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  1. Thank you so much, I've been running through the original Kamen Rider and got 50 episodes in lol. I got two episodes into Ultraman and I might jump back after I finish Kamen Rider.
  2. So I'm watching OG Kamen Rider on Tubi and I was thinking of jumping backwards to watch Ultraman and some of the OG super sentai series ( I started with Jetman and stopped at what we know as the aqua rangers). Is it worth checking out the older stuff or am I better off starting with certain series?
  3. Pretty much Dynamite and Dark. Mondays is usually NJPW World night and my weekends vary between comps and gaming.
  4. Couple of thoughts from my Marvel readings (Currently up to 1975 while re-reading some of the Masterworks) Re-reading the early Fantastic Four runs and it's weird seeing Thing try to make a play for Sue until Alicia was introduced. Adventure into Fear (Morbius) started off strong but really started running out of steam towards the end. I still have the final issue to read but I'm kind of checked out with this series. Red Sonja's origin was much darker than I thought it would be for a Marvel title. That being said, I can't wait to read her solo run. Just finished the
  5. Appreciate it good sir. Batman took a temporary pause as I was able to find the Batman Family run of books so I'm reading those. I'm just now getting into the Jackal and Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man which holds up really well.
  6. I'm actually doing the same thing, but I think I have stuff up to 2019. I posted a long time ago that I was doing an entire run of Batman, but it's grown to a ton of other books that I'm reading in chronological order. I'm currently on 1975 with a bit of a backtrack for Magnus: Robot Fighter, but it's interesting to see Marvel down size from certain books and the general shift in story telling and art from the 60s to the 70s.
  7. I was waffling between Dairanger and Jetman as to which one would I rank number 1 and Dairanger slightly edges out Jetman for me. Tubi has shows up to 2000(maybe 2001) so I look forward to checking those out and hopefully they'll eventually add shows from post 2001.
  8. Tubi TV having the 90s Super Sentai series has been a fun watch. So far I've watched Jetman, ZyuRanger (Mighty Morphin), DaiRanger and I'm starting up KakuRanger (Aqua Rangers). So far JetMan and DaiRanger have been the more enjoyable shows while ZyuRanger was a bit disappointing. I'm one episode in KakuRanger so I'll reserve judgement. I should check if Tubi has any of the Kamen Rider series.
  9. Kinda late to this and I do more lurk than anything else but I'm black also.
  10. There's a weird episode where Kerry call Marc Lowrance "Bill" twice during the promo and is stammering. Same episode had John Tatum looking sauced trying to make out with one of his valets who was not down with it.
  11. That cop was awfully uncomfortable once told about Tonga being in the back of the car.
  12. I haven't watched RAW since October but decided to check it out last night, a couple of thoughts: When did Buddy Murphy lose his first name? Drew McIntyre and MVP had a pretty good segment. I'm loving Drew being an ass kicker, while actually being personable and interacting with the crowd. Matt Hardy defending Edge was weird, but the Lita chant was even weirder given what happened. Shayna needed to bite Becky's nape in order to get her Titan ability in time for Mania. I love the Street Profits but it feels like their just doing nothing. I could be wrong though.
  13. I don't think there's any issue with mourning over someone who had an impact on a generation while acknowledging the bad. Right now, I think it's ok to just let people grieve and offer their condolences. This was a major kick in the gut made even worse that his daughter was also in that crash.
  14. My girlfriend managed to find the entire James Bond novel collection and got it for me for Christmas. Almost done reading Casino Royale which has been a decent read. Debating if I'll read another Bond book or take a week to progress through my comic collection before reading the second Bond book.
  15. Given that's it's him vs. Hiromu on night 1, it would be a miracle if Ospreay would be able to give 100% on the second night. I expect a ton of insane bumps in that title match
  16. For whatever it's worth, I recall Mauro pretty much tweeting that he was going through a bout of anxiety and depression maybe an hour after Takeover and hoping it'll hold off long enough for him to enjoy what a night Takeover was. Graves being an insufferable prick is nothing new, but sooner or later he's going to push the wrong one, and head issues be damned, I wouldn't be shocked if someone pushes back something fierce.
  17. Rest in Peace to Matt Travis....25 is way too young and the fact that it was a hit and run makes it even tougher to grasp. I really hope they get the driver.
  18. Seriously, ACH should probably talk to Mark Henry or at the very least getting off of Twitter. Breaking out the Uncle Tom label on Jay Lethal was out of bounds and has nothing to do with what he's upset about unless he's about to insinuate other black folks under the NxT brand are selling out their peers.
  19. I like how the statement starts off saying that he approved "this t-shirt for sale" as if to imply he saw the design and was ok with it which sounds like bullshit. This is one of those situations, where they would be best served by owning the fuck up.
  20. I'm wondering if that's part of why Red pretty much stopped associating with them.
  21. You mean Seth Rollins's girlfriend? Because lord did they beat the ever loving shit out of reminding people of that. Even Renee had to catch herself before saying Becky Lynch. Also in what planet is Baron Corbin more important than a world title match inside of a steel cage?
  22. I'm shocked that nobody has brought up the possibility of Big Show being the ref. We're about due for another return of Show.
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