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  1. Me too. I actually thought "hey, that's a plausible number, I could see where Hardy could swing $3,000 as a bounty."
  2. The non-competes can stick because the talent's still being paid through the length of the non-compete. A non-compete where the talent doesn't get paid probably wouldn't stick in court, because you have to allow people to make a living doing what they do if you take that living away from them by firing them.
  3. Goofed off to see the Halloween stuff, but the only thing I got was a Christine attack. I had to die to figure out it wasn't another player in a flaming car. Small, chill room. Everyone was minding their own business making money to buy the approximately 200 cars they've added since I was last on.
  4. I haven't checked yet, but Shop AEW and Pro Wrestling Tees better be selling a version of Danielson's plain white T from Sunday night.
  5. Might be a better choice than "I Like Beer," but that's open for debate. He'd probably like "Sneaky Snake."
  7. He probably deserves his own thread, but Tom T. Hall died.
  8. One thing that I don't like about AEW (but I understand it completely) is how predictable their match finishes are. Moxley's gonna win, Jade Cargill's gonna win and Jurassic Express is gonna win. I see why they do it, that's fine, but it makes watching the matches a little less drama-filled. Also, no way Danielson debuts before NYC, and no way "Final Countdown" isn't his entrance music.
  9. Online, or in single-player? I figured someone would give you grief online. I keep meaning to jump on, but I've developed a fear of anyone better than me, which is anyone who knows how to do that damn Mary Lou. One more party request from someone Level 80 who wants to make fun of me for being such a chump will cause me to huck a controller in deep frustration.
  10. Down six pounds on the week despite pigging out on the Burger King on Tuesday (another famous moment of weakness), but I'm back on the diet today after i cook me some chicken here in a sec - one of my cats is loving my dietary choices. Exercising roughly an hour a day, wiggling my legs really slowly on my stationary bike, basically just wiggling my legs at 50 rpm or so when I should be going 85. You figure I'd be taking biking more seriously because I'm getting better in shape to actually go biking, but alas, I can't seem to get any quickness going at all. I do seem to be getting a little faster each time, so maybe it's just slow progress. I would really like to go to a gym and use an elliptical, but I think my car is about to freaking break and I'd have no way of getting over there. Such is life.
  11. I just bought another bike I can't ride - too fat at the moment - but I got a good deal on an old Nikishi Japanese-made road bike, with a five-speed (?) drivetrain. It's old and made of steel, so you know it's bulletproof. I just gotta quit with the free food at work and settle back into a groove and I'll be riding the damn thing in a couple of months - getting back on my herd of bikes is my prime reason for trying to drop some pounds. The free food train pulled out of the lot Friday, and I'm expecting several weeks of sanity at work. It's amazing that for a company constantly pushing losing weight on us (insurance reasons), we stay fed at work.
  12. Geez, for a game that sounds simple on its surface, it can get very complex. I still can't get my garden in order and get to growing things on a larger scale. Plus, as IRL, I'm striking out with the ladies. Gotta hurry up and get me some cheese.
  13. How would your back handle front squats? Those always caused my quads to fire right up.
  14. Game gives you enough to do besides all of the farming, and I typically run out of energy at about 2 p.m., so I get about 16 hours of sleep a day. There's just a buttload of stuff to craft, and I gotta remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. For example, game wants me to build a coop. Problem is, it would nearly bankrupt me. No money, no seeds, no farming, no making more money. So I have to concentrate on farming right now to the detriment of building a coop and foraging around for the hundreds of items needed to repair the community center. And that's without getting too heavily into the caves.
  15. Managed to lose two pounds this week despite Monday's shameful pigout. I'll take this as a win. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and it strikes me that dieting is a balance between being easy on onself and hard on oneself. I could've prevented this whole affair if I'd repeated to myself "I'm not caving" instead of "I always cave, woe is me." It's a change of a couple of words. I could've done this. I know it. Instead, I caved. Now that's it's over, I have to tell myself that mistakes were made, no problem, and not beat myself up over it. I'm really eating too little to have much will to exercise (here we go again - a handy little "I gotta exercise" would do wonders here. I still have plenty of time left in the day. First testosterone injection seems to be doing not much whatsoever. I have to go back for a second tomorrow, maybe it just needs time to build up. I'd like to think it helped me lose what weight I lost.
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