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  1. I wanted something like Animal Crossing, but I don't have a Switch or plans to get one, so I splurged on the $15 to buy Stardew Valley for the XBox One. I realize I am a 52-year-old man playing a farming simulator, but I take solace in the fact that you guys are playing Animal Crossing and they're sorta similar. I'm kinda tired of kill or be killed and would like something I can play while listening to podcasts and whatnot.
  2. You ever read this? https://leangains.com/fuckarounditis/ They had my dreaded enemy at work today — free food. I'm a sucker for free food from way back, and they had another weakness of mine, regular Ruffles potato chips. I'll gain some weight with all this salt, but back to it tomorrow. I need a healthier approach to food, but they're hard to master when you're a bachelor and don't feel like cooking your ass off.
  3. Another day, another hour on the stationary bike at a slightly faster pace than yesterday. I listen to music, but time still drags. Guess I should increase the intensity a bit, give me something to think about besides "will this ever end?" Today, I had plenty of distraction for the last 30 minutes or so by one of my cats, who decided that playing fetch with him would be tons more interesting than me pedaling in place. He's skinny - he'll never understand. Fud plan 4 now: 6 p.m.: Medium chicken breast, 100 grams oatmeal 9 p.m.: Medium chicken breast Midnight: Medium chicken breast Not a lot of food, will be going up soon, most likely.
  4. They had Smith machines at the one I've been to, which allowed for some kind of form-wrecking squatesque motion. Problem is there's tons of cheap bros still trying to do bro workouts in the gym so the Smith machines are packed with 135-pound benchers. The dumbbells are packed with more-back-than-arm-movements curlers. The place is just a shitshow, great for people who need to lose a little weight and could stand to get on a treadmill, but little else. And I've got an exercise bike at home, so I don't really need the place for cardio.
  5. I did about 60 minutes of what I define as "leg wiggling," riding on my stationary bike for an hour at any damn speed I please (average 40-50 RPMs) just to see if I could do a dang hour. No prob. We turn up the intensity next time. I gotta get into a gym, stat, to add a weights component, but that's trickier than it seems. My income's limited, and I gotta see if there's someplace I can go besides Planet FItness - just don't care for them, used to belong to one - but I'm not sure the alternatives are in my price range. Feast or famine - either can't afford it or can afford a gym I don't much care for. I don't think being able to deadlift is too much to ask, but it is at Planet FItness. There's a million reasons why I don't much care for the place, actually.
  6. I asked an extremely knowledgeable Facebook group (I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but these people know their stuff) about how to handle this and the consensus seems to be to keep doing whatever I'm doing, as long as its working, and just settle for having my test numbers more in a therapeutic range instead of holding me back like before. I was worried about whether to try to add muscle or not, but they all seem to think there's not really a whole lot of muscle to be added at that dose, so they suggest it's full steam ahead with my weight loss plan if it seems to be working, which it is, for now. Gotta get a couple of life things straightened out first, but I'm going to start doing cardio soon, and looking into a gym.
  7. He wouldn't have gotten as much publicity, but that would've been a good idea - athletic commission stops match, Khan "bribes" them with a $100,000 donation to a local charity, commission says "what the hell, why not?" match continues.
  8. HIs signature's got a stutter.
  9. Nurse practitioner says my testosterone level is on the low side of normal, so she prescribes me a "baby dose" of test. Others have described it as a "medium dose." Interested to see how to play this and what it does for my attempt at weight loss. I do know things will be changing a bit. I get too involved in sprint-not-race mentality and try to do too much, too soon, when I need to hang back and be willing to lose a week if it means doing better for several more. Big picture. Slow and steady wins the race. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If the shoe fits, wear it.
  10. In my racing crew flirtation, nobody pitted you on purpose, but I was dead guaranteed to finish last. Hell, I'd get lapped. I decided to save the racing for the Forza Horizon games and stick to what I do best - get killed by dots. No car would be worth the trouble for me. Plus you know they'll put it on sale three months from now if they haven't already.
  11. Yes. I am poor. $60 for a year was a significant little chunk of change for me today, but if I didn't pay it, the XBox basically becomes a doorstop.
  12. So, do any other "part time" gamers - I have my XBox on about once a week - think that damn $60 for a year of XBox Live is kinda pricey for what you're getting? I don't even use it for streaming services. I know it's a necessity for when I do play, but it's still overpriced. If you buy their $10 a month game service, do you get XBox Live as part of it, or do you pay for that separately?
  13. As long as you keep gaining, I'd stick with what you're doing, but that's just me.
  14. I'm thinking about the usual paradox of upping the calories, reintroducing carbs in limited quantities. I'm just used to my little plan taking off 15-25 pounds of water weight in a week. This is definitely a long haul. BTW, now I really want some cantaloupe.
  15. I've been trying to shed some quick water weight by going (practically) no-carb the last few days, and I'm stubbornly hanging on to everything like grim death. I've dropped 25 pounds in a week doing this before, but now we're down to 2 in a week. That's a sad return for the effort being put in, and changes are on the way. Soon.
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