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  1. Anyone planning on watching The Alienist yet? It's an interesting murder mystery I'll watch this season. Very dark visually though. I originally thought there would be some steampunk sci-fi in it, but oh well. I received a screener from Turner for the first two episodes. My thoughts on them are here: https://redheadedmule.com/tv/tnt-alienist-review/12089/
  2. Oh, great, TNA can tout that they got mainstream coverage from the NY Times: mobile.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/01/06/arts/ap-wre-tna-future.html Also, full episodes can be found on Pop TV's site (no subscription required, I think): http://poptv.com/full_episodes
  3. Re: The Clown https://twitter.com/FrankWWEClown/status/606926432820981760 Ooooook, I never noticed there was a regular clown at WWE events not named Doink.
  4. I'd like to see the Kindle version, please. I prefer that format for my tablet.
  5. Jericho has an interesting way to get Bray Wyatt onto the podcast.
  6. It's bad timing now. Whatever momentum it may have had died with the cancellation announcement.
  7. TBS brings back King of the Nerds for season 3. I'm looking forward to the new personalities invading Nerdvana. My take on the news.
  8. Here it is: http://network.wwe.com/video/v32355055 The card.
  9. Yes. He goes on about the filming of Jingle All the Way 2 and Italian culture and oh-my-mind-is-numbing…
  10. Last night, on WWE Network's Warrior tribute…
  11. That reminds me of how much I need to catch up with X-O Man of War & Harbinger Wars. I only read the first arc of X-O.
  12. My friend conducted interviews with two famous creators at Sac Con. Sergio Aragonés talks about: - Meeting J.J. Abrams - His appreciation for Japanese culture - His run on Bat Lash Kevin Eastman talks about: - TMNT's Daredevil & Cerebus' influence - Casey Jones in the comics - His advice for aspiring creators - Who he wants to cross over with the Turtles
  13. Heroes is coming back as the 13-episode Heroes Reborn next year. Who's demanding it? Certainly not me, but NBC would have people believe it's back by popular demand. My take on the announcement.
  14. Same here. It makes for good nighttime reading. I think it's one of the criticisms I made when I reviewed the book. The author didn't immediately note who most of these people are and probably assumes that every reader is a Nick superfan. The appendix at the end lists who everyone is so going back and forth was a bit tiring. Also, I got caught up in the hype such that I watched the Nick reunion show they did. (The whole thing was on YouTube, but I can't find it.) EDIT: Here it is!
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