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  1. They are taping the Stadium Stampede match tonight.
  2. "Not to knock anyone with mental health issues" I can't speak for Mauro, but as someone with mental health issues, you have no idea what's going on in his head, you just assume his feeling were hurt and he should, essentially, suck it up. It's all speculation, but here is one scenario, Mauro is criticized publicly by someone he sat next to and worked with in NXT, someone he considered a friend, obviously that would be hurtful. I wouldn't be surprised if Mauro is someone who is overly critical of his own performance, maybe he sees truth in Corey's criticism and feels shame over it. He feels that in his current mental state he can't perform to the level that is expected of him and there's shame in that as well. One of the worst things about depression and anxiety is you think stuff that you know is wrong, unrealistic, but that doesn't make the feelings you have any less real, and it can be constant. So, just because something like this wouldn't affect you the same way, doesn't negate how it affects him and I hope people would have some compassion and empathy for him, I know I do.
  3. There's your War Games. Horsewomen, Kabuki Warriors/Io, and Kai/Nox/LeRae.
  4. The guys who designed the XFL logos threw these in for free.
  5. Not on NXT TV, but he wrestled in a triple threat against Ligero and Grand Metalik on one of the new When Worlds Collide episodes.
  6. Interesting to see what they do with the Lars vs. Keith Lee match they have in the can for this week's NXT.
  7. He didn't say his name, but Ohno mentioned Regal's bromance with his "shiny new toy," so Ohno vs. Riddle at Takeover?
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