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  1. He can put a ring in his backyard and wrestle with Mike Kannelis and the rest of the guys who just signed multi year deals who are bound to repeat this trying to give your notice on Twitter trend.
  2. Sting rules. Also the fact he still hasn’t got rid of the soul patch cracks me up.
  3. The entrance and attire is cool but then he’s in the ring with crappy jeans no shirt and badly thinning hair it just looks terrible.
  4. Perhaps this was an attempt to babyface turn an airplane full of wrestlers to the internet fans. Worked for me and screw Rollins past this company cannot stfu about some form of social media so much I cringe when I see it used in the same manner AT ALL in any kind of other media so just to try and tell anyone anything about it is like fuck off.
  5. I preferred the version that included Vince of all people. Skip to about 8:30 and just try to watch Vince’s reactions to HBK thumping the mic on his junk to the beat of his theme and try to avoid the latter.
  6. He supposedly had to stop and give Hogan/Flair a ride on his private jet somewhere they got held up so he probably wanted to skip out on them so he doesn’t have to hear woooo and brother for however many hours straight again on the plane ride back.
  7. You have to be confusing the Jericho podcast with a different one Moxley did or have a really bad recollection because I just listened to this last night and this did not happen. As for Rollins I’ve seen no less then 10 theories on here a day as to why he’s not over or the guy and I think what it really boils down to is casual/modern wrestling fans do not like baby faces who come out and only say shit like “The WWE universe” and credit all their accomplishments and abilities to the fans like they’re begging to be liked.
  8. Aja? Ok. What makes Awesome Kong past her prime? If you want to say she hasn’t been wrestling as much ok, but I think to call her past her prime is a bit premature at this point. I think people in general on here are going a bit overboard about the women’s division in AEW. They weren’t afraid to put the title on Riho because some out of touch guy in charge doesn’t find Asian women attractive which buys them as much time as they need with me. Make each person you bring in unique and more special over time or throw like 20 girls out there and have the same 4 trade 2 belts over and over and call it a revolution? Yea I’ll wait.
  9. Running the ropes when their are none.
  10. Hey Hulk want to listen to my new rap tape?
  11. They didn’t play his music so he refused to come to the ring.
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