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  1. I think I mentioned this last month but it’s really hard to go back to Bischoff’s pod once you start the Jarrett pod, at least to me. When you purport to be a show about “the business of the business”, you should know about running a business. Double J does, Bischoff doesn’t. It makes the whole thing cringeworthy to me and I unsubscribed a while back.
  2. Can we talk about how damn handsome Sheik was when he broke in? There’s an alternate reality where he has Tito Santana’s career as a fiery babyface.
  3. Bron/Seth in Orlando? I gotta see how that turns out. A wide range of potential outcomes there.
  4. This is going to be the one Cross promotional six man action n the opener with Yano/Trent/Chuck w/ Danhausen vs Jarrett/Lethal/KENTA w/ Satnam please and thank you
  5. Kurt was awesome. For whatever you say about Kurt not being a great wrestler, he was great at the gimmick of being a great wrestler.
  6. Well now Forbidden Door 2023 quickly looks like the Forbidden Door 2022 show we thought we were getting (and that show ruled anyway)
  7. I’m about as down on AEW right now as I have been since the company was formed. Maybe down is the wrong word…more nihilistic. As in I just don’t particularly care anymore. I will always root for the home team, but something’s off. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way…they really need a compelling storyline to hit right now. Frankly another pointless Owen tournament with no storyline is the last thing they should be doing right now, to me.
  8. Recency bias maybe but the ending to this year’s Rumble PPV has to be up there. That was the peak of a multi-year deal and was performed and filmed like a Scorsese movie
  9. I dug using Sabu but it was a weird fit with the Cole/Jericho. I can’t help but think the right play there was to find a path to Sabu endorsing Hook.
  10. Man, I’d love to see Sheik Adnan working babyface in Iran against Andre. I mean holy shit.
  11. Back when we had the THIS IS PRO WRESTLING MOTHERFUCKER thread, I think there were net more pictures of Superstar than any other guy. That’s really all there is to say about it - dude was just pro wrestling as shit, and it was awesome.
  12. Christian as TNT champ has so much crossover appeal. Don’t tell me he couldn’t seamlessly transition into the latest target of Stabler and Benson’s investigation and/or sleazy second in command bad guy foil for Ben Afleck’s accounting skills
  13. The eye patch is hokey but the duality of Mox having formerly had an eye patch and now Hangman having an eye patch due to Mox is there. I’m guessing that’s what they’re going for.
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