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  1. In this talk about WWE wanting to focus on bigger talent, it dawned on me just how many members of AEW’s hoss division were under WWE control at some point in time. Now I appreciate that’s an “AEW size” hoss list rather than a “WWE size” one (e.g. Brian Cage being 6’0), but WWE had control of Cage, Miro, Archer, Luchasaurus, Hager, Lee (RIP) At some point in time, and either didn’t develop or didn’t promote them for shit. Not every guy on that list is a big time talent of course, but several of them are. It will be interesting to see how AEW continues to develop guys like Wardl
  2. Thanks to whoever first introduced the world to the analogy of Penta as your friend in No Mercy who spams taunt to build his finisher meter, because that’s how I’ve gotten through the psychology of every Penta match for years now
  3. Just me fantasy booking, but if I knew I had Andrade in the bag I think I would have debuted him at the PPV, moving the title match there to the main event and having him jump Omega after the defense. Furthers the Forbidden Door stuff re: the AAA match and makes him a much better deal than a segment 2 debut with Vickie on a show no one's really watching this week.
  4. Man there's easily a year's worth of title matches out there for Baker. Statlander, Conti, Deeb, Rosa, Riho are all credible challengers and Velvet and Anna Jay when she's back would be fun TV defenses. This could be a hell of a run she's about to go on. Hell even Britt stooging around for Abadon for a month would be fun as hell.
  5. Best Friends are my pick for the next tag champs. You could main event Beach Break with it - no one does feel good moments to end shows in AEW better than Trent and Chuck
  6. In the year 2021 we have a mega-over pure babyface in Jungle Boy and it’s amazing to see. The crowd organically singing an a cappella Tarzan Boy to rally him on at the end was a thing of beauty.
  7. If he's going to go in front of the camera, is it not fair to judge his performance in front of the camera? To say he's awkward and inauthentic, as a performer, is simply a true statement right?
  8. "Eric Bischoff running WCW" isn't a good look on TK when "Kip Allen Frey running WCW" is the right answer. I get he's roleplaying McMemphis, but he's terrible at it.
  9. Excalibur/Taz is the best booth in the business by a country mile but I get that it doesn’t work for the A show
  10. WWE RECIEVES: Jim Ross, Jake Hager and a WTBNL AEW RECIEVES: Shayna Baszler, Ali the Trade Analyzer likes it
  11. looks to me like the camera man was trying to give the people what they want, complete with zoom in, but OC no sold it.
  12. I kindly disagree on Dream's talent. Especially when he came back after his time away, he went over like a wet fart. He had that short peak as the potential next big thing, but that emperor really never had any clothes IMO.
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