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  1. Well, Black was a spectacle. Damn. I’m good never seeing Cody again, though they obviously Dusty Finish’d it
  2. MJF has go away heat? At any rate, sport team rape jokes are established in wrestling canon as beyond the line. It’s like AEW hired Big Show or something.
  3. Bray was very much the modern Luger right? Great look, questionable in ring worker, over with the crowds, always around the main event scene, and had his balls cut off every time they made any sort of attempt to run with him.
  4. The only use of Cole in AEW I want to see is the vehicle through which they run a Cub La Vela show. Clay Hyatt can resurrect him from the dead on BTE or whatever.
  5. Yeah Otis has to be the pick right? He was going to get the huge “got the girl” WM moment. First name that came to mind for me.
  6. I mean, I’m not against Bray and Bo dusting off the Rap Is Crap Tour 98 shirts
  7. Wyatt in Impact might actually be the best fit given their house style with the Undead Realm and what not. I could see some goofy fun shit for Wyatt there.
  8. I don’t want to see him in ring, but if they signed him up for a King Curtis In The Dungeon of Doom type role in the Black, Darby Sting ecosystem that might be useful.
  9. What would rule is if Juvy more or less has Jericho beat, but Ciclope runs in, hits his finisher, unmasks as Sammy to a huge pop (with Dean nodding on the ramp approvingly), Jericho moonsault for the win
  10. Malenko has to make a cameo in this Jericho/Juvy match, right?
  11. Also the Domino’s PiP add during the pizza cutter spot was just fucking tremendous
  12. Fun show. Personally speaking the main event was decidedly not my thing, but I’m happy for those that dig that kind of match
  13. Docking points from Show for missing the golden opportunity for “look at the adjective” when Kingston asked if this is where the big boys play. Fun commentary throughout on this one
  14. Keith Lee is one the way out soon, right? Dude is doing time on his back like he’s wrapping up with Watts
  15. Smilin’ Finn just doesn’t do anything for me
  16. Not meaning to cross post too much from the sports board, but my goodness is the SEC using the 1980’s Vince McMahon playbook in college football right now or what? The parallels between the SEC killing the NCAA and Vince killing the NWA are crazy. Expand beyond your region by signing the best talent/teams in other territories to exclusive contracts, crown your own champion, sign exclusive TV deals … I wouldn’t be surprised if the next move will be to disallow those talent/teams to work for other promotions (play other major teams out of conference). Like, it’s all right there. In 10 years we are going to have Kansas State walking around with the NCAA football title like Nick Aldis.
  17. My half baked fantasy booked suggestion for selling out a stadium in the Nov/Dec timeframe: Baker/Rosa II Miro / Jingle Boy TNT Title Danielson/Omega Wight / Shaq (the let me up match between the dream match and main event and your mainstream pub deal, with heavy promo time on NBA on TNT during the heart of the NBA season) Hangman / Allin world title (your two biggest home grown stars headline. Babyface vs babyface but who cares) Whatever else with the Elite, Pinnacle, Cody is gravy.
  18. Britt is undeniably a draw at this point I think. Right there with Darby and Hangman as their hottest acts.
  19. Gonna sound extremely pessimistic here I know but with AEW poised to go on the promotional run of a lifetime here coming up, I can’t be the only one hoping that they or a talent don’t do something stupid in one of these death matches that would potentially fuck anything up with the network or audience. It isn’t worth it (e.g. if a fan gets injured by debri or some such). I’m good without light tubes or barbed wire spider nets or whatever.
  20. Seeing AEW doing almost a 20k advance for what is still a blind card in NYC, I’m really curious what a potential card with Bryan/Omega on top, in a destination location and with enough advance notice for the international traveling audience, would pull. Could they sell out a football stadium in Chicago, NY or Vegas? Maybe not that many. Or baseball - Citi Field holds 45k and that feels achievable. The biggest non WWE crowd in the past 30 years is what, the Goldberg Georgia Dome show? That drew 40k? I think they can top that.
  21. The tough thing about Baker being a de jour baby face is that the heel side is thin, whereas there are multiple programs for her on the other side. Where does she go next? The Bunny? Penelope? Those are JTTS’s. As opposed to Deeb, Rosa, Conti, Rico, Statlander, ....
  22. Well next week looks incredible Thought the same thing. This is exactly how that all started. Coach TK going to the DVDVR well for an all time board favorite angle? Let’s do it.
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