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  1. In particular a Rumble or Mania crowd. I suspect that your average Raw taping or live event has a somewhat high percent of casual / non-AEW fans. But at least if you take me as an example, I haven't watched a main roster WWE show in like a year but if the Rumble was in town I'd definitely go. A Danhausen cameo on Saturday or whatever would've gotten a big pop, too. The average Raw not so much.
  2. Frankie in the ring serves a purpose if used properly IMO. How many babyface mechanics are on the roster at that level (Dark/Elevation to main show gatekeeper)? Matt Sydal is one. Jay Lethal but he's a little higher up. You need someone for Max Caster or whoever to get reps against in Dark main events.
  3. I don’t want Danhausen wrestling, ever, but agree that with Danhausen you would think going in that the gimmick lends itself to Yano matches, but instead he wrestles like “generic ROH undercard guy”. It’s a disconnect. EDIT: I’m not saying as good as Yano because Yano is talented as hell and a savant at what he does. But yeah, sneaky style.
  4. Not expecting anything from Danhausen as a wrestler but my God the guest commentary on Dark and Elevation. Let him be their Dark Arts analyst. The Mike Tenay of Malachi Black and Dark Order squashes as whacky hijinks with Taz and Eddie Kingston ensue
  5. Can’t not have Chuck. I know I say this a lot but those guys are the heart and soul of the promotion. We’ll look back one day and really appreciate how important Best Friends have been to AEW than we already do.
  6. Also Hobbs’s drip was off the charts. Dude went with the late 90’s mall airbrush overalls and Jamarcus Russell fur coat combo. Amazing.
  7. What an incredible show. All the best Dynamites end with Best Friends on top
  8. I actually think this is the plan…for next year. We’re another year of Reigns domination and Breakker development from it. Reigns/Brock is a big enough match for this year.
  9. Man, I dunno. When MJF was berating his family and he came out and smiled for the fans on the ramp for what felt like 5 minutes instead of just beating the dude’s ass, that was a degree of “not getting pro wrestling” that just seems like one of those things you either have or don’t. Maybe (hopefully) it’s just “not getting being a babyface”.
  10. You may be right. I was looking to see if Giant faced Renegade for the WCW or TV titles in 95 (nope) and if Rousey faced any rookies (nope). But hey, David Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff when he won the WCW title
  11. Someone’s lobbying Johnny Ace for their old job back. What is Sean Alex Riley O’Jindrak doing in the Thunderdome?!
  12. How do I get Black and King vs Butcher and Blade slapping meat in the grimiest environment possible. Like, an armory in Indiana two matches after a death match. Need that ASAP.
  13. One must throw all established laws of AEW nature out the window during a Cody segment. The Codyverse has its own internal logic.
  14. Also, sign me up for the AHFO Succession storyline. Blade is Tom.
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