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  1. European/TV title rejuvenation or no buys. Gonna go and clog up the cards with B titles might as well go all out even if you can’t even write enough for all the titles they have now.
  2. “Hey that Bo Dallas guy, he’s my brother!”
  3. Money mark panda Dixie some moments yes. Onscreen Character not so much.
  4. Or it really could be as simple as someone explaining the whole Ethan Carter the 3rd origin and him being like yea so I’m suppose to push this ladies fake nephew now?
  5. Nah I think it was more like when it got to the point where it was like WWE releases that were not cast offs but “creative has nothing for you” guys to WWE releases Titan towers janitor next day TNA hires to no one’s surprise type stuff.
  6. Your saying come on WWE be the bigger person just this once and I think they are going to let you down on this one but i’m with you.
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