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  1. Griff to me is young Barry Windham Sam Houston? Lee Moriarty.
  2. That would be Disco's biggest pay day in 20 years.
  3. Just as long as he's off his Adderall. He's so kuch more entertaining off his meds.
  4. Oh dude. Valentine vs Ronnie Garvin. It's the beeeeessssstttt.
  5. The standards have clearly been lowered. He's ECW level of shock on the mic. That's where he is more Shane Douglas-like. The problem with MJF is that even with his momentum and overness- I don't see McMahon taking to him. People used to say he's the new Piper- but Piper had some size and a certain level of charm that even as a heel you digged. Vince would be far more interested in Wardlow than MJF as a long term investment. But if all that MJF wants is that 7 figure salary for a few years until he's a budget cut- good on him. Get in and get out with your neck intact.
  6. Honestly... the first thought I had when I saw this post was wondering if Hayabusa had burn makeup for his cornhole following the firecracker match.
  7. Funk, Vader, Sting, Nasty Boys if we can count tags.
  8. Is there any reason right now to take the belt off Page? That's the one thing I don't get... he can still have a dance with Mox, a returning Miro, Jericho, Eddie, some NJPW guys... hell even MJF... why drop it to Punk at this moment in time? That seems so premature when there's a lot left in the tank... you could even have Page hold onto it until Kenny returns potentially at the end of the year.
  9. I always felt HHH (and 95% of the main event WWE guys) were too big for Jericho to be working his 90s Jr Heavy style offense.
  10. Foley followed by HOG or Wildman Marc Mero have my votes for HHH's best opponents.
  11. KOR has that greasy slimy dude who can systematically break your limbs vibe and it's great for a heel. Plus his belt guitar is Hogan-esque... and for his era he is a good comedic bumper for a heel.
  12. I f'n love KOR... he is also one of those guys that just looks best with a belt. If he was a young gun I'd have him in the Yuta role with Dragon & Mox
  13. Are you counting all the times he 'lost" the belt in Puerto Rico? One would think that would be the only way he could get out of the arena alive.
  14. There's nothing about Mark Henry that's toxic or really even old school. What stands out the most with Mark Henry is that the only thing he knows is how to do things the WWE way. He's a perfectly programmed sports entertainer.
  15. Well this is the same woman that didn't think thoroughly through naming her podcast "Oral Sessions".
  16. I'm not even following but with this being WWE it will be The Usos to break up RKBro so they can be free to go up against Roman
  17. Look, if Starks ends up somehow as a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society there will be no way that I'll be able to tell him apart from Daniel Garcia.
  18. Fire Pro is probably where I picked it up from!
  19. I remember this being dubbed the "Ganso Bomb". It's been maybe 20 years since I've seen this match... I seem to recall this not being the finish.
  20. That's exactly what a heel would say.
  21. Man I would totally pay attention and watch WWE if Piper Niven & Nikki ASH are rocking out like the APA.
  22. I do think it's rather laughable that Naomi and Sasha would be voicing concerns over unsafe workers when they would have had the least amount of experience of that advertised 6.
  23. I dont see what the issue is with Naomi pinning Sasha. That's a total Demolition move.
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