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  1. It sucks because as many dumb things as CZW and DJ specifically have done, this isn't on him. The footage was sold to another company and that's how they chose to market it. It's not in his control.
  2. I've heard from people close to GCW that it's pretty much a done deal, but who knows. It'd be huge for them if they actually did put it together.
  3. I know all those words but that sentence doesn't make any sense.
  4. What I've gathered from discussions about it, is that Los Parks do it as a spot pretty often, but they legitimately restrained the ref without him agreeing to do it beforehand.
  5. D666 is on my personal shitlist for KK grabbing my ex/best friend's breasts at a bar, and I'm under the impression he's notorious for things like that.
  6. It was 15 staples specifically. Gage slashed open an artery with a pizza cutter. He's Louie so he's ok, just taking some time off to heal up. And yeah the commission had their eye on this match, they confiscated several weapons and even patted the guys down before they went out for the match.
  7. CZW 2019 hasn't done much for me honestly...17/18 had some really good stuff that went under the radar, but it feels a little directionless now. That's very much due to losing so many guys they had built around and a lot of start stop pushing. What are the opinions on Jordan Oliver around here?
  8. Not showing up is kinda his thing. I don't know why exactly, but he's notorious for canceling shows. This is definitely not the first time he pulled out of a GCW show either, although he did work for them in 2016 or 17.
  9. Joey started that spot when he was in Japan for DDT. So apparently he was doing something right beforehand.
  10. The replacement match has been announced as Ospreay/Tanahashi v. Suzuki/ZSJ Edit: Sorry, that post up there hadn't loaded when I made this one. IGNORE ME.
  11. So I know the company doesn't have a great reputation these days, but I've been helping out with CZW lately and the last 2 shows have been pretty goddamn great. Last night's should be on Highspots soon and last month's is already there, but I feel like they're getting into a good rhythm. Lots of variety on the shows and some great deathmatch stuff with younger guys. I think it's worth giving a shot if you haven't in a while.
  12. Ok sometime within the last few months I saw a gif on here of a Japanese death match where a light tube contraption swung down and sandwiched a dude in a corner. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and if so can I get some more information on that?
  13. There's no way anyone but Hogan could be Jacob Marley. And the ghost of Christmas future is supposed to terrify Vince, so it'd be someone like Johnny Gargano. Vince screaming in his sleep "No dammit! He's too short!"
  14. Apparently Roman is under the very false impression that everyone can pull off dressing like Nakamura.
  15. Did you used to book for IWA Japan? Also re: Tanaka/RVD situation- I don't think RVD ever wrestled Bubba in a title match, you may be thinking of Bubba replacing Candido against Taz at Hardcore Heaven 99. It looks like RVD vs Tanaka happened on TNN right before his injury.
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