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  1. I’m here too. It feels like TK is leaning heavily into the “booking for the sickos” thing the last couple of weeks and, honestly, isn’t that the answer? To be a true alternative, just book crazy shit for DVDVR and let WWE do the epic glossy Marvel movie stuff Just go full bore with batshit insane WAR 6 mans we’ve always wanted to see. That’s the audience. Stuff like MJF and the Devil very clearly wasn’t the audience And now, with that said, give me Ishii / Jeff Jarrett you cowards
  2. This is pretty clearly a gold watch run for Okada and it is just absolutely tremendous. I haven’t laughed like that at a wrestling bit in a long time.
  3. I can’t think of an Existential Threat storyline that’s worked since the NWO. There’s that one, there’s Stop The Matsunaga, and that’s the list of good ones? It’s the sort of thing that plays well in comics but just doesn’t translate to the wrestling medium. Nexus, Retribution, … The O.G. Yokozuna push was kind of like this and that was awesome, so there’s another. I do agree the group needs a workhorse. Is Ciampa hurt? He’s a fit.
  4. What a fun show. While the Grace reveal was awesome…not sure about Page. Especially after already getting Spears. Like who’s next, QT? But it’s all fun. I love how the rules/physics of WWE as we understand them are relaxed in NXT. It’s fun.
  5. Yeah I’m here for The Learning Tree. Real life, podcast-hosting, cruise-planning, gee golly-lovin the business but not moving aside on TV Jericho turned up to 11 is hilarious.
  6. Awesome! Made my day https://x.com/ringofhonor/status/1786173574056960039?s=46&t=JezDTqtGbK8qkBaDwTOzMw
  7. I am and have been vehemently opposed to breaking up Best Friends. No one wants to see these guys fight. Now, that said, if you want to salvage this, then AEW’s version of Endgame to rescue the promotion from Elite tyranny later this year should have a reunited Best Friends - as the true heart and soul of the company from day one - neutralizing the Bucks while Omega deals with Okada.
  8. Collision was excellent. Main event got the good kind of crowd silence where they were hyper engaged and following along
  9. Props to Tony, that was a slick trade back in the first round and still getting his guy. His best booking of the week, obviously distracting him from Dynamite. The Bucks needed to pile drive some sense into him.
  10. Yoooo I just realized that Tony wearing the brace to the draft and the NFL and ESPN being in on the gag would be fucking amazing. Imagine them kayfabing the shit out of it and Mel Kiper is talking about the projectability of the young kid Perry. Quick off the edge, real lunch pail kind of guy but has some off the field issues that have scared some federations away. Oh shit even better if they do it Naked Gun style where TK himself gets up there in full neck brace to announce some random 6th round pick on day 3 and the Bucks jump his ass AGAIN and put him through a table while there’s like mascots and shit freaking out on stage.
  11. I think it’s sort of all true The babyface owner/matchmaker getting beat up by heels is a trope as old as pro wrestling itself: Watts did it, Jarrett did it, Von Erich did it, Vince did it… Said babyface then gathers all the top good guys and walks tall over the heels in the big blowoff. So in that sense this doesn’t make TK Jacksonville Dixie or whatever. This is the usual TK deal of revisiting classic territory angles. That’s generally perfectly ok. My thing though, is that I don’t want to see Tony Khan walking tall like Bill Watts. Actually I don’t think anyone wants to see that.
  12. Did y’all see that selling? Shad Khan gets pro wrestling more than Jungle Boy does. This was all stupid though. The show reeked of TK having his eye off the ball being stressed to hell all week about which Big Ten offensive lineman to take in the fifth round, then just showed up to work and said “fine, let’s do that” to all of the talent’s shitty ideas.
  13. Sheamus/Drew is sort of like Sami/KO. It’s never a wrong answer. I think Drew might be a the peak of his powers more than any other wrestler in the game right now. I didn’t have a clue that his all around ceiling was this high.
  14. I believe the title Cody has now has the WWE, WWE World Heavyweight and Universal lineage. It’s all of them.
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