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  1. Probably because you frequently post mini novels that are almost as out of touch as Vince McMahon himself.
  2. Whoa whoa we don’t accept this kind of hip speak around here PAL.
  3. Someone saw the title of Lou Thesz’s book but didn’t read it.
  4. At least the message boards sort things out and not 20+ people talking over each other. Someone asked me to get on Discord not long ago and I was like damn are we going back to Roger Wilco next?!
  5. Wait, people are paying for this Gallows/Anderson podcast?!
  6. Ditto heard rumblings but I don’t go through every post/thread on this board.
  7. Considering how worked up he got one person in this thread I am inclined to agree.
  8. It’s gonna be One eyed Rey.
  9. The male side of the roster is already overloaded with guys. As someone who defended AEW’s women’s division early on I think anyone new signed from this point forward should be some more female talent.
  10. We sure Davey Richards didn’t do this ever?!
  11. Fun fact: Florida is a medical Marijuana state. $300 and you can walk in and tell them your back hurts sometimes or that you have stress. A week later you have the card and your choice of dispensary’s, most of which will deliver(mail). Not saying the “burner” is full of shit but it is Twitter. Also those tweets make me glad pots and pans bixenspan is not here anymore.
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