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  1. Update: to put theory into practice, I just created a simple Excel macro to do exactly this (aew_seal_balls.xlsx) and pressed run, which resulted in the following: Danielson / Andrade Punk / MJF Allin / Cole Hangman / Hobbs Mox / Pac Jericho / Page Christian / Miro Jungle Boy / Starks Kingston / Omega OC / Black That rules! It all rules! Everyone is over!
  2. There are so many great matches in the hopper for this company. If you lined up your top babyface and your top heel depth charts 1-10 (and ignored the Codyverse) with something like: Danielson, Punk, Allin, Hangman, Mox, Jericho, Christian, Jungle Boy, Kingston, OC Omega, Miro, Black, Cole, MJF, Andrade, Pac, Starks, Hobbs, E Page That’s 10+9+….= 55 different potential feuds / matches, of which we’ve seen, by my math, about 20 of so far (with many of those being one off’s rather than true feuds) So not only could they not sign anyone, they could not even *turn* anyone and they have 3 years of material in them at their current burn rate. And I see very few potential stinkers in those 55. They aren’t going anywhere and are built to last, is what I guess I’m saying, and maybe why this feels so different than WWE. I suspect the WWE version of this has far more entropy.
  3. Was thinking about something. Kenny Omega is the first guy with zero current or prior WWE connection to draw 20k in a stadium in the US since….Goldberg?
  4. When the Codyverse finally crosses back over with mainline AEW continuity it’ll be like DC Rebirth when at the end of some episode of Dynamite Eddie Kingston finds a red white and blue smiley button inside a pair of sneakers he stole. “We’re being watched”
  5. Yeah, Cody segments are the live action part of AEW’s Super Mario Super Show. Complete with Cyndi Lauper showing up or whatever the fuck.
  6. So now that Bryan has had his big box office match, when can we get to what I want to see and what we all know he really wants to do, which is he, Angelico and Garcia stretching each other to goo for 15 minutes at Universal with Excalibur and Taz on the call? Stop slacking Tony K.
  7. He just got that fresh batch of Best Of D’Von tapes though
  8. Yeah, pretty simple stuff I think. Have the Elite beating everyone down to end a show, cut to the back, Hangman, slaps Uno and Silver for them to get their shit together, unites Dark Order in doing so, glass shatters and Austin beats the hell out of the Alliance. United Dark Order drinks beer, off we go.
  9. Its a bummer because he's a second gen guy that should have been born with it, but I can't ignore the mounting evidence supporting the fact that Pillman Jr. simply doesn't "get" pro wrestling. Between standing on the stage mugging two weeks straight instead of beating MJF's ass, to his clunky movements in the ring. I really want to like the guy so bad, but it's not there I don't think.
  10. LoC’s (Levels of Cody): Level 1: Cody is a good guy. Level 2: Cody is a good guy who’s so obnoxious at being a good guy that he’s actually a bad guy. Level 3: Cody is a good guy and is so obnoxious as a good guy, that you come back around and appreciate his desire to so badly be a good guy even though he has no idea how to actually be one Level 4: Cody is a good guy, is incredibly obnoxious as a good guy, and then realizes that fans interpret this as Level 2 Cody and not his earnest Level 3 Cody, thus actually now trending toward being a bad guy. <— WE ARE HERE
  11. Ooooh, is Kona our go-to fungible 0 WAR NXT prospect? I can get down with that. I agree that Gacy is -0.4 Wins Above Reeves (WAR). 20 grade gimmick.
  12. Maybe Cody is doing a multidimensional chess work on all of us because…his complete lack of self awareness is kind of endearing? Thus sort of coming back around full circle as a babyface? I dunno.
  13. September PROSPECT POWER RANKINGS, powered by FanGraphs: 1. Bron Breakker A Steiner is on my TV calling people little bitches and putting dudes in the Steiner Recliner. 2. The Creed Bros The sitting lariat while the opponent is already TKO’d is so great. I look forward to them obliterating MSK. 3. Toxic Attraction Purely for Mandy, as her new look exudes “star” and carries this whole thing. 4. Odyssey Jones Love me some handicap match squashes, so that’s an auto-list this month. Fun character. 5. Grayson Waller Looks the part. Good delivery on his promo. Will have his chance to shine against Roddy next week. Bron is the Wander Franco / Vlad Jr. of the group though.
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