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  1. Also, while I'm in here, Rammstein own. I got into them very early on in their careers when I was in high school and when they finally, mercifully, many years later did a major north American tour I lost my shit when I found out they were doing Edmonton. Few things are ever gonna equal hearing Links 2 3 4 live and in person. Fucking amazing stage show. Flamethrowers, ho!
  2. I know this is hardly current, nor is it news, but like How in the actual fuck did Bruce Dickinson off the back of throat cancer have this good a voice in his mid-late 50's? Can we just stop for a minute to consider the possibility this dude isn't actually human? I finally got to see them live around this time and it's definitely no post production bullshit, he blew me out of my fucking chair
  3. I'm howling that Street Fighter 6 is adding an open world sub mode. The Krypt. They added The Krypt.
  4. Diablo Immortal doesn't work on the A13 (absolutely a super common current phone) which would have been nice to know before incinerating a couple GB of mobile data, but I guess even the simplest checks and balances are too much to expect from Blizzard.
  5. This rules. As does the movie, always loved it. But didn't even realize just how close to real history it was.
  6. I have a lot of weird nostalgia for Mega Man 4 because it was the first one I got as a kid. I will say that soundtrack is untouchable, as is true of so much old school CAPCOM.
  7. Why the fuck is Darby Allin losing to some NXT wrestler
  8. Gonna be honest I doubt this is a top 20 annoying thing Joc may have done
  9. I made a Spotify playlist for my current mood, good luck:
  10. The Oilers just won a playoff game in which the two biggest highlights were Kassian and Archibald running into each other like Looney Tunes villains, and Mike Smith shitting the bed from over 130 feet. I can't even begin to explain this series. Other than saying McDavid is barely human.
  11. It's funny, Teru was sitting on 3 losses and if he'd picked up the fourth against Tobizaru 100% he just pulls out. Instead he smokes everyone else and wins. The Ozekis were all dreadful. I like Shodai but I can't begin to tell you what the fuck his sumo is supposed to be right now. Takakeisho hasn't even been close to the same since that scary neck/nerve injury where he went limp against Ichinojo, and I honestly worry he's on the fast track to being physically shot. I can't even begin to concieve of how some people are still convincing themselves he's the next Yokozuna. And Mitakeumi had a bump where he looked more like the Mitakeumi of old again. I was happy to see Takanosho give it a good run, he doesn't seem to get any respect from sponsors at all and he deserves better considering how consistent he is.
  12. I don't honestly care that much about Marvel but if you aren't horny for a single character in that Thor trailer, I'm sorry but you're completely dead inside
  13. I remember Don Cherry hated him because he said he liked watching tennis, which was one of his funniest reasons for hating a Russian
  14. I'll admit I know next to nothing about Seat Geek, but it's very hard for me to imagine a company charging more and bringing less to the table than Ticketmaster does. What a garbage fire of a company.
  15. I think Crypto is shady, but, like, not really any more shady than traditional money markets. "Crypto's just a ponzi scheme" what exactly do people think governments are sitting on 38 bajillion tons of gold for my dude? NFT's on the other hand... Jesus Christ, just fuck off. You have an imaginary POG collection, just buy actual POGs they are 1000 times cooler. Name a single person that has funged a POG. You can't do it.
  16. The biggest positive surprise in the Jays season so far has undoubtably been Espinal learning how to hit. Dude was always a great defender but now he's actually looking like an every day player.
  17. LA stopped him on his goal tonight, twice, and he was just like "nah, don't feel like allowing that". It's crazy.
  18. Holy fuck bubba we won something
  19. I don't know what the other club's numbers look like but that's a ballpark to work from in that timeframe.
  20. Yeah as long as it is an old key it's fine. It got delisted from the steam store over some DRM rights bullshit but as long as the key was purchasd before store removal it's 100% good. I guess I'll check out g2a since that's the best of the limited options.
  21. Is there any way to get hold of a Steam key for Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection anymore?
  22. I feel like the Jets revemping the coaching staff is long overdue.
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