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  1. Maybe Cage has taken over Allie Kat's gimmick and Buddy is just breaking the news to us?
  2. The son of Tazz with the adopted son of Tazz
  3. Actually, in terms of awful name paired with even worse gimmick, it's hard to overlook Kerwin White.
  4. Oney Lorcan is definitely a crap name. If you've got a gimmick name that's not immediately obvious how to pronounce, you've come up with a bad name. I can't be the only one who referred to him and fellow black trunks, slaphead Burch as Oney and Twoey, right?
  5. Pillman had a line in there like (paraphrasing) "Don't be fooled by my nice clothes and how I clean up well, I'm still feral" I'm totally out of the loop if an obscene mullet and tiger print clothes are an example of "spruced up". Maybe in Cincinnati?
  6. When we were kids, my brother dressed as Ruud Gullit for a fancy dress party with coal used to blacken his face and my ma's tights cut up and twisted to resemble dreadlocks. Finn's headdress always reminds me of that and looks just slightly less cheap.
  7. Someone mentioned it earlier but their Disney Channel high school bully level fake laughter is awful. Definitely needs to be a better fitting team in that spot.
  8. Dan Lambert, not kidding. He could maybe slow his delivery down a bit but like all good heel promos there's a kernel of truth in what he says and he gets the crowd so riled up, it's great. MJF... I don't know if it's the Rosie O'Donnell thing or the song and dance with Jericho thing clouding my feelings, but he comes across to me as a musical theatre kinda guy trying desperately to be tough. Does he have a background in theatre, I've no idea.
  9. And that PPV included a dark women's match called "Skin to Win" Anyway, the entirety of WWA's run - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=8&nr=37&page=8
  10. Now that you mention it, that's a good idea. After WCW died, there was a group calling themselves World Wrestling Allstars doing that kind of thing. You don't need to have TV or do storylines for that. Just put on shows as an attraction. Hire Strowman to headline, have some other TV names underneath and then get local guys to work the undercard. Out of curiosity, I looked up the WWA show I went to. I don't think I remember a single thing about this show apart from Midajah If you'd asked me if I'd ever seen Sting or Luger or Sabu wrestle in person I would've answered "no" five minutes ago. (28.11.2002) WWA - Event @ RDS Arena in Dublin, Ireland Shark Boy defeats Nate Webb Konnan defeats Norman Smiley Frankie Kazarian & Nathan Jones defeat Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger Hardcore Match (Special Referee: Midajah): Teo defeats Puppet Mike Sanders defeats Joe E. Legend Triple Threat: Sabu defeats Perry Saturn and Simon Diamond Lex Luger & Sting defeat Buff Bagwell & Malice
  11. Remind me what time it starts on the TSN app... 10ET or 11?
  12. I think you'll find we're called sex workers nowadays.
  13. That's Devitt in the background of the Tanahashi/HBK pic right?
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