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  1. If we could go back in time and get “He’s gonna puke” Vince this would be great. Otherwise I doubt Vince would remember anything too detailed about any show that’s not a recent Wrestlemania or an angle he was involved in. If he did the company as a whole would have shown at some point to learn from it’s mistakes which it never has. Not everyone has a Bret Hart level memory of things.
  2. Which was the TNA title early on...
  3. If your gonna merge Impact and TNA then you can merge the Universal and whatever it replaced(big gold?).
  4. It’s nice to see people blaming someone besides Vince for the bad booking even if you know this show has writers and not just Paul. Forget the fact Vince has final say on everything. Reminds me of everyone blaming Bischoff for Smackdown then it turns out he was quickly downgraded to a consultant because they couldn’t put any of his stuff on TV. Which either means his ideas were even more illogical then the current ones or actually good. Though I’ll admit blaming Vince for being out of touch is like beating a dead horse at this point.
  5. These Saudi shows are getting crazy.
  6. You got to take a wrestling break at some point. 18 years of being obsessed has warped your views and caused you to read in to things way too much. Please don’t take this as some sort of attack.
  7. That and those dorky ass suits they all had to wear. Crazy how we went from having to put the X-men in all black in the first trilogy to 45 Avengers dressing in white flavored Ant Man suits Hoping the casting for Wolverine isn’t someone as great as Hugh Jackman was so the other characters can get more time to shine in the Marvel version. Also no more Mystique ever again please. We don’t need a naked woman painted blue to get people to go watch comic book movies anymore.
  8. That was Roode? I thought it was Brian Cage without the mohawk.
  9. So Page is doing Scott Hall’s drunk gimmick? How long until he barfs on Kenny?
  10. Is huge another way of saying signed by WWE? Cage would still be doing independent shows without LU.
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