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  1. I cannot be the only one who was expecting/hoping for Jimmy just trying to get the cops with the when I say U y’all say SO and the cops not getting it being the whole deal. Undeniably in the “missing footage”.
  2. ^^This pretty much sums up my reaction to discussion of Ronda promos and a lot of posts/arguments over time. For that I give you- And
  3. Those aren’t even the silliest ones from the match.
  4. Yes when someone out there hasn’t realized this by now it scares me. People will say what they will about Owen’s wife but she knew all along what this business and Vince are like and although I’m as bummed as anyone about Owen basically getting the Benoit lite treatment as far as remembrance because of her actions. If it helped prevent even one exploitive pile of bullshit from Vince’s twisted mind not to transpire then so be it. Fuck Vince.
  5. And in other AEW news for the day.
  6. LU made Ezekiel Jackson and Chavo interesting. With the right creative Tye just like most anyone could be something.
  7. I can’t wait for stats like most steps climbed and table breaks for stuff like TLC. Can you not just hear Michael Cole spouting some garbage like “Get this Jeff Hardy, and I’m not making this up, has climbed seven thousand two hundred and three steps in just TLC matches alone that’s more followers then the Baseball , Golf and Tennis have on their Snapchat folks.” This stat one did not make me legit LOL like the Brock/Finn one with “Combined days as Universal Champion - 1” for Finn. Fuck this lazy stat pumping garbage in a predetermined sport ffs was so great to look forward to that rumble video every year but like every great thing WWE does they do in to the dirt.
  8. You could just be like hey this guy got to wrestle Jushin Fucking Liger once in his life wtf have you done?!
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