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  1. I meant that they don't charge a subscription fee. I can't believe people buy cards and whatnot from them. I know the game has achieved this status that everybody owns it, it seems.
  2. Found it, finally. But I don't find it until Robert is ready to run off and go save the universe. Me and Melraz can carry on. I went on last night and was floored by the changes - there's that new (to me) nightclub near the casino, and one player had an arcade with a secret door that led to a gun-modifying stop and several vehicles. Couldn't do anything because the player wouldn't let me (of course). It's amazing the shit they've kept on pumping out for this game considering it's 7 years old and they don't really make any money off keeping the things going. I tried to get a Simeon ca
  3. I fear the try-hards with their remote control tanks, flying motorcycles, suicide penchants and Mary Lous. I'll try to get updated tomorrow, fuck it. Connection problems may be a big problem - haven't forwarded my ports since switching cable companies a year and a half ago.
  4. I SO don't wanna see the Bucks turn on Moxley next week, but I'm afraid I don't have a choice. if it gets Gallows off my screen and back to impact, it'll be worth it. He's a big dude, but he's got that X-Pac heat with me. Anderson and Gallows' career peak was on Southpaw Championship Wrestling. They have the charisma of a piece of gravel from your driveway. They were never good in NJPW, either. Feels like AEW flies by lately. Better than struggling to finish Raw with a DVR working overtime like a few years ago.
  5. It seems like everything in my life is leading up to that second shot on 4-14. What kills me is I have to work on 4-14 and 4-15 no matter what, so that should be fun.
  6. 1900 seems high, especially when you start spending more time in freemode, which pays off with significantly less RP. 1,000? Oh yeah. Maybe 1,300. But even that seems high to me. Secret Horsemen tank fighting strategy: "to the Mini-Cooper!"
  7. If I remember Nate correctly, the hospital called it pneumonia, but I wonder if there wasn't some COVID there. He was one of them milkfed younguns, lifted a lot of weight in his time. I can't remember if he ever competed in local bodybuilding or not. I know at one point he was ticked to have a pro set of weights and a rack at home so he wouldn't have to fool with a gym anymore. My favorite online moment: BA-DING! became an inside joke for us because we'd be playing GTA and his future wife would be texting him every 20 seconds, I swear. BA-DING! BA-DING! BA-DING BA-DING! Right after a BA-D
  8. Rippa, fix this if its out of kilter in any way. Thanks. Derek Burke, who posted here as RUkered, died Thursday. He did quite a bit of posting in this folder, which is why I put this here. He was probably known on here as part of our little group of online gamers (Derek, me, Melraz [Nate] and Robert C) known for picking on level 2s and teaching them life lessons on GTA Online. We also played other online games, and gaming online without Derek just plain won't be the same. Phil said his last post here was in the Borderlands folder and consisted of the sentence "death can kiss my hairy ass.
  9. Oh yeah, everybody had a variation of this one, but they didn't variate much. Melraz had a great variation in the desert that involved a shit-ton of molotov cocktails and plenty of pelting each other in the face from close range.
  10. I don't miss Dan succeeding at shanking me while I have my back turned, the lilly-livered coward.
  11. Is Prison Thugz the one with Matrazzo's brother in the barn? That was always good for a laugh. I also miss (I think it's called) Chop Chop.
  12. BTE is a breezy 15 or 20 minutes that features the adventures of the Geek Squad (the Dark Order) and Johnny Hungee's food-based challenges for the BTE title. I gotta try watching to make sure I'm not missing anything, but 13 matches and two hours of guys getting mercy checks is a bit much for me.
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