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  1. For whatever it's worth, I recall Mauro pretty much tweeting that he was going through a bout of anxiety and depression maybe an hour after Takeover and hoping it'll hold off long enough for him to enjoy what a night Takeover was. Graves being an insufferable prick is nothing new, but sooner or later he's going to push the wrong one, and head issues be damned, I wouldn't be shocked if someone pushes back something fierce.
  2. Rest in Peace to Matt Travis....25 is way too young and the fact that it was a hit and run makes it even tougher to grasp. I really hope they get the driver.
  3. Seriously, ACH should probably talk to Mark Henry or at the very least getting off of Twitter. Breaking out the Uncle Tom label on Jay Lethal was out of bounds and has nothing to do with what he's upset about unless he's about to insinuate other black folks under the NxT brand are selling out their peers.
  4. I like how the statement starts off saying that he approved "this t-shirt for sale" as if to imply he saw the design and was ok with it which sounds like bullshit. This is one of those situations, where they would be best served by owning the fuck up.
  5. I'm wondering if that's part of why Red pretty much stopped associating with them.
  6. You mean Seth Rollins's girlfriend? Because lord did they beat the ever loving shit out of reminding people of that. Even Renee had to catch herself before saying Becky Lynch. Also in what planet is Baron Corbin more important than a world title match inside of a steel cage?
  7. I'm shocked that nobody has brought up the possibility of Big Show being the ref. We're about due for another return of Show.
  8. Tonight's a good time to catch up of Legends of Tomorrow and get a game of Tekken in
  9. The Outsider

    G1 Supercard

    Yeah on the train back home there were a bunch of folks dreading going to Mania tomorrow after doing 2-3 shows plus this one. I had a blast at the G1 Supercard overall although i have no idea what ROH is thinking with Enzo and Cass but it took away from Tanahashi vs. Zack. I also didn't hate the street fight and thought it was a fun match. Weakest match to me was the women's match as I thought it was underwhelming. Cobb vs. Osprey was damn good and got the crowd hyped. The New Japan matches delivered and (at least in my section) crowd was pretty split for Ibushi vs. Naito. Wasn't expecting Muta which was a great surprise for me given that i skipped the HOG show.
  10. Met Sid two years ago at a convention. Really nice guy to my girlfriend and I.
  11. Meltzer losing his shit over Miz on Twitter was depressing as hell. i equated the Cena/Kane thing as calling out Raoh but getting Jagi instead. Show was pretty good overall and I’m curious as to what’s next for Bray now. Please send him back to Smackdown.
  12. Booker was laughing because he completely flubbed hyping up the Brock/Kane/Braun match. Also someone please tell Kevin Dunn to let someone else handle the camera cuts. Switching over to Elias & the Miztourage while Finn and the Good Brothers throw up the too sweet sign was stupid.
  13. I'm gonna assume that was David Adams of PWS fame. The misses and I skipped this show but I've heard that the announcer botched up the Riddle announcement and saw House of Glory put out a statement apologizing for the mistake.
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