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  1. Yeah I don’t hide my fandom at all and have never gotten any grief for it. Like was said, dropping one liners (“the cream always rises to the top!” “that’s hard times!”) is a fun way to proactively tease out fellow fans in a corporate setting.
  2. Oh man, I know that dissecting the Codyverse is probably the next-most ill-advised move to make in a Dynamite thread after bringing up JR, but… I’m not sure what kind of heat it is? Like, the fans are in on the bit. They are booing Cody like they react to OC’s devastating kicks. He’s like the Hunter Pence Signs of AEW right now. It’s great and I like everyone else am having a good time with it, but I wouldn’t label it “heel heat” in the traditional sense I don’t think. I don’t know?
  3. Good MJF/Punk segment but let that be the start and end of the show opening promo in this promotion. Chicago vs Cody was great. I don’t know where “John Cena with a wink” (by both the performer and the fans) goes or how you make money with it, but an entertaining Codyverse is an improvement.
  4. I’m a week late to the party on this but Wardlow powerbombing the universe on Dark ruled the world. The dude just gets it.
  5. Funk, Savage, Guerrero, Danielson Vader, Sid, Flair, Scott Steiner, Onita, Dick Murdoch Those top four are just too damn talented at everything. It’s the Mt. Rushmore to me. Elsewhere I’m a sucker for larger than life physical charisma types. That’s what pro wrestling is, to me.
  6. There’s a lot to unpack there, but man, I gotta think Braun Stroman makes a run for that Bluechew Championship
  7. Jeff Jarrett is definitely twitching right now and looking through his money-mark-a-dex
  8. They never really did shit with Morrison. And yeah we’ll get a Hit Row / Acclaimed one off at least
  9. I just think it’s one of those deals where JR wants to go out with his boots on as it were and TK is understandably honoring that. Moving JR to a full time sit down interview role is such an obvious thing to do that I presume JR has simply said he isn’t interested in doing it.
  10. Maybe Lio was managing an ESG portfolio this entire time. Leveraged buyouts on Myanmar gem mines all day.
  11. A main event win for Chris Jericho’s Friend Sammy Guevara
  12. It’s all fun and games until WALT grows two feet between seasons and messes up the booking plans.
  13. Yano makes more sense than Okada to mix it up with OC. Not sure how you’d get there but a comedy tag with FTR stooging for those two would be incredible
  14. Agree on Miro. Turning him into the final boss is as simple as “he fixed his neck”.
  15. Danielson vs Uno is going to be French catch af
  16. With every title held by a babyface and your other top two non champion acts (Bryan and Punk) being babyface…feels like a heel turn is coming. And soon. I am all for Danielson leaning into the dark arts while Omega rests up, comes back 9 months from now as a babyface and they have a totally different spin on their match
  17. Man, we need Miro vignettes for a couple of months where he’s training in the Bulgarian wilderness with Tong Po overlaid with an Eastern European accented doctor declaring his neck is now 100%, followed by two more months of trouncing scrubs while demanding that they DDT him to demonstrate that his neck is now impervious to pain. Then he comes for Hangman.
  18. For the first time in the history of the company, it feels like we have no idea who “the next champion” is. It was always going to be Jericho, Mox, Omega, Hangman. And rightly so. But now what? Is it MJF, Miro, Danielson, Punk, Cole? Darby? We have no idea! Thats exciting! Go kick ass Hangman!
  19. Did we ever find out if the EVP title is just an honorary or if they have points in the company? I presume the former.
  20. I’m down with this storyline. “Blue Demon loves Anacott Steel”
  21. My goodness, Punk and Kingston took this feud from zero to “taped fists with kneepads over the jeans and a Waylon Jennings shirt” in 6 minutes
  22. "cutting Keith Lee" is definitely the new "cutting Miro" Some of these names I understand, but cutting Lee is batshit insane.
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