can* go in those longer matches, I don't think you can get the mystique back that he has now. It's gonna be a tough balancing act.
  11. Dr. Luther not being dead yet is the real shocker of 2020. He looked rough around the edges 15 years ago in ECCW.
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