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7 hours ago, AxB said:

If they were going to have that edit, they should have put a crash pad their live and inserted a pre-tape of the actual landing. Because Dream seemed like he fucked his hip up doing that.

They may as well have scrolling text on the bottom that says, "PRO WRESTLING IS EXTREMELY FAKE. YOU MAY TRY THIS AT HOME."

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5 hours ago, EVA said:

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they did (or the opposite—pre-tape of the dive followed by actual landing from a safer height), given how dramatically and impossibly Dream’s body position changes between the second and third cuts.

Then he's really good at selling, because afterwards he was moving around like a guy with a broken hip.

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Guys, young Lord Alfred was a wizard. I have no idea why he ate up his opponents so much but he sure as hell did. You couldn't hold him in anything for long:

Here he is vs Jean Casi. I don't think I've ever seen an escape like this. It combines that "grab the foot and use it as a wedge" thing we see now and again, a sneak through the legs, and a picture perfect trip.


Hayes is just a machine:


Casi is trying to wrestle clean but anyone would get frustrated by Hayes. You know he's just going to snap at some point. You would. I would. Here he has a toehold, and Casi grabs a headlock. Look at how Hayes keeps the feet and turns it back into the toehold. Just nuts:


Promotional consideration here is paid for by the following badass and unstoppable 20-something year old stiff-upper lip Brit.

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Eventually Casi has enough and does start to hammer Hayes, but again, Hayes is just unstoppable early on and it turns into a slugfest. He just eats that knee and fires back:


Later on Casi turns a bodyscissors into a pin and look at how Hayes gets out. He reminds me a lot of WWWF champion Backlund.


Look at his righteous fury after a Casi cheapshot here, basically lashing out against the sin and villainy in the world itself:


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