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  1. Terms like SJW are the reason the filters for this board we’re invented. Rippa I beggeth thee on this one. This thread turning in to a YouTube comment section for an anti Last Jedi video may be the perfect end for the TNA/IMPACT/GWF/NWATNA/GWN/TNA IMPACT discussion once and for all.
  2. Zartan


    I thought that’s what he was doing every Monday night on Raw.
  3. Given the porn music playing in that video I’d say yes. Surely somewhere in the wwe vault theirs an outtake of Perfect saying “Hey genius do you think Hulk Hogan can suck his own cock” to which Genius replied “I thought that was Beefcake’s job” right before they fell on the floor laughing and cut was yelled.
  4. I thought Chavo was on Raw and Eddie was on SmackDown at the time?
  5. Zartan


    He was basically thugged out tattooed mumble rapper Joker for a new generation.
  6. He looks pissed because of how sun burned he is in that picture. Like the angriest Lemmy ever.
  7. Read it in Dusty’s voice by the time you get to the booking part it’s perfect.
  8. Zartan


    Is their anyone else similar we could name drop on this board and see booked a week later? I’ll do you one better. I actually thought someone was working an Ivan Drago gimmick in Mexico until LU came about.
  9. Zartan

    Random music thoughts

    I never heard one of this kid’s songs before this but he more or less Ether’d Eminem in comparison to Shady’s subtle “clever” bullshit going after a bunch of weak sauce kids, but this one threw it right back in his face. Only die hard Shady fanboys will see it any other way and though I’m not one of them ,I am a fan and I can see it clear as day.
  10. Zartan

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Speaking of super Chico which would not be surprising at all imagine the reaction if they somehow talked Meltzer in to being a surprise entrant for the battle royal. Or fly Marty in so this board can implode.
  11. Zartan

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 8/23/18

    If the show was still on Destination America this would be an actual thing and not just your fantasy booking.
  12. Zartan


    He can’t just come out and say look I write the show but if someone above me comes up to me and says get Charlotte in a match with no notice however you can we don’t care if it make’s sense, isn’t what I tried to do more then that. The truth will only set him free in the literal sense, as in no job.
  13. Zartan


    That rib cage or whatever is going on there is gonna give me nightmares.