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  1. First 3/4 of the show - Mid South Main event - IWA: Mid South
  2. I always imagined a Vince movie would be exactly like the movie playing in Biff’s casino in Back to the Future 2. Come to think of it, it’s exactly how I imagine Titan Towers to be. “I thought I sent you to boarding school ya punk kid”
  3. “Jeff, you have tested positive for Covid, however, you also suffer from a thing called 3 stooges syndrome… don’t worry, it’s quite common in wrestling, Vince, Ric Flair and X-PAC have all had it”
  4. Vince’s pop culture reference point hasn’t reached the Hemsworths yet. “Get me that young up and comer Val Kilmer”
  5. If they get Dan Lambert back I’d love to see him send MMA guys after Punk. Punk v Lambert on the mic would be ridiculous. Or Cabana is the other obvious one.
  6. I believe it’s known as MLW now
  7. It’s been long debated if it’s a work or a shoot, but seems to stem from Kingston feeling that Hero ran Blackjack Marciano out of the business after an injury. I also believe they just don’t generally get along. It also seems to extend to Cesaro & Kingston which is kind of weird.
  8. More like JR : “but who’s that” Ex: “that’s… the Punk” JR: “the who?” Ex: “The Punk, and THATS THE DRAGON NOT FAR BEHIND” JR: “The what?” Ex: “The Punk and The Dragon” JR: “wha…” Tony: “That’s right JR” In researching this I had to rewatch the Butcher and Blade debut again. The live crowd was so dead for that, which makes the commentary on it even funnier.
  9. As a dedicated e-fed participant in the early 2000’s it’s becoming patently obvious that Vince is running Raw like a gigantic e-fed. The characters he writes get pushed. The wrestlers he kind of likes get enough to be prominent. Poor old Kross forgot to submit his RP this week and got jobbed out with minimal writing effort.
  10. Justice 4 Sami! justice 4 Sami! Sami Zayn is brilliant sometimes!
  11. I refuse to believe WALTER can be hurt by conventional means. Jesus if he can get hurt then anyone can. Get well soon WALTER.
  12. I can’t wait to see PAC and Black face off…. Or team up… “Angry Euro Nihilists” seems a good team name for them. Not enough Big Lebowski themed tag teams.
  13. You know, when I saw his Evolve stuff and his Impact run I thought Ethan Page is the most white meat generic wrestler in the world. The last few months in AEW he’s been great. He’s leaving Scorpio behind at this rate. AEW has 3 of the best arrogant bastard heels at the moment in Starks, Page and MJF. All 3 are fantastic.
  14. It really shouldn’t be my take away from the story, however, I genuinely believed Michael Elgin was his shoot name. When I used to see him on TV I would always think “man if my name was Michael Elgin I would have made up a better working name”. What an absolute creep.
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