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  1. Ah ok, fair point. See it was more nostalgia for me to see those matches.
  2. I liked the Pillman one more for the documentary than the matches. Pillman is a guy like Eddie Gilbert to me where they had a relatively brief time in the business but they both fascinate the hell out of me. I thought the matches they included were pretty cool too b/c remember at the time, there was no WWE Network. I thought it was awesome to see the Bad Company match and to be able to rewatch some of the WCW matches like the cage match against Steamboat/Douglas and against Liger.
  3. IIRC, The Rise & Fall of ECW dvd is the one where Vince actually admitted that putting HHH over Tazz while Tazz had the ECW title wasn't the best idea.
  4. That one was actually tape trader gold back in the day. WCW never released it on VHS as far as I know so the only way anyone had it was if you actually bought the ppv and recorded it. Another fun fact from that ppv is Jimmy Garvin debuting a Stone Cold Stunner against Johnny B. Badd with him and Michael Hayes shouting about calling it the "911" into the camera after the match. Go to about 1:30 in this clip https://streamable.com/jm3k8d
  5. The Pillman one was awesome. So was the first Bret one.
  6. So what's funny is that I blasted him with Johnny's pistol to get him down to 0% but I think I got him in midjump or something and he ended up on a ledge that I couldn't get to. The dialogue proceeded as normal and I was able kill him but I had to go to the other side of the room to get a clear shot at him. Took me a couple of tries because he was at a weird angle and I was worried that I'd end up having to spare him which I did not want to do.
  7. Dusty and Magnum were drippin' back in 85
  8. Did my first ending. Went with Panam and the Aldacadoes and . I'm gonna consider that the "canon" ending for my character even though I'm going to do the others as well. Also, the fight with Smasher wasn't even that hard. I had been thinking it was gonna be tough and was maxing out all of my chemical weapons but I managed to beat him pretty easily with Comrade's Hammer and a couple of shots from Bloody Maria.
  9. Ah thanks. I must've gotten them up to Level 50 then. I upgraded Overwatch a bunch as it's my go to sniper rifle. Didn't think I'd upgraded the Malorian that much but I did get it fairly deep into the game (probably around level 35-40) so it likely didn't take many upgrades to get to its max. I was just confused because they just disappeared from the Upgrade menu with no message or anything. That's why I thought it might be some kind of bug.
  10. I'd imagine they'd likely just let the guy/woman go. I've listened to a lot of former NBA/NFL players talk about this issue and the rising number of players who demand trades nowadays. If the guy is going to be a malcontent, it's better for both parties to part ways. You do run the risk of "inmates running the asylum" but you also don't want things to turn super ugly and spread to other parts of your locker room.
  11. Do certain weapons have a max upgrade point? I can't upgrade Overwatch and Johnny's pistol anymore for some reason. They don't show up in the upgrade screen anymore. Kinda odd because I can still upgrade every other iconic weapon. I have Comrade's Hammer upgraded to where it does something like 1,200 DPS.
  12. Watching one of my "comfort food" matches in Tyler Bate vs. WALTER and wondering..........why in the fuck isn't Tyler Bate on my tv playing the wrestling machine underdog babyface against Roman Reigns right now? Tyler kicking out at 1 of WALTER's powerbomb is legit one of my few "holy shit" moments from the past 10 years or so. I don't know about ya'll but I need to see a Wrestlemania crowd chanting, "TYLER BATE...OHHHH...TYLER BATE" to the beat of Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers.
  13. I really love the soundtrack to this game. Pretty awesome rendition of when Johnny storms Arasaka to save Alt.
  14. Yeah, he wanted to be called "Ramblin' Ricky Rhodes". It's funny because I remember Dusty related that story in a shoot interview in the early 2000s and people (myself included) kinda wrote it off as Dusty just putting himself over and exaggerating. Then Flair actually confirmed it in his book and in other interviews.
  15. It's funny that you mentioned Florida because JJ Dillon specifically talked about that in his book when describing how good of a booker Eddie Graham was. He said that if there was going to be a heel beatdown of a face in the show, Eddie would book it for later in the show. He'd then specifically book Jack Brisco or another top face to wrestle earlier and have Gordon Solie do an interview with him and they'd poignantly drop a line like, "Thanks for your time Jack, I know we have to make this short as you have to go visit the children's hospital/sick kid/charity work/insert good guy deed here". The face would then do a short promo and then leave and that way later in the show, when the heels are running roughshod, the fans weren't like, "where the eff is Brisco? He's supposed to be such a good guy and he can't help his friends?!" Plus it put even more heat on the heels because the fans would think, "those guys are assholes. They waited until Brisco left! Wait till he gets back and hears about this!"
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