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  1. All the girls hating on Summer Rae has felt kind of unwarranted but her telling Natalya thank god for photoshop during the whole action figure thing was some amazing trolling.
  2. This willow shit is like someone watched Cactus Jack lost in Cleveland and thought that would be a great thing to rip off. I still can't tell if it was suppose to be anything other then a Blair Witch parody or homage to lost in Cleveland. If their just trying to recreate wrestlecrap they should have had Abyss fall through a hole in the ring at lockdown instead of coming out of one for some shockmaster 2014.
  3. Did Matt Bentley do the whole hanging out with fans to get cheered before Hoyt? Seem to remember something stupid like the same group of idiots doing the Bentley bounce everytime he wrestled.
  4. Not to defend Eva but her brothers come off as the two biggest pricks on this show.I liked when Eva threw it in their faces that they are living with someone before marriage as her mother nodded in agreement. Summer Rae's comment about Natalya not being a true blonde leading to her walking off a minute later instantly made me glad she's on the show.
  5. Before his current run is done I hope Lashley comes to the ring one week with a giant fly swatter and hit's the wisp down through a pre-cut hole in the ring and we never see him again.
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