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  1. There's something extra depressing about seeing Mutoh, who basically resisted decades of the genre zeitgeist swinging towards being stiffer, or head-droppier, or somehow more genuinely violent, taking a hard-way headbutt at goddamn 60 years old.
  2. "Now they're like babies--they're cryin' over spilled milk. But the milk--it's all gonna be put back together, brother." What a line.
  3. While we're sorta on the subject: However good they are, punches should mostly be saved for heel cheating/face retribution high spots, or concession stand brawl type matches. That is, wrestling is better with an acknowledged closed-fist rule, and the exceptions should mean something.
  4. It's not, but the point is you have to consider every aspect of the working environment, not just the in-ring style. All Japan's big main events were brutal, but those matches were incredibly infrequent. Misawa and Kawada weren't expected to work an 80% effort singles match 4-5 nights a week on the house show circuit. Mostly, you were doing pretty tame six-man tags, without as extensive/grueling travel--and that travel, hotels, food, etc., was nearly all covered by the company or sponsors--and with real breaks in between tours. Which is not to say the stiffness and head-drops were somehow healthy, or that the style didn't venture into excess, or that steroids and alcohol were never problems. The real problem, though, was thinking you could work something approaching that main event style nearly every night of an American schedule. (Or to flip it around: the problem was when fans started expecting that.)
  5. Maybe the fact that a major company is still willing to put its top title on him is answer enough, but, regarding Mutoh: Is this a "still wants to work" situation, or a "still has to work" one? Do we know?
  6. I love that, in Japan, adding a wrist-clutch elevates any finisher. Really, I love the idea of big-match super-finishers in general.
  7. That match has been a strange sort of mile-marker in my wrestling fandom. I saw it when I was first getting into Japanese wrestling, and loved it. As I read more and got 'smarter', I learned that it was actually an empty spectacle, just two dudes welting each other. But then as I watched more and developed my own tastes, I discerned it was a spectacle full of the meaning the crowd gave it, and that two dudes welting each other is a great story. Or at least, it was then. If strike exchanges and fighting spirit chops have become a meme, I'm not inclined to blame Kobashi and Sasaki.
  8. Yeah, "if he hits lefties" is doing a lot of work, there. His career slash against them is .191 / .266 / .310
  9. I would like to hear an explanation for why that wouldn't be as crazy it definitely does seem.
  10. Mahomes a participant in practice today. (CEH and Watkins, too.) Still in the protocol, and the injury report lists a toe as well.
  11. The hot new exploitable market inefficiency: trying to have a good team.
  12. Why do you hit 'return' so many times before signing your posts?
  13. My nit-picky gripe regarding match structure in this is era is that, if we're to believe audible fan support really helps wrestlers power up, harness fighting spirit, etc., then a lack of it should manifest somehow. And yeah, steering away from big epics would be a great way to do that.
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