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  1. I recently rewatched Mando and Ahsoka’s debut was really great on a rewatch. I’m really looking forward to both.
  2. If they make it all caps then it might work. Walter is a silly name but WALTER is awesome. Gunther silly. GUNTHER might work.
  3. Boba really needs to just stay away from that pit. also liked Fennec’s line “I’m an independent contractor, I’ll do jobs for you…” you can’t say that and not expect wrestling nerds to go “ohhhhhh”
  4. Or Def Leppard / The Offspring ”Gunter glieben glauchen globen”
  5. Vince watching Game of Thrones would only ever result in a complaint to HBO over the needless mutilation of Theon. ”we figuratively castrate our talent pal”
  6. Sim Snuka was Will Wright’s worst and most specific video game.
  7. I often wonder if MMA just not a thing in the Miyagi-verse? Seems like the logical progression for some of the kids, Hawk and Robbie have that “Dana White Contender series” vibe about them. Maybe that’s for next season,Cobra Kai becomes a full MMA team expanding beyond its karate roots. Complete with a cameo from either Dana White, Dan Lambert or Connor.
  8. If Cody really wanted to troll the internet wrestling fan base he should bring back his Twitter and post a list “Veer Madcap Moss Pat McAfee That one guy that plays Poker”
  9. It’s a gutsy move from Ali. I think if I’m a midcarder under WWE contract that has survived the recent cuts, then I’m looking at the landscape outside of WWE and probably just hanging around until either my contract expires or I get cut. In the meantime I get to keep wrestling (or sit at home). All the other promotions are jammed with talent at the moment, added to that there are a ton of guys and girls out there who haven’t even found a home. Is it worth giving up being lost in the mix under contract to potentially get lost in the mix without a contract? I think you have to have absolute belief in yourself to make that jump.
  10. Before that even, he was involved with Piledriver - the wrestling album 2 which was 1987.
  11. Didn’t they (WWE) literally have a wrestler burn to death in the ring last year?
  12. Kurt Angles theme and The Patriot’s theme always sounded similar
  13. Smackdown is a consistently above average to good show if they would only rotate the hell out of their mid card. Feels like any combination of Sheamus / Ricochet / Drew / Kofi / Moss / Corbin have been filling time for ages now. Sami’s In-Zayn segment was glorious. Boogs looks like an old timey carnival strongman with his new haircut. Seth / Reigns part 4957 actually has me intrigued. Bringing Becky into it was interesting. Smarmy 80’s villain Seth is the best Seth. He’s been doing it since the “Jawwwn” days but it’s went into overdrive recently in how good it is.
  14. That is phenomenal. I always liked Bowens but this just puts them over the edge. Love this team.
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