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  1. In his book, Bret says he used to draw Chief Jay Strongbow in the middle of orgies so that's likely the agent he's referring to. Strongbow was apparently pretty straight laced so Bret thought it'd be funny to make him the focal point of the drawings. He also said that when Bundy decided to leave, Bret drew a picture of him (Bundy) puking up a bunch of dicks as a going away present. Bundy took the picture and captioned each dick with Bret's brothers' names.
  2. I remember walking back to UM's campus from The Grove at 3am a couple of times from 98-01. You have to tromp right through Overtown to do that. I thought I was smart and was saving the $15 or whatever on cab fare and that I'd be ok because I'm black but in hindsight that was pretty fucking dumb. That said, I was in college at the time and coming back from bars so if anyone robbed me, the most they'd have gotten was $30, a pair of cargo shorts, an nWo shirt and a pair of New Balances.
  3. I consider anything north of Homestead with a 305 area code to be Miami but that's just me. Side note, I still have my 305 number for my cell phone and I get spam calls all day every day from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando. I used to get calls from the hospital there. I guess the person who previously had my cell phone never updated their profile or whatever with the hospital and I would randomly get calls from them telling me that Mrs. Garcia's medicine was ready.
  4. Arn's podcast never feels like a chore to sit through as they never get bogged down in any silliness about Meltzer or any schtick they're trying to get over.
  5. I was at the RAW where Austin turned the tables and put Undertaker on that symbol. There was also a Beaver Cleavage segment. Unfortunately that was also Owen Hart's last RAW as Over the Edge was next week.
  6. It's technically in Coral Gables but trust me, it's pretty much in Miami. I went there.
  7. You ever been to Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, New York etc? Shit, you ever been anywhere in the US? There's a pretty big portion of the country that watches college football and basketball for hours every weekend.
  8. I fall in this. Heck, for a good portion of the pandemic, I'd watch a ton of wrestling with my buddy on Thurs during our Zoom watch along, then watch AEW/Smackdown on Fri and then watch whatever college/NFL games were on Sat and Sun.
  9. Coach Bobby Finstock automatically makes Teen Wolf awesome.
  10. And Kevin Sullivan being billed from "The Iron Gates of Fate" or Singapore depending on his mood while sounding like he should've been asking some asshole Harvard guy, "howddya like them apples?"
  11. Where does Ahmed Johnson attempting to speak coherently rank? Also, I always loved how King Booker would use a terrible British accent but revert back to "street" Booker whenever he was flustered or mad about something. I also got a kick out of Stunning Steve Austin being billed from Hollywood, CA but sounding like Hank Hill after someone mentioned that they grilled with charcoal instead of propane.
  12. Someone with better photoshop skills than me needs to put Sid's face here:
  13. The only reason I even thought of that was because I remember one of the Apter mags ran a cover story on Taras Bulba beating Kerry with the clawhold and how that was signifying the downfall of the Von Erich dynasty. I remembered that guy being kinda fat and thinking that didn't jive with Johnny K-9's body type.
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