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  1. Ooooh, AEW hasn’t done a good ol manager tuxedo match yet. Yes please.
  2. Christian is over here making a mid-year WOTY push without even wrestling a match
  3. Ooooooooooh, lots of ins, lots of outs, lots of what-have-ya’s on this one Don’t sleep on Stevie Richards as a dark horse pick
  4. No lies detected, is what I believe the kids say
  5. Holy hell Daddy Magic with the sleeper promo of the year. 2.0 have been the shit since day 1.
  6. Theory would really benefit by holding for almost a year like Edge did originally. It acts as a good heater. A calendar year is well past the likely Roman/Rock match.
  7. Anna Jay to Japan was the first name to come to mind, along with the Ass Boys in AAA
  8. Tag match was good and I am here for the Montez Ford singles push. He’s the next big thing in this company IMO.
  9. Option B, Taz sells their contract to Stokely
  10. The forthcoming Cohen Brothers Movie Villain Christian run may well be his opus magnum
  11. Cool Hand Ang is a sneaky AEW MVP. He’s the heel Trent.
  12. Someone needs to take away MJF’s ECW Bubba Ray Dudley and 2000 WCW tapes, burn them to the ground, and give him some 1987 Tully Blanchard. It’s like when there’s a five star can’t-miss sports talent that does miss because they go to the wrong organization that sucks at developing them. You just want to sit MJF down and just tell him that this isn’t the way, kid. This unbearable cheap heat shooty bullshit just isn’t the way. Don’t become pro wrestling’s David Carr.
  13. So Blood and Guts has to end with BCC and Kingston’s crew successful, doing the TV signoff celebration and start filing out of the cage….Kingston and Claudio are the last two in the cage, Kingston rushes to re-lock the door and beat his ass to a bloody pulp while both factions try hopelessly to get back into the cage to stop it…right?
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