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Impact Wrestling - 10/27/20

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Great show following up BFG. Always dig when they have a ton of stuff going on throughout the show in various angles/feuds. Was intrigued to see how the Wedding was going to end and that was a huge WTF lol. Popped for Father James' theme music, always great. Can't wait for the big mystery to follow. They got Swann/Young out of the way quick in the opening. I like setting up Moose and Shamrock/Callihan as future challengers. Loving the continuation of the Su/Deonna feud with use of the great RD Evans. the Knockouts Tag Title tournament is going to be fun to watch play out. Next week looks like another super solid lineup. 




Impact Wrestling - October 27, 2020 from Nashville, TN

*Rich Swann & Eric Young brawled out from the back to the ring. They fought around ringside until referees, security, and Scott D'Amore came out to break it up. Young demanded his rematch. D'Amore said that's not how things work and he wouldn't get his match but Swann said if Young wants the rematch, he's got it. D'Amore then agreed to make the match..

*Rich Swann(c) def. Eric Young (3:23) with the Phoenix Splash to retain the Impact Worlds Championship.

*Tommy Dreamer def. Brian Myers (16:19) in a Hardcore Halloween match with the Dreamer Driver through a table after interference from Swoggle.

*XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) def. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) (5:55) when Larry D pinned Dez with a top rope splash.

*Scott D'Amore came to the ring and discussed Deonna Purrazzo hiring Barrister RD Evans to represent her in demanding that Su Yung be stripped of the knockouts championship and the title be returned to her. D'Amore went over that Deonna issued an open challenge and said that Su would remain the champion. RD Evans, Deonna, and Kimber Lee interrupted. Evans stated that Su Yung only won the title because something happened to Kylie Rae and suggested Su did something to her. Evans threatened D'Amore with taking this to court and they went back and forth. D'Amore said that Deonna could get her mandatory rematch next week which they agreed to. Su Yung interrupted and put the mandible claw on Evans & Kimber Lee. Su then spit mist in D'Amore's face and took down Deonna with the mandible claw. 

*Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz def. Jordynne Grace & Alisha Edwards (12:09) when Tasha pinned Alisha with a rollup. After the match, Jordynne and Alisha got into a shoving match over their miscommunication during the match. 

*Father James Mitchell returned to officiate the Wedding of Rosemary & John E Bravo with members of the roster around the ring. Rosemary & Bravo exchanged their vows and Mitchell pronounced them man and demon. When they went to kiss, the lights went out and gunshots were heard. When the lights came back on, Bravo was laid out in the ring bloody as the show ends with Tommy Dreamer questioning Who Shot Bravo!?


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Loved seeing Mitchell again. Who Shot JR? I think it was John Morrison because Bravo's been too close to Taya. "Rosemary's a beard you liar, I know you've been sleeping with my wife" 

Slowly realizing what Dreamer's Halloween costume was was something. First the paint, then realizing he actually shaved his head somewhat, and then the fucking fake spikes he donned for the wedding 🤣 Not only that but Swoggle coming out of the trashcan! 

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Yeah Mitchell acknowledging every near-miss with a "well we got through that part okay" was pretty funny. And then of course at the very end the dumbest, most soap-operatic OTT thing that could happen happens. All they could have added was a cake for Bravo to fall into. 

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