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  1. Eh, I dunno. Cena had Punk trapped in the STF and likely would've won if not for Vince sending Laurinitis in to ring the bell. Counter argument is that Cena could've just ignored Vince and Big Johnny and kept the hold on until Punk tapped and that he was done in by his own hubris making Punk's win clean.
  2. I've been following Juvy on Instagram and he's actually pretty ripped now. Seems like he's over whatever demons he had back in his youth.
  3. I'm actually liking Baron Corbin as Ol' Gil from The Simpsons. I hope that the next time he wins a match or someone gives him money he goes, "Ol' Baron'll be eating food tonight!"
  4. I was working from home while he was playing and I nearly spilled my drink on my work laptop laughing when I heard Vince shout, "BOOMSHAKALAKAAAA!" I'd forgotten all about that.
  5. My 4 year old is playing WWF Wrestlemania on my retro gaming emulator and it's funny to hear him emulating Vince McMahon's calls while he plays. I think I've heard him shout, "You gotta give credit to Doink the Clown!" a dozen times this morning.
  6. If this culminates in Vince bringing back his doo rag, I'm in.
  7. Also, Sandman jumping off of an old-timey stage coach onto Bam Bam Bigelow and going through a table
  8. I always liked the Spring Stampede set. Mainly because it gave us Tony Schiavone's classic "That can be very abrasive!" call of Sting hitting Randy Savage with a bale of hay.
  9. Came across this oddity today. Ernie Ladd vs. 14 year old Terry Meeka aka Terry Gordy. Gordy billed as being from New York City! Ladd actually lets him get a bit of offense in before shutting him down and picking up the win with a pretty impressive top rope splash.
  10. Anyone else playing Outriders on PS4/5? I just bought it on PS4 and started playing last week. I'm enjoying it so far.
  11. I never felt the need to make an elaborate CAMP. I really enjoyed building big settlements in FO4 but just never cared to do it that much in FO76. The game is definitely super grindy, especially when you're trying to get enough reputation with one of the factions in order to get plans to build cool weapons. Then you have to grind more to get treasury notes. I have fun playing the game but I can definitely see why anyone would get really bored with it after a while. And don't worry about stimpaks. You'll find tons of them as you progress through the game.
  12. Same here. I'd love to see him come back and do it again at some point but no f'n way he's gonna tolerate having Vince yelling at him through a headset for any prolonged period of time.
  13. Pillman's another guy who could've had a tremendous run as an announcer, manager or authority figure. He'd already knocked it out of the park as a white meat babyface and as a crazy heel. In a perfect world, he'd have realized that his ankle was too messed up for him to go at the level he was used to and transitioned into the modern Jesse the Body role that JR tried to convince him to do and we're talking about him in the same way we talk about how Heenan was great at everything.
  14. Had Owen lived, he'd have been a hell of an announcer. JR talked about how fun it was to work with him at King of the Ring 96 and I thought he did a great job there and the few other times he did it.
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