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  1. Looking back I much preferred this Allie to the current Bunny. She was a lot of in Impact.
  2. Christian’s promo was so fierce it caused an injury.
  3. 16:27 fastest I’ve done one of these in a while!
  4. Vince is out of control, he’s being led by his wiener, he loves NDA’s like ODB loved Cody Deaner. He thought he was clear, that they would just let it go, Someone should have told him “Settle down Hollywood Vince-etico”
  5. A lot of the issues stem from things outwith TK’s control, but he handles them in such an outside the box manner that it can be jarring. Sammy is a prime example of it. As his popularity starts to rise with the fans, he starts to get a push, then does the Sasha comments and gets pulled from TV. He returns, feuds with Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy gets injured. The feud slows down until Matt returns and we eventually get a blow off. He then wins the TNT belt and loses to Cody, who almost immediately gets Covid. interim title is brought in. Feud is interrupted until Cody returns. He then finally beats Cody and moves onto Scorpio, somewhat taking Cody’s place after Cody departs. During this time his relationship with Tay becomes known and for whatever reason fans quickly turn on both, despite Tay being one of the most popular wrestlers and Sammy being very well liked at the time, they are both now hated (and that’s going up against Dan Lambert). So the dynamic changes once again due to no fault of TK’s. and that’s just one guy. TK has had to do a lot of fire fighting in AEW’s short history. Covid, Brodie’s passing, injuries, Cody’s departure, this MJF thing. He must feel like one of this plate spinning guys you would see on talent shows.
  6. Having listened to him on Konnans podcast every week Disco strikes me as a “work smarter not harder” type of guy. I’m sure he said there had been tentative talks but he wasn’t interested (possible BS), as he preferred to work a lighter schedule for decent money. Disco was always fun in WCW, his feud / team with Alex Wright was great undercard stuff. His last Impact run was also a real highlight. I try to not let his Twitter trolling cloud my judgement, but it’s exceptionally difficult. He can be insufferable.
  7. Marko Stunt got ripped. in other news Dustin Rhodes “chupacabra enthusiast” might be my favorite new Twitter gimmick.
  8. Penta - weirdo Lucha goth/brawlers are something I can always get behind, see also Super Dragon, Ultramantis Black, Delirious. Brock - the best of the big bad ass ass kickers around Dustin - grizzled old vet who still goes hard FTR - best proponent of old school tag team wrestling
  9. Call me a stickler for the rules but inverted Atomic drops should be illegal. It’s surely a low blow! Regular old knee to tailbone atomic drops are fine however!
  10. Spare a thought for the Bunny, she’s been replaced by a younger model as the company’s blonde goth lady.
  11. If MJF does no-show, then a ready made replacement in Disco Inferno will already be in Vegas working his day job. Can we just get a 5 minute segment of Wardlow powerbombing Disco over and over again?
  12. I’ve learned more about contract law via MJF and Wardlow than I ever did working in a law office all these years.
  13. The Hardy Bucks were fantastic. Was dying seeing Cutler as Lita.
  14. Someone needs to take him aside and tell him “Settle down, Great-O-Khan-ico”
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