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  1. I can't believe we posted all of those diva pictures without anyone putting a Brazzers logo on any of them. And yes I probably would have if I could use Photoshop.
  2. Hero has stated that the issue was his ring style not his physique.
  3. I always wondered why no one ever reversed the Shining Wizard by just pushing the guy backwards after he stepped onto the knee...
  4. Can we start a WWE stock thread to keep this shit from plugging up our wrestling thread?
  5. Intoxicated TAKA Michinoku with a roomful of strippers wins the next 6 months worth of photo threads.
  6. They definitely take cards, that's what I used at Final Battle.
  7. I think it went down to $25 on one of the Xbox live sales like last year...
  8. Tough break for Grey...His partner becomes champ while he's out injured then he's squashed once and released when he recovers.
  9. I can only assume that if the skeletons on that shirt were a .gif that Batista would be doing a vigorous crotch thrust.
  10. Good fucking God...is that Michelle and Melina in that chin lock pendulum thing?
  11. Are we really ignoring this?! What the hell is going on in this picture?
  12. Re: Palumbo/OHaire v. Buff/Luger: Buff and Luger didn't want to lose, and for once bitching and complaining didn't get a WCW finish changed. So they cut the match short in the ring because they didn't want to be there. That's pretty much all it was.
  13. I think the Kobashi same face/pose thing should be Photoshop gold. Get on that, people more talented than me.
  14. It's all hypothetical, there's no wrong or right. So I can absolutely say what I feel to be true.
  15. He just needed more ring time. He had no shortage of bookings so if it wasn't in IWA it would've been somewhere else.
  16. I wouldn't say he developed Punk as much as booked a guy with a lot of potential...Not really THAT admirable.
  17. I had a vectrex and a colecovision...there were like 2 good games for vectrex. You didn't miss much.
  18. So I was watching Halloween Havoc 92, and boy are the last 3 minutes or so of Austin/Williams v. Dustin/Windham frustrating. They build this fantastic match for 27 minutes, and then it has a false finish with an extra ref and the illegal man gets pinned. So we restart the match. Almost immediately there's another 3, the bell rings...and we just ignore it and go to a time limit draw. I've never seen such a disappointing set of circumstances ruin a great match before.
  19. Wait what was wrong with that House Of Hardcore show? I was there and it was a blast live...
  20. He said "the hell with it", and then I'm pretty sure he just said fucking.
  21. If only there was some place we could put things like this that don't deserve a thread...
  22. Would running Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania fill that stadium? I'm not sure what else they could roll out, although an Austin return would help.
  23. I guess this would be the place to ask this...I might pick up a PS4 sometime soon. I have a PS3 with PlayStation plus, now I assume I can't play the free PS3 games I downloaded on the PS4 correct?
  24. Look man I have enough trouble keeping the air bills for me and my girlfriend paid, I can't take on another one.
  25. Well Thor made a shit load more on it's sequel and the first one wasn't even that good...So it seems safe to predict Cap as being one of, if not the, highest grossers this year. It'll do better than Guardians which I don't think will flop either.
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