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  1. When Aries left WWE he said something about making better money and that was awhile ago before they grabbed even more people. I actually think The Revival would fit the best in RoH long term but if they want to go do their feud/matches with the Bucks over FLIPS and FISTS or show up on Impact I wouldn’t be surprised either way.
  2. When she gets a bunch of new airport stalkers waiting for her in every other town with a children’s replica title to give her because of this I will laugh at Big E’s next pair of socks.
  3. TNA he was a big fish in a small pond.
  4. Zartan

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Perhaps at some point Cody could finally win the title only to throw it down and proclaim AEW is now All Extreme Wrestling.
  5. Zartan

    Great Songs In Horrible Movies

    Because the movie was better then that song. Only other cover I’ve heard that is worse is the Pump up the Volume version which thankfully only plays towards the end of the movie.
  6. Zartan

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    I thought Mr Pecwhatever I refuse to type outs nickname actually showed a lot more in the ring then say EC3 ever did but I don’t remember anytime Jesse ever had a mic in his hand or near his face speaking.
  7. Zartan

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Really hope they plan to release full payroll and W2’s to satisfy every net wrestling fan holding them to every tiny detail of anything said about the company. When/if they announce a good TV deal the Jericho thing will be comparable to any WCW jumps for now it’s no bigger a deal then Jericho shows up in NJPW or any other outside stuff he’s been doing these past years.
  8. The Purge movies.
  9. Zartan


    I know some people on here love The Mist so after rewatching it again on TV today probably for the second time in full and at least 5 other times here and there for unspecific amounts of time so I got some questions! I would spoiler tag but I think this has been out long enough. 1.So the short haired lady leaves the store in the beginning and is shown at the end safe with her kids. Does this mean everyone should have left when she did or was she just lucky? Is this to show Jane’s character he should have done the same when she did and his family would still be safe? If it’s the latter OUCH. 2. Did I miss something(sound too low for screams?bathroom break?) when his neighbor left with his “group” and basically nothing came of that or were they some of the people all webbed up in the pharmacy? In the busses at the end?
  10. Zartan

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    Because he is terrible.
  11. Those Mean Woo By God Gene intros are my favorite. If you saw Gene at the entrance or in the ring ready to interview and Flair’s music hit you knew you were in for something fun. Also I know we all hate Hogan now because he’s a racist piece of trash but “Well you know something Mean Gene” was always a classic start too. Flair in WCW though. It just did not feel right having anyone but Gene interview him during the MNW. Rip. Also lest we not forget this gem.
  12. I shouldn’t do this...but...can’t...resist............NXT is WWE’s bizzaro world Eddie. And I’m not just trying to make that reference , as great and beloved as a lot of gimmicks have been in NXT the transition to WWE is very rough.
  13. Zartan


    All of them for eating at Cracker Barrel. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho have built in excuses for why they think these shit holes serve good food(Canadian) but the rest of these fools are ALL marks for going there. I know I’m gonna catch some shit for this but after seeing people argue about which gas stations or shitty fast food joints have better food on here , I’m not too worried about it.
  14. Zartan


    If it makes you feel better I’m in Florida and I’ve met at least a dozen people that said the same thing.