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  1. That match has been a strange sort of mile-marker in my wrestling fandom. I saw it when I was first getting into Japanese wrestling, and loved it. As I read more and got 'smarter', I learned that it was actually an empty spectacle, just two dudes welting each other. But then as I watched more and developed my own tastes, I discerned it was a spectacle full of the meaning the crowd gave it, and that two dudes welting each other is a great story. Or at least, it was then. If strike exchanges and fighting spirit chops have become a meme, I'm not inclined to blame Kobashi and Sasaki.
  2. Yeah, "if he hits lefties" is doing a lot of work, there. His career slash against them is .191 / .266 / .310
  3. I would like to hear an explanation for why that wouldn't be as crazy it definitely does seem.
  4. Mahomes a participant in practice today. (CEH and Watkins, too.) Still in the protocol, and the injury report lists a toe as well.
  5. The hot new exploitable market inefficiency: trying to have a good team.
  6. Why do you hit 'return' so many times before signing your posts?
  7. My nit-picky gripe regarding match structure in this is era is that, if we're to believe audible fan support really helps wrestlers power up, harness fighting spirit, etc., then a lack of it should manifest somehow. And yeah, steering away from big epics would be a great way to do that.
  8. Washington probably needs Brady to throw a couple panic-picks, and maybe get strip-sacked, leading to easy scores. I think Smith is good enough if the field position and game flow tilt in his favor. Unlikely, ultimately. But it’s still a worse matchup for TB than the Giants, I think.
  9. Washington has one of the best pass-rush win-rates in the league, while Tampa is mid-pack in pass-protection, with a quarterback who really doesn't like being pressured. They're rightly an underdog, but that's one path to a competitive game.
  10. My baseless prediction: Ibushi retains against White, is challenged for the Heavy only by an Okada who has found his main event form again; Okada wins, Ibushi gets a long run with the IC, and the belts are split again.
  11. This is the sleaziest looking promo image I've seen in a long time. Tremendous.
  12. Ibushi is my dude, so I'm just happy to see him win, and I'm always going to be into Kenny morosely vague (but not that vague) tweeting about him. I'm going to hope they fight, even though I know better.
  13. Something of a non-sequitur, but since it has been brought up, Tolkien absolutely does nudge up against the fourth wall several times on LoTR: Bilbo joking that Frodo has had several chapters worth of adventures before reaching Rivendell (the books exist in-universe) but will need help writing it all up, Sam's "It's like in the great stories" speech, etc. Most fiction comments on its medium, to one extent or another. That needn't ruin immersion. Broadly, I just don't see any evidence here. Doesn't Cassidy tend to draw pretty well? Doesn't his merch sell? Don't his youtube videos rank among the most watched? I know his main event with Jericho didn't pull a good number, but I think that speaks more to his ceiling, rather than a total lack of utility. I get not being a fan, but wrestling has basically always been a variety show to varying degrees, without hurting the dramatic aspects--even when comedy intersects. (Minoru Suzuki can feud with Yano, and even suffer a string of losses to him, without losing credibility, as a for-instance.) Also, most people outside of wrestling don't know a single current wrestler. It's a niche product. If they think it's a joke and don't take it seriously, they do so because they dismiss the whole enterprise prima facie.
  14. Padres add another young star SS (though he'll move to second now). https://mykbostats.com/players/764-Kim-Haseong-Kiwoom-Heroes
  15. I think the really damning thing is I can't imagine having a really emotional response either way, and I've been wholly in the tank for Ibushi for... god, over a decade, now. If he wins, it'll feel more like a relief that he's finally ticked that box; if he doesn't, it is what it is. Any combo of Ibushi/Naito/White will be fantastic, of course, and the second match has a great built-in hook with White working over a beat-up opponent.
  16. Here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/dt0ucg/i_analyzed_james_hardens_performance_in_every_nba/
  17. I kinda expect the belts to be split after Ibushi wins them, because he's weird enough to defend both separately and--unlike Naito--really reveres the white belt.
  18. Shiozaki/Sugiura was tough to get through, for me, though on some level I get that it's an excellent match. It's hard not to be compelled by two guys working so hard, and the final stretch of recklessly stiff violence, but I just can't get past the whole thing feeling like an echo, which is basically my feelings about present-day NOAH all tied up concisely. They probably deserve better than the attention I can muster.
  19. While it's true that Westbrook's ability to play point-center allowed Houston to deal Capela and play the lineups they did, it's also true that Westbrook's skill-set and style requires teams to bend to him. He's an incredibly versatile player if one only considers classic positional parameters; but he's very inflexible as well, and limited to only being the Nth degree version of himself.
  20. Despy, burying Wato beneath the bus he’s just run him over with.
  21. Anthony Edwards, trying to demonstrate to Minnesota that he's already further along than their previous top pick, Andrew Wiggins, when it comes to basketball-related antipathy:
  22. The problem isn't whether his midrange game will deteriorate, it's that it compromises spacing in a LeBron-orchestrated offense. Unless he and/or Davis start reliably hitting 40% from 3, they need spacing.
  23. Yeah. It's true that WM30 and all the surrounding aspects--road trip with friends, Bryan winning, getting ramp-side seats for RAW--will always be among the most fun times of my life. But it's also true that I haven't watched any WWE in roughly a couple years, and am so checked out I can't imagine going back.
  24. It sure seems like it would be best, booking-wise, to disentangle the G1 from WK, and let it stand as its own reward. But maybe the potential short-term hit in interest would be more significant than I expect, and maybe not all that short-term.
  25. I think Ospreay will be slotted in as a challenger to--and maybe winner of--one/both of the big heavyweight belts, at some point early next year. He and Ibushi have history, and he's been mostly kept away from Naito and White. (I'm not really stoked on this, but he has a faction now. Seems inevitable.)
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