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  1. The ‘Impact gimmick’ TK promo calling out Nick Khan linked on the first page of the Dynamite thread was so bizarre. That’s the first time he’s expanded out of Impact ‘ads’ right? It’s like he was drunk/high and just had to get it out there, and who’d say no to the boss? Or is this his interpretation of the friendly rivalry stuff that HHH was pulling with the ‘marathon not a sprint’ comments?
  2. Watched virtually live but was having issues getting onto DVDVR (maybe an Aussie thing?), so hyped for tomorrow after this show. Too bad the white pant suit didn’t make a re-appearance but Shida looked and sounded nothing but class. I can’t believe that racist fuckhead on commentary, it boggles the mind what he was thinking. The crowd were really into Darby and OC, good to see them still on board with the ‘homegrown’ stars. And Miro’s got to be happy about getting the Samoa Joe ass-kicker reaction to validate the recent unhinged Kip stuff and amazing title match. Cannot wait for the hoss-off with Archer though the crowd could very easily side with Miro. Kilynn finally got to perform in front of a crowd after the past year on Dark and Elevation and was solid in her role with Jade, although a curious choice having the one woman on the roster matching up to Cargill height and stature wise. Cody’s gonna Cody, grandiose in every facet...next segment please! Actually, I am intrigued by Ogogo and how much of a wrestling match this will be, whether his sight limitations means he’ll lay his shit in Hansen-style or what. PAC has some too little too late promo involvement so he’s not quite a complete afterthought. I do think he’s got potential near the food but not with this programme. Striking observation from the end segment was how Hager’s quietly become engaging and authentic on the mic. That and they all but told us Inner Circle-Pinnacle is going last based on the placement of the hype in the go-home show.
  3. And then she’ll judo toss you until your arm comes out of it’s socket. Everything you could ask for, really. Thought both of the NJPW-repped matches were good stuff, with the feel good reunion to top it off. Always felt Narita was bland even for a young lion, lacking the edge of Uemura or the Andre-fro and attitude of Tsuji but he’s coming into his own. Johnson and Garcia was solid while it lasted. I thought Scorpio’s Crash Holly like transition into the heel hook was pretty sweet, hadn’t seen that before.
  4. Kudos, I’d make a decent ‘Before’ version of you lol. You guys have inspired me to get back on the wagon with the fitness. Consistency is my issue, as I’ll be in ‘working towards something’ mode for several weeks then I’ll reach a point where an hour of doing something else is more precious than training, then fall off the wagon and repeat again when I get to the point of feeling like ‘2kg of yoghurt in a 1kg bag’. Being 5’11’’ with a slim frame and 170lb at my absolute heaviest, it’s more varying degrees of skinny-fat than obese per se but still feels like shit. I tend to do variations of the Convict Conditioning with a bit of free weights and stop soda/ chips/chocolate/cookies and that’s enough to get trim and defined but putting on muscle has always been a real chore for me so pretty much gave up in my 20s (37 now). Anyhoo, I’ll watch from the sidelines impressed by @El Gran Gordi videos and the rest.
  5. With his rep for being a total arsehole backstage, wouldn’t MLW be the natural fit - the bridge-burner’s promotion of choice, if you wheel (apparently also the soon-to-be home to DVDVR favourite Davey Richards)
  6. To @Zakk_Sabbaths point, we haven’t yet seen enough of a sample of unopposed AEW viewership to get a sense of the swings, so it’s hard to determine whether drops are indications of more permanent erosion or if there’s a subset who are dialled in to the goings-on enough to be aware of a hot card versus a ‘breather’ card and avoid the latter. As for the show itself, my favourite part was probably The Accliamed interaction with Mox and Kingston and Deeb being amazing. Seeing the Varsity Blondes start to come into their own is a pleasure too.
  7. Hey I’m out here, walking the line, saying everything without saying anything, leaving it all open to interpretation. Just like Cody orates at the marks on politics
  8. From an elementary school teacher, no less. I used to listen and read him regularly on the Torch and he gave quality insight and solid historical context, albeit with some quirks (e.g. his stubborn assertion that every single thing that WWE ever did with black wrestlers had racist motivations) and his rambling speech wasn’t necessarily conducive to the podcast medium (much like another prominent wrestling historian). But I couldn’t stomach anything involving him now
  9. Boo! I feel so short-changed! Seriously though, it’s nice to not live in (too much of) an online echo chamber
  10. With a packed 9-match card is it going to be another patented AEW 5-hour extravaganza? I hope not, but who knows, the crowd might have enough pent up post-COVID energy to keep hot until the bitter end anyway. Shaping up to be a great show either way. As stated before, praying for the TNT hoss showdown to be a showcase for Lance as much as Miro. He looked okay on Dark with Jake hyping him up so hoping for something good on the big show. Edit to add: disappointed they haven’t been able to juice up another women’s feud to warrant a place on the show, and instead opted for the live (hopefully turnbuckle bomb-free) Sting nostalgia experience, which will no doubt be entertaining in its own right.
  11. Seeing my crypto in the toilet this morning, I check Cameron Grimes’ Twitter and sure enough he’s living the gimmick there. Booking him in a ‘Falling Down’-esque unravelling would be pretty entertaining.
  12. So you’re basically asking for 5 Jimmy Del Ray clones to be inserted into each promotion? Im on board, but it might be a bit too much for the female demographic to take.
  13. On balance, I enjoy Jericho’s stuff more than I don’t. That said, I feel he often falls into bucket 1 of my arbitrary 3-part recipe for AEW (maybe to be expanded in the navel-gazing thread): 1. Tony’s love letter to his favourite childhood memories e.g. 90’s ECW, FMW, Attitude Era WWF 2. ‘what’s old is new again’ things that fell out of vogue but feel fresh e.g. genuine veneration for veterans plugging them into roles where they can shine, blood and guts/high drama feuds but without the overwrought histrionics of a Gargano, emphasis on W/L to determine future opportunities 3. Genuinely fresh stuff (for mainstream US consumption) e.g. aforementioned Darby style, the ladies bringing the brutality, ‘state of the art’ high flying spectacles, Jericho’s ad-libbed post-win promo that spawned ‘a little bit of the bubbly’, (judicious use of) cinematic matches a la Sting/Darby/Team Taz I would personally love less of 1, more of 2 and 3.
  14. How could you do Cody like that by putting him bottom of the card? America First = Cody in the main, Brotha /s Seriously though, this PPV is definitely a good candidate for pushing a non-AEW Men’s Title match to the main event, considering star power and story for those involved.
  15. I had heard some innuendo and scuttlebutt that things were not all rosy backstage but I don’t think anyone said anything concrete recently. It feels painfully apparent that Cody is just forging ahead with his own personal vision divorced from everything else, and not in a ‘something for everyone’ way.
  16. A couple of throwaway observations: Can’t help but get excited about Lance Archer coming back into prominence, and really hoping for a strong showing against Miro to recapture that G1 magic after a pretty underwhelming tenure so far. Nick Jackson’s baby face, receding hairline, bright blue eyes and air of vague (and sometimes manic) detachment really remind me of Youtuber hbomberguy. Though less so with the ultra-sleazy beard. The 30 years back comment from last week dovetails quite neatly into the Cody jingoistic promo, given that virtually 30 years ago to the day, we had that other awful example of jingoistic nationalism in Hogan/ Slaughter
  17. It’s funny how Cody’s promo (and last week Jericho’s crash pad) take the oxygen and attention from an exciting and eventful show. I get the controversial stuff is more fertile ground for conversation, and to be fair theres a lot to be said for the above point about Coach Tony K applying more discerning edits and greater attention to detail in the production. But I was buzzing by the end of this show. I haven’t been in the headspace to engage in wrestling beyond reading all of you bullshitting about the shows (always a pleasure) but took in the full show uninterrupted this week and the bookend matches plus the Tag Title blood-soaked spectacle were more than enough for me to be satisfied. As for the tag, I love the Bucks leaning in hard to the OTT obnoxious, referential stuff and the promo later calling out Mox and Eddie was so much better and more authentic than they have been as faces. Daniels’ blood and wobbles fed into the drama all the more and made it feel like a now-or-never last gasp by a once great veteran. And Callis’ comment about it being awful that Matt had CD’s blood on his shoes was a great heel line perfectly delivered. That man is an artist. Not much more to be said on the TNT title match. You could pretty much cut any random piece of that match for a highlight reel or dramatic video package. Darby has proven himself to be a truly great, versatile (in terms of diversity of opponents) worker with an urgent, believable style that is as fresh as the WWE-style set pieces (that coincidentally always seem to involve Jericho) are not. And Ive got a hot take for the hot takes thread - the bar to be allowed to do topes on TV should be Darby and Fenix. If you can’t do it as spectacularly as them, sorry mate you’re on the no-fly list. Might end up with a locker room of over-ambitious casualties but hey.
  18. Six years after arriving, the family and I have the ceremony to officially become Aussie citizens tomorrow morning. Barbie and beer afterwards come rain or shine, of course (and I know how blessed we are to have such a normal life down here, one of the reasons I have avoided the COVID chat in these parts, can’t help but feel guilty about it all)
  19. Every time I hear the NXT PPV's name, I can't help but think of the UK reality TV show where a ballet dancer had to try to convince a panel of experts that he was actually a grizzled professional wrestler. It aired 20 years ago and I haven't seen since but I recall they kept kayfabe when narrating the match. The gimmick he chose? The Dandy Highwayman.
  20. Sorry not hip to the street lingo, I’m guessing this a good thing? Like ‘the dogs bollocks’ as it’s in that general perineal vicinity? I can’t wait to watch this show once my working day is over, looks like the main event is being lauded across the board.
  21. Good thing Shane Helms and Fred Ottman aren’t in AEW, Spears would be no match for them either (just to pile another dad joke on the first dad joke. Go big or go home)
  22. Truth seems to be a guy who lucked out from Vince’s stubbornness in first impressions. Just as there are some blokes he just didn’t get and can never seem to get behind (Aleister Black comes to mind), there are others that he is enamoured with and have a great relationship, like Truth. Good on him riding it out well into his 40s as he has done.
  23. Okay maybe I was overly harsh in writing him off in that sweeping statement. But at least for the moment he’s sat firmly in that camp with Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc in the pre-Moxley ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ AEW of guys you could round out a promotion with, if you had to, but were quickly eclipsed as the promotion got rolling.
  24. I wouldn’t stick someone in for the sake of neat symmetry. MJF as featured guy, FTR as featured tag team, Wardlow as muscle, Tully as coach/very rarely player works for me. Edit: fair call by Craig on Ethan Page as alternative.
  25. I saw ‘Winner Circle’ suggested for MJF’s new faction, but I much prefer @Wyld Samurai’s ‘Burberry Street Posse’. That’s fantastic. As for Spears, he has the ‘good (for 2010 WWE)’ stench all over him. He was knocking about since the OVW days, you would hear all the how good and polished he was back then. And in the doldrums of WWE at that time you would have these ‘good (for 2010 WWE)’ types that you would have to try and get excited for because they were the best you were going to get, like the Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryders (and speaking of Ryder, there was a bit of the being-held-back-by-The-Man narrative for Dillinger, his mediocrity obscured in the general greatness of NXT at that time). But then, divorced from that place and time, and held up in true comparison to world-class talent he just doesn’t cut it. And with ALL the wealth of established and growing talent (some of whom we’ve seen grow in front of our eyes even in the space of 18 months) why would you waste your precious resources on Spears?
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