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  1. Here is a tangentially related anecdote for relief from thee speculation, disappointment and nonsense of the topics of the last few pages. This was related to me, in a Maggianno's chain restaurant in Wisconsin in the early 2Ks from the man himself, the Fount of Misinformation and the Maker of Champeens, Capt. Louis Albano. I will convey this story in the first person as I heard it & as I remember it. This was in response to my query about the difference of working for VJM and VKM, but bear in mind that his gimmick had so ingrained itself into his soul that any answers to direct questions were elliptical at best, like a promo, which is perfect and beautiful: Yes, I worked with Vince, and with Junior- I always call him Junior. They both respected and loved the Captain. I respected the McMahon family, especially Vince Sr. Vince was great and always took care of me, but I was a wild one and could get him angry, you know I would get a little crazy back then. Junior, too - he would always fire me, but he would ask for me to come back or I would have to apologize or I would just show up again, you know? He was loyal, and his dad asked him to take care of me, keep me around. Let me tell you one time, oh that kid of his, that little monello, what's his name -- SHANE! He used to hang out in the locker room, like he was one of the boys, and some he liked and would get them coffee but he always bothered me. He would call me "Fat Man" - "Hey, how's it going, Fat Man?" and smack my belly and laugh -- and I would yell "DON'T CALL ME FAT MAN!!!". One day, I was a little brillo, the Captain back then liked to have a few beers while working and I usually had a bottle of vodka in my bag, and I come back and find out that that little ballbuster Shane had taken my beers. Sure enough he walks by me, and I am fuming, and I said "Did you take my beers, where are my beers?". He says "How's it going, Fat Man?" AND SMACKS MY STOMACH!! IN FRONT OF THE BOYS!!! Well, I was mad - I slapped him across the face and yelled "Don't Call me Fat Man and don't take my beers!". Well, of course he starts crying and runs off to tell his dad, but I was still hot AND I WARNED HIM, The Captain warned him, it was a working slap anyway, well sort of a working slap. I got fired again, and boy it took a couple weeks for Junior to calm down and let me back but he did, oh he's loyal. If you lived inside my head, every time Shane McMahon showed up on the TV screen you would see Thee Specter Of Capt. Lou floating around him, yelling in a quavering spirit voice "DON"T CALL ME FAT MAN" and swatting at him with an intangible "working" slap. That's being me.
  2. I would like to (or learn of) The Brian Kendrick as a behind the scenes guy - producer, trainer, scout and/or agent. The man has the knowing of a lot of things, and is very over with the workers who are in the know.
  3. I am with Thee Dirty Daddy on this. Anyone mocking (or "shaming" as the kids say) DR for doing porn, amateur pro or semi-, is a hypocrite for probably more than a couple reasons. That said, folks do need to learn some basic digital security and proper safe-keeping of "important documents". Also, I would be hard pressed to think of another worker who this would have happened to that would so perfect for send-ups on this board. It's cool to make jokes about it in my opinion, of course (see above posts), but when someone starts condemning him that's some Puritanical bull-shite.
  4. That's the product of thee good Cosmic Cookies, brother. I am a huge-ass mark for CWF Kevin Sullivan. He did a similar promo at the last Battleground card (shockingly good) here in Philly, and it made RAF giddy with delight, chasing away some of the blackened shroud that has been 2019/20/21/22, believe you me. Magick!
  5. Russian Backyard Insane Klown Komerads also gets extra starries from RAF because there is hugging and kissing in it. Hugging and kissing make all rassling better, cf. Midnight Express, Beulah & Dreamer, crazy heel Austin, EAStreet. It offsets the violence and krovvy, dontcha know...
  6. This match is fairly cookie cutter and still great, but I will say this uncontroversial fact in an obnoxious manner: I feel sorry for folks who did not get to see Flair in his World Champ prime live, because thee Man was every inch a Pro Wrestler. It is evident on tape &Y TV, but in the ring he engaged every person in those seats. The number of workers who tried to be as cool of a heel as thee Nature Boy and did not measure up could book a mega-card of all Royal Rumble matches with a main event of a two ring 60 man Battle Royal.
  7. Between this and French Catch, RAF is very, how you say, continental and cosmopolitan. We usually hate the backyard stuff but I make exception for this, comrades.
  8. Heavens to Lemmy, someone stick a fork in Hunter: he's done.
  9. Again the Paedo Championship Wrestling fed chooses to leave it's name off their promo material. But really, who will be intrigued by that poster?
  10. Thank you for checking that - it would have been in my Top 5 Most Played in every category if only they had done it right. We all know there is a great chance that The American Dream did not even write the thing, but still... I would also request from those with a time machine and some common sense the books of Blassie, Gary Hart, Funk, and Valiant to read by the subjects.
  11. You are right, they were noisy, but maybe it's just me comparing it to the big city arenas of years (!) past, where it looks (or is shot) more chaotic, with the vendors and drunks and grannies and ninos. I recall other DEAN-posted matches on this thread where the folks could not be bothered to get up out of their seats for ringside antics. We are all tired these days...
  12. Los culottes de Demencia are super dope - "I peel it" - ?!?! C'mon, that's good. I like the whole COVID19 casualness of these matches, like, "this how hard we are trying, it is diffucult for everyone, right?" - T shirts, beards, no one runs, the fans are not too demonstrative. How I watch rassling, and what I look for and appreciate has gone through a recent shift. My attention span is less, so it's random matches and noticing the little things. I am currently watching the whole of Columbo on TUBI, and really digging the bits of actorly "business" that everybody engages in, to keep up with PFalk, whose character, gimmick and acting style here is all "business". Good workers are like that, sometimes in the service of an extreme gimmick, but sometimes just naturally, so they look like they belong in the ring. I recently saw JLawler live and he does so many little things SO RIGHT, like Bobby Eaton, Terry Funk, and the gimmick guys like the Original Sheik or Kamala, everything fits, sum>whole. There are guys who have "business" but it's not natural, it's just in service of the gimmick or work, cf. Randy Orton, Bulldog Bob Brower, KKross. Anyway, clothing matters. I want those pants for magnet fishing.
  13. This is pretty much how I feel, so I had to purchase, plus it's chilly in the basement...
  14. This is literally what I would use as my genie/monkey paw/leprechaun wish for myself. "I'LL MAKE IT WORK, MR. MCMAHON!" Imam Axl ben Future, baby. I guess it would have to be 1984 as well, really. Brass ring, here I come.
  15. With Marvel/Disney's upcoming Ms. Marvel series, it would be wise to have a (n outstanding) Muslim babyface on the roster, if not already being pushed. Get ahead of the curve, just in case the series is a hit, speaking strictly capitalistically.
  16. I agree, but some would argue that Piper's peak was way back in LA w/the LaBells and his Oregon jaunts, or his Georgia/Mid Atlantic era of commentary'n'rassling. He certainly got more spotlight in that early Hogan WWF time, and even as an established vet for all his later comebacks, but (for me, at least) it was those videos I saw of Oregon/Mid Atlantic/his short stay in CWF. That said, that first year of Piper's Pits changed young RAF's life.
  17. Oh, he already has - I am sure those two are set to work each other/getting booked together for a while.
  18. That was so great but all I can think about was when one of them Briscoes bumped himself over the top rope at that GCW AC run-in surprise return. I swear, I almost passed out from laughing so hard, and the mere thought of the memory of it gives me the giggles. It made me love them for giving me that moment and diminished there badassness in my mind at the same time - kind of a wash. However, their promos & interviews have always been top notch, partially because they are sui generis, if you parlayvoo that Fransay, monsewers.
  19. I agree with thee RIPPA, I appreciate the kids using the social medias to do something else aside from breaking kay fabe. Heck, I would gladly watch the match, I dig JJ. The idea of a heel getting photos of a (newly married) babyface's (wrestler) wife photoshopped just to make him angry tickles me greatly; it's old but new, like a lot of good rassling stuff.
  20. The amount of time & energy you spend reposting images of the WWE, your favorites thereof and the company's merch shows your enthusiastic & genuine fandom. Your commentary is insightful. You don't just like the WWE, and there is even more out there. Don't be a-scared, use that energy for the light, my son - step away from thee Dark Side...
  21. I am not following WWE (and loving it every minute of it, Jerry) but wouldn't it make perfect sense that Asuka is going to surprise return at the next big PPV? The peanut gallery "but the WWE booking never makes sense" comments are implied, but she seems to past the recovery date and they haven't referred to her apparently in recent weeks, so... I do so love thee Asuka, and her YouTubes is a delight.
  22. I interviewed QK for a magazine and a nicer, more professional dame you couldn't find. Hilarious stories - she said she had the first ever phone sex hotline in the '70s, and the FBI dropped by and couldn't understand that she wasn't operating a call girl racket. Her long-time husband was often featured in her videos and photo shoots when he wasn't behind the camera. She was always hustling, a true worker who wanted to maintain her independence from any manager, promoter or corporation. I still have her press packet buried somewhere, I think, and her reel (VHS) of media appearances. I am saddened.
  23. Triple HHH has annoyed me far more than amused/impressed me, I find Bret H matches to be dry as sand and Sasha is too green & inconsistent for my tastes, therefore I would really like to sit down and watch some rasslin' with you because you are an articulate person who defends their opinions. We could film a mis-matched buddy cop show pilot.
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