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  1. Fair's fair dude. If people can rip President Trump, I can praise President Trump(and I'll bet any money we wouldn't be having the same convo if this was Obama for obvious reasons). Don't turn this into the censored echo chamber that was r/politics. You want to keep politics out of a wrestling forum? Then keep politics out of a wrestling forum. This different rules for more favored opinions stuff is what got us elected.
  2. That's my prez <3 #45. I took a ton of verbal abuse and death threats, got banned from F4W and multiple subreddits and had to hide my true feelings out of safety concerns but I never gave up and believed when I was told I was a fool. 11/8/2016 was our Independence Day and I'll remember it forever. Thanks to r/the_donald, Rudy, Dobbs, Hannipede, Kellyanne, Pence, Newt and Huckabee. TRUMP MAGA 2016!
  3. It's supposed to be a gif, but not showing up as one - Ricky Banderas almost kills Flash Flanagan: http://imgur.com/ywpQ9ZX
  4. Sorry, but we will not be disrespecting the good name of Flash Flanagan here. Not after this bump: http://imgur.com/ywpQ9ZX
  5. PN News was over, though pretty much every in '91 WCW was, especially the Birds.
  6. I am a tape trader, so for me, the WWE selection is pretty weak. I would not surprised if I still have more stuff than they do in 10 years, and I haven't traded in a few years. Legit there is stuff I've been waiting 10 years for from WWE 24/7 that never got uploaded.
  7. > Pirating is illegal IIRC, distributing/showing/uploading/seeding is illegal. Viewing it is not. > We can do the hypotheticals that sometimes, people will eventually pay for something they're stealing in the first place, but the theft still takes place. You do your hypotheticals. I'll go with various articles seen here - https://www.google.com/webhp?ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#safe=off&q=pirating+increases+sales The bigger issue in reality though is that if hardcore fans like myself lose interest, WWE is failing on it's most stable base.
  8. How does this address: If you want to discuss this I'm all ears, but this isn't a politics thread.
  9. Sounds like a cop out to me. Back on topic. As I said, feel free to explain.
  10. Feel free to explain. Nice list of various articles talking about piracy increasing sales here: https://www.google.com/webhp?ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#safe=off&q=pirating+increases+sales
  11. On PPV's. On merch, WWE travel packages and tickets I was, plus tons of free advertising from my site.
  12. I think it is a concern if your hardest of hardcore fans are losing interest. I'm pretty sure no one minus WWE wrestlers saw more WWE in 2013-2014 than I did. I didn't even stream nor download the show despite knowing where to find it. I've always been on the side of "it's better people pirate it than not see it period", because at least people who saw the show talk about it.
  13. Please find where I said I'm not watching WWE anymore, because I don't recall seeing it. I do recall saying: I'm just not going to see the(network) shows anymore. Sadly am just over my 10 year wrestling phase or so and the WWE Network just doesn't offer me enough to subscribe. I think the most I've seen of a Raw or SD this year was when Dragon retired.
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