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  1. Him and that writer are probably counting the days till the next draft in hopes of getting the OC and turning them in to bikers.
  2. Not if Jake’s buying he’s stingy. Iron Sheik got him an 8ball and he only gave Sheik a little bump and kept the rest for himself. Also did anyone mention getting drunk with Andre? If at some point in the night he made me watch Princess Bride and during it he randomly grabbed me by the neck and started shaking me like Bob Uecker and actually killed me, I would probably die smiling.
  3. I think Heyman being around for Brock has given him a better understanding of how to maybe not get exactly what we wants but as close to it as possible while keeping Vince happy and maintaining about as little trust anyone should have for Heyman. Eric is starting to feel like he was just a name to drum up interest because from what I’ve gleaned it’s not his scripts getting torn up every week. What exactly has he come up with so far? Genuinely asking no sarcasm/smart assery.
  4. I’m surprised their hasn’t been some kind of 420 meet and greet in a legal/medical state at conventions with certain wrestlers. Rvd for one has ridiculously underrated impersonation skills and I would probably enjoy those super high. If we’re talking getting really trashed might as well go all out with Sandman and/or Iron Sheik.
  5. Could he put shit together without Rick around? 33 and 1/3 percent chance.
  6. I’m still waiting for a Smackdown commercial with the NFL music.
  7. Religious Sting vs. Religious Michaels Hulk Hogan vs. New Day Andre vs Big Show Brock vs. Yano Pentagon Jr. vs. Great Sasuke Dolph vs. Road Warriors with Paul Ellering Paul Heyman vs. Irwin R. Scheister Kevin Nash vs. Orange Cassidy
  8. Zartan

    NJPW G1 2019

    “Now let’s go ice my balls.” *****
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